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Ok Clean Beauty Gurus...

I am looking for your votes on the best clean skincare LINE or PRODUCTS that have changed your life! Aside from just DE of course. looking to switch to a whole clean line or just individual products thanks in advance!

Re: Ok Clean Beauty Gurus...

@Anlynne  My favorite line is Drunk elephant, but Ive also found some really great products from Farmacy, Tatcha, and Volition beauty.

From Farmacy my favorites are all from the honey line.

FARMACY - HONEYMOON GLOW AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Hydrating Honey + Gentle Flower Acids

 FARMACY - Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

and FARMACY - Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil

From Tatcha my favorites are their cleansers and essence.

TATCHA - The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder

TATCHA - Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser

and TATCHA - The Essence Plumping Skin Softener

and from Volition I absolutely love their SPF 

VOLITION BEAUTY - Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50

Re: Ok Clean Beauty Gurus...

@Anlynne My favorites currently are Biossance and Youth to the People. I like some products from DE/Tatcha but in general I feel DE/Tatcha products are *absolutely beautiful* but replaceable with like 1 exception each. 


Biossance- I love love love their masks and serums/treatment oils. I've tried a few of their other products (Omega moisturizer, eye gel, tea tree face wash) and while I will absolutely use them to completion and think they are good, I definitely don't think their moisturizers are for me. 


An important thing to note- all Biossance products have squalane (and some have fractionated coconut oil) so their products tend to be dense and buttery. If your skin is super oily this may not be the line for you- I have combo skin for reference. I have some pretty minimal redness in my face all over, all the time which has been reduced by the tea tree facial oil (Which I got in a sephora gratis package with the rest of the tea tree line just FYI, but I've bought all the rest of their stuff). If you have severe redness or whatever I don't think it would do much overall, but my skin does look brighter and healthier with this oil in my lineup. I also love the tea tree mask, I'm definitely about to stock up during the sale, which lightly tingles around my nose but otherwise is a not-overly-drying mud mask which is also kind of moisturizing. The Glycolic mask is another HUGE favorite (and yearly splurge because dang it is expensive)- super gently exfoliates while again, moisturizing and super soothing. Leaves my skin super bright and fresh and is an absolute savior for my dry flaky skin in the winter. I also use their rose C oil regularly and while I haven't necessarily noticed huge results, I would say my skin is a smidge brighter and the first few times I used it my skin felt... warm? So I feel like it's definitely doing something but maybe I'm full of it lol. I also plan to pick up their rose/vitamin C mask during the sale but we'll see what my budget looks like


Youth to the People- I absolutely love their moisturizers, I use the superfood whip (daytime) and the adaptogen one (nightime).


The moisturizers are super hydrating but not overly heavy (add water more than oil/ emollient layers to the skin). I like this generally because lighter moisturizers are more customizeable to the seasons IMO and since I'm using the Biossance Rose oil and Tea Tree oil I don't really need much oil in my moisturizers. They feel super soothing and I love their textures. On the other hand, I got their overnight mask and superfood cleanser and found both to be "meh". The mask is still sitting in my vanity and I used the cleanser but it didn't blow me away. 


Past Favorites: I really love the Origins and Fresh lines and never had any issues with them from an effects standpoint and Origins especially is relatively affordable. I made the switch to YTTP and Biossance because I've been trying to switch to clean AND cruelty free and sadly these brands didn't make the cut. They really are fantastic and I'm not judging anyone, I'm still not fully transitioned to all CF products yet myself. My favorites were Fresh's masks, and the Black Tea/ Lotus lines. From Origins I loved Ginzing, High Potency Nightamins, and their charcoal mask

Re: Ok Clean Beauty Gurus...

I've been using REN CLEAN SKINCARE - Evercalm™ Overnight Recovery Balm

It's helped my skin dramatically. They have all kinds of products to pick from. 


Also, if you're looking for a sustainable sunscreen, I highly recommend COOLA - Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops SPF 30

I mix 3 drops into my moisturizer in the AM and it's helped my very pale skin from burning.

Re: Ok Clean Beauty Gurus...

Hi @Anlynne  - I absolutely love the Biossance products. My favorites are the BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Omega Repair Cream and BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

@carlym99 yes! I have tried a few of their products and w...

@carlym99 yes! I have tried a few of their products and was super impressed. what kind of results did you notice?

Re: @carlym99 yes! I have tried a few of their products and w...

Hi @Anlynne  - I'm never quite sure I noticed tremendous results with any product (regardless of price), but I love the way the Biossance products make my skin feel when I apply them. They are really moisturizing but don't feel heavy at all.

Re: @carlym99 yes! I have tried a few of their products and w...

I highly recommend taking before and after photos. I started a new routine and didn't think it was helping at all until I took the before and after and it was DRAMATIC.

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