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What do you love about natural products?

Everyone has different reasons for using natural products, so why does everyone like to use them? With my sensitive skin, I love that my skin doesn't get inflamed. I also love that most natural & organic products are concentrated and last longer! Even though they are a bit more expensive than products, its definitely worth the money! 


What other reasons do people have for using natural & organic products?


Which are your favourite?!

Re: What do you love about natural products?

Hmm...what do I love about natural products?  Well, what ISNT there to love about natural products!  I feel like a better person when I use them, like I'm not just doing something that's good for myself but that's good for my environment and other people. It's hard to explain how it makes me feel, but in a way It makes me feel "lighter", or cleaner/healthier/happier.  As nuts as it sounds, natural beauty products inspire me to be healthier and more eco-friendly.  For example, I want to use products that are eco-friendly, eat organic fresh foods, and practice yoga outside on a glorious day.  It just makes me feel happier, and I LOVE that I'm not putting anything harsh on my skin that will irritate it/cause more problems.  


Overall, natural beauty products INSPIRE me to appreciate my natural beauty, and what better way to emphasize NATURAL beauty than by using NATURAL products.  Gosh I just love 'em! 

Re: What do you love about natural products?

I love using natural and organic products because, as all replies state, they are great for your skin! I am into environmentally friendly products and there are some great ones out on the market now! 


I was just introduced to Caudelie eye cream last week (thanks Amber from Sephora) and wow, it is hugely differenct than drugstore brands.  She also gave me a Korres sample to try too and am exicited to use it.  The Korres milk soap is the best but also very hard to get- would love if Sephora carried the whole line. 


I use a lot of drugstore brands for make up but am starting to move to some high end make-up as it does seem to perform better - EXCEPT for mascara!  Any suggestions on that???

Re: What do you love about natural products?

I'm from the "less is more" camp.


For me long list of ingredients I can't pronounce is a deal-breaker in the supermarket, so why should my skin be any different than my stomach? 🙂 I'm not 100% organic, but as I use things up I try to transition to more natural products.


Also, products that have heavy synthetic fragrances feel icky and cloying to me, even if the actual product texture is nice. I don't want to hold my nose with one hand and rub something in with the other. 


I love everything Caudalie makes, as far as brands go. Still casting about for more natural makeup lines, but I'm pretty invested in BeneFit stuff right now.

Re: What do you love about natural products?

Hi fieldsofclover - I know exactly what you mean and I loved your profile info (no BS astrologer) I actually find that I pay more attention to my dogs diet than I do to mine, making sure she has healthy, quality ingredients. I'm also conscious of where her food and snacks are manufactured and like to give her as much raw - fruits & veggie - snacks as I can.


Synthetic fragrances are like my Kryptonite (spell? Kry or Cry ??) Actually, even non-synthetic fragrances are problematic for me. But the synthetics....ugh.


I happen to be a Philosophy Girl although I've heard great things about Caudalie, can understand why you love their products. Benefit gets great reviews as well.


I noticed it says you're a newcomer so, WelcomeSmiley Happy

Re: What do you love about natural products?

Heh thanks! And thank you for rolling out the welcome wagon.


I agree, the synthetic fragrance thing is what really drives me over to natural stuff. I like a tiny bit of scent... fragrance-free everything is boring to me, but something that just smells fake is not appealing to me. For me it's more of a problem with American brands than European ones, so maybe American noses prefer heavy perfumery? Weird.


Philosophy has my favorite packaging 🙂

Re: What do you love about natural products?

You're welcome! and I agree, a tiny hint of fragrance is nice. I do think we're kind of conditioned from a young age, certain things become ingrained over the years and that's often what we become accustomed to, a lot of times without even realizing. I do love Philosophy Packaging too, and they come up with some catchy names. There was something I wanted to mention to you, is it okay if I send you a Private Message?

Re: What do you love about natural products?

Sure, hit me up.

Was in the bathroom doing an inventory and realized I have a pile of Physician's Formula makeup. Do you all buy mostly department store natural products, or do you look for drugstore brands too?

Re: What do you love about natural products?

hi fieldsofclover - I definitely do both drugstore and more 'high end' brands. I've been using Eucerin Redness Relief Day Lotion, it has a greenish tint and works well to cover up some of my pink-ness. Whatever works. I go on drugstore/ they have a  fairly good inventory and if a color product doesn't work they will take it back no questions asked.


Having said that, I have not been able to find a decent long-lasting lipstick/lipcolor. None of the drugstore brands work for me, they all have a terrible feel and don't always look great. I'm still on the look out for the extremely elusive long lasting lip product that won't transfer. I like glossy, shimmery products, matte shades don't really work for me.


I'll talk to you in a bit in a pm. thanksSmiley Happy

Re: What do you love about natural products?

I like to know exactly what I'm putting on my face. Straight forward ingredients in straight forward products. I have many other reasons for enjoying natural products, including how wonderful they usually smell. That fresh, clean, natural scent that doesn't cloud my nose with fake fragrances. I enjoy that.

Re: What do you love about natural products?

Mainly avoiding potentially cancer-causing ingredients, especially with lip products that get slowly eaten throughout the day.  I don't worry about using products all over my face and body every day when the ingredients are harmless natural oils or minerals.


I've also found that my skin reacts better to natural products, I used to think I was seriously acne prone ... now I only get a few tiny spots a week!

Re: What do you love about natural products?

In addition to the benefits of not putting chemicals that I can't pronounce on my skin, I like the concept that I'm not contributing to environmental problems by using petrochemical based products. It might seem inconsequential, but every little bit counts in my mind. Plus a lot of the skincare organic and natural products are sustainably harvested from rainforest areas which give the people who live there a reason not to cut down the trees, as well as a better living.


I also like to buy cruelty free and/or vegan products whenever possible. (Yeah, I know, vegan brushes are synthetic fibers and these fibers are made from petrochemicals, but I look at less cruelty in the world to be a better trade off).

Great question!

Re: What do you love about natural products?

This definitely is a great topic!


I like natural products because I feel less irritation on my skin and  eyes (which sometimes do not like ANY products) and I feel better knowing that the amount of chemicals and man-made ingredients is somewhat evened out by the amount of plant and fruit extracts/ingredients in these items. 


Plus I like to trick myself into thinking I don't need a LOT of help and don't need fancy peptides or chemicals to look nice. 😉 Tarte and Josie Maran are my favorite lines to use!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What do you love about natural products?

I love natural/organic products because they dont put toxins into my skin that might cause cancer. They also work better with my skin and they heal/moisturize and protect my skin a lot better than anything artificial. A lot of people doubt that a natural product works as well as a chemical one, but for me it does. Natural products use better ingredients, extracts and essential oils that are hard to find and harder to make and yet for some odd reason, they cost a lot less than the chemical stuffs. I have a pretty long list of good companies that I like...Sibu Beauty, Weleda, Origins, 100% Pure, Burts Bees, Suki, Mychelle, Badger, Skin Organics by Ann Webb, Korres....


and I keep finding new ones all the time! 

Re: What do you love about natural products?

I love natural products for my skin, especially when I am under stress.  They seem to do a better job at not completely irritating my face or causing nasty little side effects. 


Currently tried some sulfur product from REN (not sure which one it was. stinky but effective!)  which seems to be working better than whatever I got at the dermatologist (that gave me horrible indigestion and swallowing problems). 


What is great about the natural products is that they make it easier to find beauty products for others in my family. 


As technology has advanced, so has the quality of natural products.  Maybe ten years ago or more, I would have been more apprehensive.  Natural back then always came with a putrid smell of incense-like odors or very slimy/sticky textures.  Glad to see that there are a better variety of products and smells.  LAVANILA and Pacifica are good examples of how to make natural smell luxurious. 

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