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Ingredient of the Week: Vetiver

The rich volcanic soil of Haiti’s Les Cayes region is the sustainable source of our vetiver root from which we draw the unctuous, earthy oil found in Commodity Vetiver.


It is here that we’ve helped organize a cooperative of over 250 Haitian farmers whose families have been perfecting the craft of vetiver cultivation for generations. This co-op allows the farmers to put a portion of their pooled profits back into the community, enabling a more efficient harvest, fixing roads, creating electricity and improving the overall infrastructure of their villages.


Did you know your fragrance could do all that?




Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.18.44 PM.pngCaroline Sabas, Master Perfumer of Vetiver.




 Watch Master Perfumer Caroline Sabas talk about her creation. 


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  • Caroline Sabas, Master Perfumer of Vetiver.