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New to the naturals bandwangon



So I got a sample of Caudalie's Vinoperfect serum from Sephora a few while ago and it lasted me about month. In that short time I fell head over heels for it and was thinking of buying it. Went to the store and chatted with a store clerk about it. She told me that I'm "too young" to start using that kind of stuff (I'm 23). So I started doing some research on natural skincare products and... OMG... there is so much out there and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Was wondering if there was anything that I should totally try and anything to avoid... and of course... is there a such thing as "too young" when it comes to nurturing your skin?




ps: normal to combination skin, dislikes greasy facial products

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

For healthy skin that doesn't show wrinkles, key is to prolong that for as long as possible. Keeping the oils balance and skin well hydrated is the way to go. No sense in blasting layers of chemicals on your face to de-age something you don't have. Doing so does not mean you don't get wrinkles when the time comes. Well hydrated skin age gracefully, it's a fact. 

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

Most skin damage, whether it be sagging, wrinkles or spots, is caused by collagen breakdown from sun exposure.  Your best item to delay the signs of aging, (you will not totally eliminate skin aging no matter what anyone says) is to use sun screen faithfully. 

Re: New to the naturals bandwagon

Welcome to the natural skincare bandwagon.  You are never to young to take good care of your skin. After all its better to avoid harm to your skin than trying to cause it later.  I am 23 years old and have been using natural products for several years. I began using natural products after I worked for a summer summarizing the research on phthalates impact on humans,  Since I have started using natural products, my skin has never looked better.  In order to avoid harmful chemicals you need to become a box-turner.  You should start reading the ingredients in a moisturizer the same way you would read the label on a cereal box at the supermarket.  Here are some things to avoid.


1) Fragrance or Parfum. Often it is made from 90% petroleum products, unless it says naturally sourced. By eliminating fragrance you can eliminate anywhere from 30 to 300 chemicals.  Fragrance is a proprietary term, and so companies can include a lot of chemicals under the umbrella of fragrance.  The chemical blend may be ok, but if there is no transparency, then there is no way to know.


[Note if you want to get really insane, you can eliminate extracts, which although not petrochemicals are made in a process using petrochemicals and may be cross contaminated.  I find this too extreme to put into practice, but if you want to eliminate all extracts, more power to you.]


2) Phthalates. They are xenoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the body.  These may lead to increased rates of breast and reproductive cancers in women.


3) Petrochemicals. Anything with -eth at the end (i.e. sodium lureth sulfate) is produced with petrochemicals. It is an endocrine disruptor, which interferes with the hormone system in the body. Petrochemicals are also irritants, which can cause skin irritation or dermatitis.


4) Parabens. This includes any chemical with the word paraben, as well as paraffin and mineral oil. These also mimic estrogen in the body.


I realize this is hard and some times inconvenient.  However in my experience, it has been worth it.  I feel better knowing my skincare and makeup doesn't contain internally harmful or externally irritating ingredients.  Also know that recently it has gotten easier. More and more companies are producing products without these chemicals.  I also realize it may be virtually impossible to find products without one or more of these ingredients. I would advise you to prioritize which ingredients are most important to eliminate based on your own needs. I am writing this not to tell you what to do.  I only want give you as much information as possible, so that you can make informed decisions about what products you decide to use.  Best of luck.  I hope natural products works out as well for you as it has for me.


Re: New to the naturals bandwagon

Really good and thorough explanation. Thank you!

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

Try to go with natural if at all possible. Stay away from parabens, sulfates, dimethicone and triclosan (linked to MRSA, causes more deaths than AIDS in the USA). Use cleanser, moisturizer (if you already like Caudalie try the Premier Vendages one, its lightweight and non greasy) and sunscreen (mychelle sun shield). If you want a fantastic natural skin care line with a complete preventative/anti aging set get the Skin Organics by Ann Webb Anti Aging Set.

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

I think it's great that you are beginning to take care of your skin at a young age.  Believe me, you'll thank yourself 20 years down the road!  The Caudalie product you were using is just fine for you to use at 23 and I don't know why the sales lady would tell you differently.  Caudalie is one of my favorite "natural" brands of skincare products.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is a highly concentrated oil-free serum that improves the appearance of dark spots, promotes even skin tone and your boosts radiance.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you using this product at your age.  Perfect for all skin types, this satiny complex offers remarkable results, helping to correct dark spots, acne marks and scars.  Naturally powerful Viniferine, olive squalene, mint, caraway and galbanum work to counter stretch marks, scars, and damage while bolstering collagen and elastin, for glowing results.  You can read more about it at:

The only other skincare products that I'd recommend you add to your skincare regimen is a good cleanser such as Caudalie's Instant Foaming Cleanser which does an excellent job of cleansing out your pores and you can find it at:

And, lastly, I would recommend using a toner such as Caudalie's Beauty Elixir which smoothes your skin, tightens pores and provides an instant burst of radiance, as it stimulates microcirculation.  You can find it at:

At your age, it's best to keep it simple with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer/serum because product overload is the reason a lot of people end up in a dermatologist's office with breakouts.

With a good cleanser and moisturizing serum your skin should look great and stay healthy and youthful for years before you need to change up your regimen.

I hope this helps you. 🙂

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

I have to say, great advise everyone! The only thing I would like to STRESS is the importance of wearing SUNSCREEN everyday. you can do all the serums, masks and exfoliation on the planet and if you don't protect the skin, none of it matter! Freckles are a sing of sundamage, and I've had them as long as I can remember. When I wear a sunscreen and use treatment, they disappear almost entirely! I have stopped using sunscreen this winter, just to see, and they are making a comeback, even though i'm still treating. Just putting it out there so we don't all waste precious money!

Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

jadorezrg has got it right. you want to start using anti aging products in your 20's to MAINTAIN that flawless skin-- not wait until there is damage to try to correct it. An ounce of prevention and all that....... So never mind what that SA said. Use the products that you love and that feel good on your skin to maintain that beauty.

Good luck!

Re: New to the naturals bandwagon

I completely agree with mermadelove and jadorezrg.  You must start early to maintain the beautiful skin that you have now.  Sometimes you think that a certain product is not doing anything but after a decade you will realize that you do not look as aged as your peers....  So many people have told me that I look much younger than my age..  or in pictures, I look younger than other older people in the picture...  that is all due to the continued proper skin care I have used. 

One should not wait to see wrinkle to start using anti-wrinkle cream.  The idea is to prevent, not to cure. 

So, if you like the Caudalie, I say keep using it.  Ten years from now, you will thank yourself for it! 



Re: New to the naturals bandwangon

Hi! Just wanted to say that you're not too young at 23 to be using skincare products. I'm 24 and I've been using various skincare products since I was a teen. Actually, my dermatologist actually recommends that anyone 18 should already start using preventative measures for aging skincare. Seriously, the earlier you start on a skincare regimine, the better your skin will turn out when you're older. I don't really have any specific recommendations, but, at our age, we don't need a product that's too abrasive. Only a gentle exfoliator. When applying eye cream, use your ring finger and gently pat the product into your skin because the skin around the eye is super thin and delicate. Moisturizing is vital and always wear SPF to avoid sun damage. And for great skin, stay hydrated with water.

I apologize for not being more helpful with specific products it's just I'm wary of recommending skincare products to people when I don't know all of their skin concerns. Woman Happy

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