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Silicone-free foundations

What foundation do you like that's silicone-free? What are the pros and cons of different formulas?

Re: I highly doubt that Estee Lauder is cruelty free, but the...

Hey- I realize this was awhile ago, but I am looking into silicone free products.  Do you use the Cinique as your moisturizer?  It has mineral pil as the second ingredient :/  Any suggestions for an oil-free, silicone free moisturizer?  What concealer, skincare and other products do you use that are silicone free? Thanks so much for your help!

Re: I highly doubt that Estee Lauder is cruelty free, but the...

The best silicone free moisturizer I've tried is Skin Drink moisturizer by Lush. For silicone free under eye concealer I recommend Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer or Benefit Boing Brightening Concealer. Also for other areas of the skin I recommend Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation and Concealor. It's expensive but it lasts forever because it is so highly pigmented. I use it as my foundation and it lasted 6 months of daily use. For silicone free cleanser I recommend Dermatologica Clear Start Break Out clearing foam. Not only did it battle acne but it lightened my acne scars and tightened my pores. I love all the products I mentioned. You can look me up on Instagram as Siliconefreebeautyguru. I put all silicone free products I like up.

Thank you! Sadly, all the brands you mentioned aren't cru...

Thank you! Sadly, all the brands you mentioned aren't cruelty free, which it's a shame bc I LOVE Boscia products Smiley Sad I wish finding healthy, kind beauty wasn't that difficult.

Re: Thank you! Sadly, all the brands you mentioned aren't cru...

I believe that MILK is cruelty free and they just released a silicone free matte foundation that is medium to full coverage

Re: Silicone-free foundations

I am going to re-try the Too Faced "Born This Way" foundation because it's silicone-free, but I think I've just got to experiment with a bajillion different primers first. At first it really does look like my skin, but better, but by the end of the day it gets muddy looking, and definitely greases up and transfers onto everything. For the record, my skin is super oily, and highly "sensitive to" silicones and coconut oil. 


I hope Sephora can start stocking Kett foundations, because they're cone-free, it's just hard to find them in brick and mortar stores in order to find a good shade.

Re: Silicone-free foundations

The Too Faced “Born This Way” Foundation does have silicone in it, it has Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone and Triethoxycaprylylsilane. Only their Setting Spray and Hangover Primer are silicone free.

Re: Silicone-free foundations

I just ordered some born this way only to find out it had dimethicone in it. I sent it back!😕

Born this way foundation is not a silicone free product,...

Born this way foundation is not a silicone free product, it contains "Dimeticone" which is in fact silicone. Anything that ends in "cone" (so silicone, methicone, Dimeticone, trimeticone) is a silicone product.

Re: Born this way foundation is not a silicone free product,...

Yes, and an even more prominent ingredient is also silicone based (Cyclopentasiloxane).

RE: Silicone-free foundations

I LOVE the new MILK foundation but I'm breaking out right now and afraid that this is the cause of it. Sephora doesn't carry many silicone free foundations but Cover FX's total cover cream is nice and is a medium coverage which is hard to find while also being -cone free so that tends to be my go to. Laura Mercier's Candleglow is beautiful but very light coverage so for me I can only wear it on good skin days. The new Sephora Collection stick foundation is also silicone free but I swatched in stores and it felt so heavy on the skin but I might end up going with that next if the MILK is the root issue. BareMinerals Serum foundation is also an option, but the shades run yellow and oxidize on me. Their BarePro powder is also amazing when I first apply but it only lasts about an hour on me for some reason, but it gets great reviews so my experience is abnormal I think. Powder foundations that are silicone free are a tad easier to find but I prefer liquids so that's most of what I know off hand. It can be so tricky IDing silicones because they go by so many different names... do you have a current fave? I think I listed all of the liquid options Sephora carries but I might have missed one

Re: RE: Silicone-free foundations

MILK has fragrance in it I believe


RE: Silicone-free foundations

Just so ya know the Sephora Collection foundation stick contains a silicone as the second ingredient: polymethylsilsesquioxane

RE: Silicone-free foundations

I love the Makeup Forever Foundations. They are silicone free and feel very lightweight on the skin. They can be medium to full coverage. I do love how they glide on. Pros, if you're allergic silicone then it's a great option. I have no cons to share though and I do use foundations with silicone in them

Re: RE: Silicone-free foundations

the new velvet powder foundation with blur technology ha something in it which caused me to break out- IT cosmetics- all the products I tried created an acne fest.


Cover fx had the best blemish treatment gel and they discontinued it. It goes on a little cake and I use a powder over it. I snapped up a bunch on eBay and likely have 2 years of product.

RE: Silicone-free foundations

According to Makeup Forever they only have one silicone free foundation and it is a powder. I believe it has "pro" in the name, but I wanted to correct you before someone buys a foundation based on this rec

Re: RE: Silicone-free foundations


Re: RE: Silicone-free foundations

If you go to the website and enter the product name, it will list the ingredients.  It also lists where that specific ingredient is known to be an irritant or cause acne with a 1-5 ranking.  It says that if you have sensitive skin, then you should avoid anything with a ranking of 4-5 but Dimethicone is only listed as a 1 so take it with a grain of salt.  I also have found that certain products with dimethicone tend to break me out more than others.  Other ingredients to watch out for are Tocopherol, Stearic Acid, alcohol, ect.  Estee Lauder Double Wear is AWFUL for me. I break out within a day.  Also, take it from someone who learned this the hard way, avoid IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer like the plague. I had the most painful and horrific reaction to that death cream disguised as a miracle moisturizing foundation.  The only foundation that I have found that works well for me is Lancôme Teint Idole Long Wear Foundation. It does have dimethicone in it but I don't react to it.  When I am looking for a foundation or any face product, I try to read reviews on products to see if anyone had reactions resulting in little pimple like pumps, this one didn't have any.  I've been using it for 6 months and have had good luck with it.  I am just fine tuning all my other face products as I have discovered that it's made for your face, I'm probably allergic to it.  Today, I discovered MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere is Silicone free!!!  Maybe these will work for you and maybe they won't.  Just thought I would share since the struggle is real and of course, sharing is caring!

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