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Post in Clean Beauty

Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

Hi! I'm new here. I recently found out that I'm expecting and I got lost in the rabbit hole of pregnancy safe products. I noticed Sephora app/website does not have a section of curated products that filter pregnancy/nursing safe products. 
I think that would be an awesome feature to add to make it easier for mamas/mamas to be to sift out products/ingredients lists! 

what do y'all think? 

also, what are your recommendations for pregnancy safe skincare/makeup? 

thanks for making the time and space to help me out! I appreciate this beautiful community โ™ฅ๏ธ

Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

As an expectant mother myself, I can't emphasize enough the importance of using pregnancy and nursing safe products i got from --- & --- . Their resourceful information was worth it! It's reassuring to see a blog highlighting this topic and raising awareness about the potential risks associated with certain products during this crucial stage of life.

Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

Thanks girl! I got some samples from Tara Harper and I'm loving it so far!

Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

Some of the big ingredients you want to avoid while expecting/nursing: Retinol, salicylic and glycolic. (And no hydroquinone, but that is found less and less in products these days.) 


I assume being in the clean beauty group you are probably also avoiding a lot of the endocrine disrupting chemicals (pthalates, parabens, etc.) 


What kinds of products are you looking for specifically? I think starting with the clean beauty brands is going to always be a good starting point. From there, if you check the ingredients list and avoid the big boys I listed above that will help. If you have a specific category you're looking for (ie. foundation, moisturizer, etc.) I can add a few more specifics that I would trust if I were in your shoes. 


*not medical advice of course and if you're worried about something specific I'd definitely cross check it with your ob! 

Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

I used this website to cross check all my beauty products while I was pregnant. Itโ€™s a great resource - they basically just filter the products to flag certain ingredients that they donโ€™t recommend during pregnancy. 


Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

Everyone should be told about this by the doctors who were watching the girl throughout the pregnancy. But because of the high demand for doctors, it is not possible to give them all the time they need. I recently read about nursing shortage, if you want to check this out more information. I don't know why this profession has suddenly lost its rating. It seems like they even want to raise the salary.

Re: Pregnancy/Nursing Safe Products

@loritran Congrats on your pregnancy.  It would be nice to have that section.  They did offer products before for expecting Mothers.  


As a Mother of 2, I would do your own research and then ask your OBGYN if it is okay to use.  Sephora or any company really does not want to be held responsible if something happens.  You can always look into baby websites like Buy Buy Baby or Destination Maternity for items other people have used.

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