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Makeup to wear in a desert

I’m travelling for a month and will be in desert climate. I’m worried that if I wear makeup I’ll break out because of how hot it will be. Does anyone have an recommendations for products (must be Clean at Sephora)? I want to still look alive but without wearing all the regular stuff (moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, translucent powder, bronzer, blush) Thank you!!

Re: Makeup to wear in a desert

hey @LalaMK I live in a desert area, very hot, very dry, lots of sunshine so I totally understand your concern.  The heat + makeup for me doesn't ever break me out but a sunburn is more likely.  I would say your first priority would be to make sure your skin is protected from the sun and the lack of humidity. 


I tend to really focus on my skincare the night before, using layers of hydration and appropriate products for my skin type (oily + sensitive). Getting your skin ready the night before will help prepare you for the sun and heat the next day.  Sunscreen as I'm sure you know is a must. You can absolutely do a full face of makeup if you'd like, just make sure you're using sweat-proof products and setting everything, usually spritzing something like Uban Decay's All Nighter in between steps. Cream products would be my suggestion, maybe something like Nudestix that can work for eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Take along a hydrating spray to keep your makeup looking fresh (and drink lots of water) and maybe some blotting tissues for any extra shine,  then grab a cool sun hat, some shades and I'm sure you'll be looking great!

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