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I don't think we have one of these yet... But, if I'm wrong, please do correct me.


I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but as it usually is... Life got and gets in the way. But, better late than never, huh?


I've been enjoying many natural skincare products for the last 15 years or so, on and off ( mainly facial oils and balms, but masks, treatments, and body oils and balms, as well. ) I even used to make my own for years ( years ago ) as good natural skincare products were not a very easy thing to obtain. You'd have to try and hunt down quality ingredients and make stuff yourself most of the time. And, that was quite a task! It makes me happy to see that there is so many wonderful products widely and easily available lately. It makes things so much easier! Smiley Happy


Natural skincare performs better for me personally. I love and enjoy using it. My skin adores it. I love the idea of it and behind it. So, I wanted to make a place for us natural skincare lovers to talk about anything natural skincare as I see there are many others out there that are interested, or already in love with it, as well. So why not have our own little place on here? Smiley Happy So we can share our experiences ( good and/or bad ), loves, favorite products, favorite brands and their news/new launches, discus things, share our daily routines, talk DIYs if anyone is into that, why not? Anything really.


By "natural" skincare here I'm talking about skincare made mostly or completely of ingredients available in nature, like plant-derived ingredients, minerals... You know, the whole nine. Smiley Wink


Anyway - feel free to join in! You don't have to be a natural skincare lover exclusively. Everybody's welcome!


A word of caution... For those who are new to natural skincare, proceed with caution. Inform and educate yourself really well on everything you are interested in trying and putting on your skin. Natural does not mean it won't hurt you! And, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. Some natural ingredients can be irritating for some people. Go with what's good for you, don't force anything on your skin just because someone said it is good. Do patch tests. Be smart. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.


 P.S. I am not completely and 100% natural, nor I imagine I ever will be as I do love me some other stuff, as well. But mostly, yes.





@Magycmyste  I'm really happy for you that you received that gwp! 

Although I don't like the scent of the Ultramoor Mud Mask, I LOVE how my skin feels after using it.  It kind of feels like a total face "facelift" to me.  It seems to clarify my skin also, which I like.  For my dry skin, I don't like to use it more than once a week.

I didn't get into the Deep mask or the Thermal Cleansing balm, but I love the Gold Rescue Cream.  It's extremely soothing and moisturizing.  It's especially good for use after a mask or exfoliator that might irritate your skin.


Thank you for sharing, @Ispend2much6! I think the Ultramoor Mask and the Thermal Cleansing Balm were two I was really interested in after reading about them, and were the main reason I jumped on the GWP. But the Gold Rescue Cream sounds pretty awesome, too! I'm kind of looking forward to trying all of them now. Smiley Happy


@Magycmyste  I LOVE the thermal cleansing balm but you'll need a cloth to remove it.  You also don't need that much. I've used both masks and liked them... can't recall which I prefer though. I'm a bit all over the place with masks lately so I can't recall specifics. I did find my skin soft after use though.  I have other products from the brand just haven't gotten to use them that much yet... like I said I am a bit all over the place lol


It's interesting - this may be a result of me not reading or paying enough attention to products, but for years I never bothered using a washcloth for any of my cleansers or masks - I just didn't think of it because I'd just wash them off with water. I think this thread is the first place I realized that some products actually tell you to use a washcloth, and that it could make a difference to your skin. I'm learning a lot from this thread! Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing again, @veronika23!


@Magycmyste  oh that's interesting. I've always used one because I hate getting water everywhere when I am trying to remove a cleanser/mask. So it's normal to me lol. Guess we are all different Smiley Very Happy


I've been keeping one nearby for the last week or so. I've definitely noticed a difference in less water getting everywhere! So, I think it's a keeper! Smiley Very Happy 


I've used both masks and I have the balm and cream but haven't used it yet. Well, I've used a foil of the balm once so not enough to form an opinion.


I really like the masks. They're very similar. The Deep Cleansing mask has a satisfying tingling feeling when you first put it on that I don't feel with the Ultra moor. Ultramoor has a slight tightening/lift effect. I like that they're comfortable to wear and doesn't dry down completely (it dries a bit but there's no tight "I can't move my face" feeling) My skin feels very smooth and clean after rinsing. They're both staples in my routine. I have a slight preference for the Deep Cleansing Mask since congestion is my main issue.


Thanks for sharing, @bonafide11!


So, a couple of weeks ago, I splurged on some Floracopeia items - the Radiant Glow Rose Facial Serum I'd had recommended to me, and the Radiant Glow Rose Eye Cream and Radiant Rose Body Serum (along with a couple of flower essences that were on sale, but I have not used yet).


So, I have used the Facial Serum a few times (applied it after JR's Hydrating Mist), and the eye cream and body serum a couple of times each.


At this point, I am definitely liking the Radiant Rose Glow Serum better than my Farsali face oil (though I do plan to use that bottle up). It makes my face feel plump and velvety. It does have a VERY strong rose scent (with a touch of sweetness I don't usually associate with roses), for those of you who don't like rose scents. I'm happy with rose-scented products, so that doesn't bother me. I have not decided whether I prefer it to the Shiva Rose Facial Oil (I've only used the SR one once, as I only have a tiny sample of it.


I am LOVING the eye cream. It is a very lotion-y cream consistency (many eye "creams" I've tried before were more of a gel consistency), and it feels wonderfully fresh and hydrating on my tired eyes. I had one issue with it, in that when I opened the 10 mL jar, it appeared to be only a third to a half full. I contacted their support and sent them pictures of the jar. They were very friendly and sent me a new jar, which also appeared to be about half full when I opened it. I figure between the two, I have a full jar. So now I'm wondering if the jar itself is actually larger than 10 ml worth, but has about 10 ml of product measured out into it. So I'm a little uncertain about the value of the product, but it certainly feels wonderful on my eyes. It might just be that the visual when I opened the jar didn't meet my expectations. I think I will probably repurchase it once I run out, but I'm probably going to be a little more precious with it than I have my other eye treatments, because of the cost. And I still need to use up some others anyway.


I've used the Body Serum a couple of times, and I really like that as well. I put it on before going to bed at night, and my skin just drinks it up. My skin definitely feels a little softer and more hydrated after using it, and not greasy, which is nice. I have a very bad habit of not remembering to use lotions and stuff until my skin is in dire need of it, so I'm hoping to remember to use it (and my other lotions and such so I can use them up) and keep any scaliness at bay. I'm also horrible at drinking enough water, but I think I've gotten better at that, at least, lately. Sometimes I think I need a hydration IV. Smiley Very Happy


So, so far, at least, I'm really happy with the efficacy of Floracopeia's rose products, though I don't know about long-term results yet. They also have a line of immortelle products that I'm curious about, but I think it may be awhile before I have a chance to try those...




Posting my final check in/update on the 2 new Josh Rosebrook hydration products.


I've been using them both now for 5 weeks, and have definitively decided that Vital Balm Cream is going into my routine permanently. I've used VBC nightly during the past 5 weeks, and AHM I've used 5x (approximately 1x/week)


VBC has effectively addressed my chronic skin dehydration.  Plus it's been helping with a bit of skin texture issues I was having.  My skin overall has only continued to feel more plumped and soft over time and while I intend to use up other face balms I have, I don't think I will be repurchasing others moving forward. The jar is fairly small, though (0.75oz) and after 5 weeks of regular use I'm almost halfway done already.


AHM has been super interesting because in the beginning it wowed me and VBC was just ok, but with prolonged use that flipped. AHM is amazing as a skin SOS, but once I've gotten to a comfortable place, I wouldn't need to use it regularly. It would take me quite some time to finish a jar because of this so it might be one that's more appropriate during the winter.  I noticed that although I never get whiteheads, I did start to get some around my nose crease a few times with this. I think perhaps it's too rich for that area when combined with oily skin - or I didn't wipe it off well enough. Either way, it happened on 3/5 occasions so I thought it worth mentioning.


Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results from both and wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them.



I'm in love with the Vital Balm Cream! My skin adores it!


I've been trying my VBC sample last couple of days, and I am really, really liking it so far! No problems so far, so if it continues to work so nicely, I'll be definitely getting me a full size.



@Mochapj  so you like this balm over the Mahalo RI?  What does the AHM stand for... a___ hydrating mask?


@veronika23 yeah, I think I do!


The RI is very soothing and lightweight and moisturizing for my oily skin but not... plumping? I guess what I'm trying to say is I can tell it's not really hydrating me much even though it's great at calming and sealing everything in.


The Vital Balm Cream I can tell is improving my skin, rather than working as triage for my existing concerns, if that makes sense?


@Mochapj  Gotcha!  I understand. Thanks for the info! Smiley Happy


AHM = Advanced Hydration Mask


Thanks @bonafide11 Smiley Happy


Odacite direct is having a 4th of July sale:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.17.00 AM.png


Ooh, this is really tempting. I've held back mostly because I'm not quite sure what to try (well, that and having spent too much on skin care lately). I've been breaking out a little more often lately, though there are a number of factors contributing to that, including stress...I would probably also want to target pores and hyperpigmentation.


That said, every time I read a description for one of their serums, I wonder whether it's something I could use....


@Magycmyste  These are very easy to use and implement into one's skin care routine. And, the results are ( at least on me ) amazing!


You could try Bl+C ( Pimples ) for treating or preventing break outs. I have a couple of friends that are praising this one. It helped tremendously with their breakouts, plus it prevents new ones, especially at that time of the month. As for me, this is one of the rare Odacite serums I can't use. It's breaking me out! Oh the irony! But, Cell Energy and Youthful Glow are taking care of that ( among other things. And, those are my two absolute favs! ) for me. So, all is good. Smiley Happy


As for pores... What exactly you want to do? Unclog them? I am using the Clogged Pores one ( Jo+L ), but mainly because it is very soothing and calming for my skin when it's fussing and misbehaves. It diminishes any redness in my skin, and just calms it so beautifully evening out my skin tone. I don't use it for pores anything. And, haven't noticed it doing anything for my pores. But then, I don't have any problems ( most of the time ) with them anyway.


As for the Hyperpigmentation one, I haven't noticed it doing anything drastic. But, I didn't expect it to, either. I don't think hyperpigmentation can be addressed with just these type of serums alone anyway. It takes a combo of acids, vit c and a serum like this to do something notable, some improvement ( but nothing drastic ) for my hyperpigmentation.


My absolute favs are Cell Energy ( I always have to have this one on hand, plus backups! ), Youthful Glow, Winter in Paris, C for Colette and Clogged Pores. I'd always recommend these to everyone! That's how much I love them. Smiley Happy


You can order some free samples, alone, no purchase required ( 3 samples per order ) from Odacite direct. If I remember it right, the first time is free. And, the next time you have to pay for shipping.








Thank you @lyravega!


I think that part of my problem is that I spent so many years being oblivious to my own skin that I have a little trouble figuring out my problems. Smiley Very Happy


Bl + C definitely sounds like one I should try, as occasional acne is definitely one of the problems I can identify. For the last couple of months, I feel like there is always a zit on my face. As soon as one goes down, another one pops up.


Hyperpigmentation is another, but most of what I have comes from very old acne scars, so while I'm always looking for something to drive those down, it would probably take a miracle product to actually help (and for me to notice). I have had some products help a bit, though (probably taking care of some of the newer damage, at least).


I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my pores, honestly. This comes under the category of me not knowing what's going on with my skin. I know they're there. I can see them in a 15x magnifying mirror, but I don't know if that makes them large or normal. I suspect they're large, because I associate large pores with oily skin, and my skin feels normal most of the time, but tends to oiliness over time. I don't know if they're generally clogged or not, but I figure I get acne when they are clogged (though again, only one or two pimples at a time).Clogged pores sounds like it would be great to prevent breakouts, while using Bl+C to target spot treatments, maybe?


Thank you for the recommendations! Those all sound great!

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