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I don't think we have one of these yet... But, if I'm wrong, please do correct me.


I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but as it usually is... Life got and gets in the way. But, better late than never, huh?


I've been enjoying many natural skincare products for the last 15 years or so, on and off ( mainly facial oils and balms, but masks, treatments, and body oils and balms, as well. ) I even used to make my own for years ( years ago ) as good natural skincare products were not a very easy thing to obtain. You'd have to try and hunt down quality ingredients and make stuff yourself most of the time. And, that was quite a task! It makes me happy to see that there is so many wonderful products widely and easily available lately. It makes things so much easier! Smiley Happy


Natural skincare performs better for me personally. I love and enjoy using it. My skin adores it. I love the idea of it and behind it. So, I wanted to make a place for us natural skincare lovers to talk about anything natural skincare as I see there are many others out there that are interested, or already in love with it, as well. So why not have our own little place on here? Smiley Happy So we can share our experiences ( good and/or bad ), loves, favorite products, favorite brands and their news/new launches, discus things, share our daily routines, talk DIYs if anyone is into that, why not? Anything really.


By "natural" skincare here I'm talking about skincare made mostly or completely of ingredients available in nature, like plant-derived ingredients, minerals... You know, the whole nine. Smiley Wink


Anyway - feel free to join in! You don't have to be a natural skincare lover exclusively. Everybody's welcome!


A word of caution... For those who are new to natural skincare, proceed with caution. Inform and educate yourself really well on everything you are interested in trying and putting on your skin. Natural does not mean it won't hurt you! And, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. Some natural ingredients can be irritating for some people. Go with what's good for you, don't force anything on your skin just because someone said it is good. Do patch tests. Be smart. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.


 P.S. I am not completely and 100% natural, nor I imagine I ever will be as I do love me some other stuff, as well. But mostly, yes.





I've had a chance to test out the other new Josh Rosebrook moisture product a few times, so I thought I'd pop back in and share my thoughts.


The second item is the Vital Balm Cream.  Much like the Advanced Hydration Mask, it comes in a milky white glass jar, and has a pale blueish tint to the cream.  It also contains blue tansy and senna like the AHM.  


The cream itself has an interesting texture.  It has a whipped appearance, but it is very dense and reminiscent of Noxema and other cold cream type products.  If you turn the jar upside down, the product doesn't move.  Upon contact it is very easy to rub in and absorbs well.


I tested it under 2 separate circumstances to see how it would fare in my everyday routine, as well as with some more aggressive concerns.


My first test was using it after microdermabrasion.  I typically use a hydrating serum (JSS Hydrate) emulsified with an Odacite serum after I've microdermabraded in order to calm and soothe my skin.  To give this a fair shot I applied my regular mist, patted in my usual Odacite serum and then followed up with VBC, omitting the Hydrate serum. VBC left my skin feeling plump and soothed the minor irritation I often feel after treatment (akin to being parched) but I didn't feel the immediate, WOW-HYDRATION I had with AHM.  It was good, but not OMG good.


The next night, I used it as part of my regular nighttime routine.  Typically I cleanse, mist, apply an emulsion of Hydrate and whatever serum I'm wanting to use that night, and then top off with a balm.  I omitted Hydrate and my usual balm, so it was cleanse/mist/serum/VBC.  In the context of a normal routine and no skin trauma, it felt quite hydrating.  I didn't feel like I needed anything extra, and when I woke up this morning my skin felt cushy and plush, and similar to my experience with AHM it still felt that way even after my morning cleanse.  


I had a few irritated 'could've been pimple' spots coming up on my face last night but this morning they are all but gone.  


Having tested both, I can see them each fitting into my regular routine.  I think VBC is something I will probably repeatedly repurchase because it has a similar effect re: calming that Blue Cocoon did, but it isn't quite as heavy on my oily skin.  AHM I will continue to use, though for my skintype I think it will be of most benefit throughout the winter.  


Overall I'm very pleased with the purchases and impressed with how well they perform.  Looking forward to seeing how they might improve with continued use.


Thanks for the review, @Mochapj !


I def want to try those two. I almost ordered them, but I have way too many stuff I need want to go through first. I just keep getting new products all the time, when I already have everything I need and love. And then some. Smiley Very Happy It has to stop. For a while at least. I decided no new acquisitions until I'm at least half way through some of the products. Let's see how will that go...


Have you tried to just rinse off the mask by any chance...? Or use it as an overnight thing?


@lyravega I totally understand.  I've been setting goals to use up products every month but I have a list of things I want to try that's probably a mile long Smiley Very Happy


I haven't tried rinsing it off yet.  I am skeptical about how well that would work.  After I applied it to my face I tried to wash the residue off my hands and it was stubborn.  It wouldn't completely come off so eventually I just gave up and rubbed it in like a moisturizer.  It had a similar texture to something like Vicks Vapo-rub, where it's quite occlusive.


My next round with it I'm going to attempt to wear it overnight and I'll let you know how that goes Smiley Wink


Oh, darn it! That doesn't sound good ( for me ). Oh well...


Yes! Do let me know how the overnight thing goes when you try it, @Mochapj ! Pls and thank you! Smiley Wink


Interesting! How do you emulsify Hydrate and your serum? @Mochapj


@Magycmyste it's really easy.


I put a few drops of hydrate in my palm, then I drop a few drops of my serum on top of that, and I rub it together in my palm until it's a creamy consistency, then pat on my face.


@lyravega This thread of yours is going to be a dangerous curve for me. Lol

My list of "Need to try soon" products is increasing rapidly after each discussion topic.


Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


@fatimamummy ... If it's gonna make you feel any better... I am having the same "problem"! Smiley Very Happy


Good to know I am not alone 😀


No kidding! I'm dying to try Mahalo masks now!


Right @txcatx There ladies are making me want to break my bank and buy all these magical products.

I'm going to put in an order for Mahalo samples to see where I want to start 😉


@fatimamummy  @Mochapj   recommended to me a while back Alyaka for Mahalo samples. You get to try almost the whole line (not sure if they added the bean mask) and what it costs you to try can be applied towards a full size product. It's a UK company. I don't think I got hit with duties. Plus there is cash back via top cash back UK. If anyone needs a referral please pm me.


I tried the bean mask from Clementine Fields. I like how they make the samples, they're generous... You just don't have that credit to put towards a product though.


Hope this helps a bit. Smiley Happy  I was saying yesterday that I have a long list of products I want to try from The Green Jungle Beauty shop Smiley Very Happy


I had found Alyaka before @lyravega recommended the Detox market, but when I realized it was a UK company, I was afraid shipping would be way too expensive, and I couldn't tell from the description whether they'd added The Bean to the Mahalo kit (though they do have it in stock). It is very tempting, though, especially if shipping isn't too bad...


I forgot to mention Alyaka for Mahalo sample kit@Magycmyste , sorry. It was long time ago. That might be a good option if you want Mahalo samples only ( no mixing and matching like on DM ) as they have that sample kit. If I remember well, shipping was free, but it took the order forever and then some to arrive.


The kit didn't have the Bean Mask in it back when I ordered it. But that was quite some time ago.


So I got my order placed with Alyaka as well, since I also want to try the rest of the Mahalo line (plus, Alyaka's deal that the price of the sample kit can go towards a full size product if it's ordered within a month).


I figured this way I get to try everything else, and I don't think it'll hurt me to have two samples of The Bean! Smiley Very Happy


It took awhile to place the order, though. I did fine until the point where I was supposed to put in my credit card information, and for some reason, the "Continue" button wouldn't work. I ended up completing the purchase through Paypal instead, though that's never my preferred way to pay.

ETA: Oh hey, they've already shipped! Should still take a week or two to ship here (I wish it was tracked, but after all the other splurging I've done lately, I didn't feel like spending the money on tracking), but that's a pretty quick turnaround time!


@veronika23 I was going to order from Clementine field but ALyaka sounds a better option. I'll check them first before ordering . Thanks 🙂


@fatimamummy  np Smiley Happy  I think it's a better option if you want to try almost all the products in that line.


@Magycmyste  I think shipping was free or very low.  Plus cash back helps too... It's at 10.1% Smiley Very Happy


@txcatx You should definitely give them a shot. They are something else entirely, and I am sure you are gonna love them!


OMG you enablers! Until this thread I had not realized that the beans were the BEST beans!


They're magical beans. Smiley Wink


Can we talk masks? I know you want to. Smiley Wink I am not much into masking myself, but I know a lot of people are, and they are quite passionate about it. My skin is quite bratty when it comes to masks, the same way it's bratty about exfoliants, so I have to be really careful. So, it is not fun most of the time. And, I think masking should be a pure pleasure experience ( like what I have with a few masks I love ), not just a mechanical action. Smiley Wink But, hey... that's just me. Or, maybe it's Mahalo masks. Smiley Very Happy


That being said, I love what I love. And, my latest love is Mahalo The Bean Mask. Those are some magic beans in there all right, because what it does for my skin is amazing! It does exactly what it claims, and my skin loves it. It leaves it so pretty I'd never even say something like that was possible. Smiley Wink It's a really special one this one. And, not one bit drying ( quite hydrating actually! ) or irritating in any way on my bratty skin. A real treat! I just wish it were the size of the Petal Mask...




Mahalo Petal Mask is another huge love that does a lot of wonderful things for my skin. It gently exfoliates, hydrates, plumps my skin, brightens it, makes my skin glow with healthy glow...





Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask is very nice, and I enjoyed it for a long time. But, The Bean Mask took its place now as I like it better. They both do similar, if not the same things for the skin, so there is no really need to use both. Unless you really want to, of course. Smiley Wink This one is a pain to apply as it settles real fast, but it is well worth some getting used to it as the results are really lovely.




That's about it for me. Small bunch, but mighty powerful. And, endlessly enjoyable.


I'm not gonna go into ones that didn't work for me.


What about you? Do you mask, and what are your favorites?

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