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New Natural Beauty Brands!


These three new and exciting brand launches bring you incredible textures, natural formulas, and unparalleled results!


lilah b.’s unique formulations combine nourishing ingredients from the earth and sea to deliver a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. The multipurpose Bronzed Beauty™ Bronzer Duo highlight, contours, or blends seamlessly for a sunkissed finish, while the velvety, lightweight, buildable Flawless Finish Foundation leaves skin hydrated and radiant.


Axiology’s incredible lip collection is crafted from just 10 organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients–showing their commitment to heart-centered cosmetics. Their profits help save endangered orangutans, and a Balinese women’s collective produces recycled packaging. Check out their vibrant Natural Lipstick, which features moisturizing ingredients, rich color pay-off, and a semi-gloss finish.


Antonym’s certified organic makeup line delivers professional-level performance, without compromising the integrity of its ingredients. Available in rose, peach, or copper, the long-lasting Certified Organic Baked Blush imparts a natural radiance and youthful-looking glow, and the mélange-swirled Certified Organic Highlighter in pink champagne promises a brighter, warmer appearance. –Tracy J.


What’s your favorite natural beauty brand? Show & tell!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Wow, what a fabulous gift! I have been concentrating on natural/non-chemical beauty products-good for the planet as well as our bodies. 

RMS is wonderful and I've really been wanting to try ilia and lilahb., I've heard/read great things about them both. 

Now i'm also curious  about the Axiology lipstick- the colors look beautiful!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@KatieBT, See the Thread:

"Natural Makeup: Thank You Sephora, Bite, ILIA, rms beauty, lilah b., Antonym, and Axiology," started by @SheWhoSkis for more swatches, looks, and reviews from  those who received the gratis Natural Makeup box from Sephora!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

That is a spectacular assortment. The only brand I've tried from those you posted is Bite. I have EVERYTHING they make and love all of their lip products.  That RMS luminizer looks beautiful and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Axiology looks good, are they great enough to make me defect from Bite? 🙂  Looking forward to hearing more.

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Ooh these look amazing!


My current favorite natural beauty brand is LUSH because I am addicted to their BIG shampoo!  Also I love that they fight against animal testing 😊


But some of these look gorgeous and I may have to give them a try!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

I've been eyeing these products since they popped up in the "just arrived" tab and I am happy to say that I got them as gratis from Sephora today. I took pictures of everything and will start playing around with the items tomorrow. THANK YOU SEPHORA and to all the mods involved who are like our beauty fairy godmothers! Below are some pictures I took of everything. @KatieBT


Group picture of all the goodiesGroup picture of all the goodiesAxiology lipstick in The Goodness; Axiology lip crayon in EnchantAxiology lipstick in The Goodness; Axiology lip crayon in EnchantAntonym Highlighter in Endless SummerAntonym Highlighter in Endless SummerBite Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in Chutney; Bite Agave Lip BalmBite Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in Chutney; Bite Agave Lip Balmlilah b. Aglow Face Mist; lilah b. Bronzed Beauty in b. sun-kissedlilah b. Aglow Face Mist; lilah b. Bronzed Beauty in b. sun-kissedrms Champagne Rosé Luminizerrms Champagne Rosé LuminizerIlia, Axiology and AntonymIlia, Axiology and AntonymIlia Soft Focus Finishing PowderIlia Soft Focus Finishing PowderIlia Multi-Stick in At LastIlia Multi-Stick in At Last

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Hope you enjoy our Aglow Face Mist and Bronzed Beauty Bronzer Duo!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Ooo how exciting!! Congrats girl- enjoy!! =D

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

I really need to check out Antonym!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Got a great surprise box from sephora!  Thank you!!!  Still trying it all out but loving it all.


Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@meganlisa Thanks for posting swatches! They look beautiful. Can't wait to hear what you think once you try things out. I'm so curious about these new brands!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@PrettyPaint They wear well!  I was surprised at how well they held up.  All of these are natural on as well.  I'm so into the softer look right now..and the sheen was just right.

This trend is working for me.  I'll do videos sometime, eventually.  But at least now I posted the swatches.

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Wow! Congrat @meganlisa! Everything looks soooo good.  Cant wait to hear more about them.

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@blackkitty2014 I get to chat with you again!  

So far, I really like them.  I wore the set today.  Very natural and soft look.  I'm always so into that for summer.  The RMS is my favorite (and the Bite).


RE: Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@meganlisa you are so lucky those natural beauty products look amazing!

Re: RE: Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@greenwenvy So far I am really loving them.  A very natural look (wearing most of them today!).  I am lucky!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@KatieBT I forgot to tag you on this!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

@meganlisa this is awesome! I think this was just from Sephora not our team (aka our gratis). If multiple community members got this I'd love to see a thread where everyone can share thoughts and first impressions!

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

I have an Antonym blush (copper) and love that thing to the ends of the earth, it's phenomenal!! Also lasts foreverrrr.


My mum is a huge fan of the axiology lipsticks - I'm still a bit in the fence. I think I need to try a lighter shade like Philosophy or Identity. Maybe during the next sale I'll give in!! 🙂

Re: New Natural Beauty Brands!

And one of the Bite shades came in an earlier box.  Videos to come as I try these out!

RE: New Natural Beauty Brands!

Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the info!
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