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Neck (firming) and Eye (crows feet) Cream/Oil

Hello, fam! I am on the hunt for a natural and clean neck cream or oil as well as one for crows feet near the eyes. I don't have neck-aging issues yet but don't want any, either. As for the eyes, I have very small lines, sometimes and want to correct and prevent. Please share what has worked for you. Thank you!! 

Neck (firming) and Eye (crows feet) Cream/Oil

Check out products from The Ordinary. Huyaluronic acid plus moisturizer plus squalane, mixed in your hand to apply.... Works for me

Re: Neck (firming) and Eye (crows feet) Cream/Oil

Hello @loveyall,

For your concerns, you can benefit greatly from our DERMALOGICA - MultiVitamin Power Recovery Maskwhich you leave on your cleansed skin, including your neck area and right underneath your lash line, once to twice weekly.

We call this masque our '911 in a tube' since it brightens to reduce uneven skin tone, hydrates and leaves skin dewy, soothes skin as it acts as anti-inflammatory and smooths fine lines and wrinkles overtime. 

We hope you find this helpful! 

Re: Neck (firming) and Eye (crows feet) Cream/Oil

Thank you so much! I just realized that y'all are at Sephora;I will look into the product! Appreciate the descriptive guidance and for reaching out.

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