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Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

FeedbackWanted_Clean at Sephora_Makeup.png


The Beauty Insider Community has partnered with a few amazing brands to give select Community members a chance to try an assortment of new Clean at Sephora makeup! 🌿 With products from Lawless, Merit, SAIE, Sephora Collection, and Westman Atelier, we know our Community members are in for a treat – these clean goodies pack a serious punch.


Drumroll please …! Check out all the new Clean at Sephora products BIC members are putting to the test:

  1. LAWLESS Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss 0.11 oz/ 3.3 mL: If you’re after that ultra-shiny and plumped lip look, this gloss is just for you! Consistent application will keep your lips feeling soft and hydrated, while also reducing the appearance of lines over time.
  2. MERIT Flush Balm Cream Blush Raspberry Beret: This cheek balm is perfect for achieving that effortless flush. Its flexible formula works to mimic the texture of your skin, allowing for a seamless, natural finish.
  3. Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter Starglow: Mix this gel luminizer with your skincare or foundation products to create a gorgeous, “lit-from-within” glow. This is comprised of 75% water, making it easy to incorporate into other products for a soft, dewy complexion.
  4. SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Bouncy Eyeshadow Palette Dragonfly: Say “bye-bye” to fallout and “hello” to rich color payoff! Crafted with pearl, these eyeshadows are incredibly easy to apply – simply glide the creamy shadows onto your lid and watch as they melt onto your skin while retaining their lustrous shimmer.
  5. Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Cream Highlighter Peau de Soleil: This universally-flattering, multi-purpose highlighter is infused with nourishing ingredients that treat your skin during wear. Apply this cream formula to any area of the face for a beautiful, luminous sheen.


UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that some of you participating in our Clean Makeup seeding may receive shades other than those listed above and in your letter. Please post reviews for the shades you actually received in your package - we look forward to reading your honest feedback!


To our Community reviewers: Once you’ve left your reviews with photos on the product pages, feel free to discuss your testing experience with others here, and share any extra opinions or pictures you may have. Team BIC and our brand partners can’t wait to hear your feedback! 😊

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@haleyvvvv I can make the Rare Beauty blushes work by themselves for sure but this just made it a little easier for me since on their own I feel like a little goes such a long way!. If I'd gotten a lighter shade of blush in the first place I don't think I'd have any problem but it's just a little bit darker than I might have chosen and the highlight just helps lighten it a bit as well. Hope this little trick works for you :-).

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Nice!!! @CookieGirl1 🙌

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

These are great tips, thank you for sharing @CookieGirl1 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@fatimamummy Maybe I'm the only one who found the Rare Beauty blush a little different to work with (and it could be the shade that I have--it's a little more bold than I might have picked!) but the Saie is definitely making it easier for ME.

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Thank you for sharing this tip, @CookieGirl1! I have a sample of the blush as well, but haven’t tried it yet. Plus I’m not a huge fan of matte blush anyway, so it’s perfect!

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

That’s a great idea @CookieGirl1 , I love to mix the Saie with other products also. Bet it’s really nice with the RB. Oddly mine hasn’t been an issue. Surprised lol. The WA lit stick also works before or after RB blush I think or most all . Just an idea. 😊 Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Ohhh, love your lightbulb moment, @CookieGirl1. 💡 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@CookieGirl1   That's the reason why I never bought any of those blushes; good idea to use the highlighter.  I'll have to reconsider- thanks!

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

I'm definitely enjoying the Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter more as a mixer product for foundation (and now blush!) than as an actual highlight, @Ispend2much6, but I love the subtle luminosity that it gives 😊. And I agree with you about the Rare Beauty blush because I also hadn't been overly interested in it after reading and hearing some reviews about how uber-pigmented and generally finicky it could be but this definitely makes it easier and more forgiving--for ME, at least--to use. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Thank you so much to @TeamBIC for this amazing opportunity to test out new clean beauty! I am always in for some test run fun. I unboxed in a video on Instagram and was able to get some first impressions. The more I use these products, the more impressed I am! 



Here are the products I received:


1. Lawless - Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Gloss

I really like the curved shape of the applicator! It made applying the product so effortless. I didn’t notice intense burning like I typically do with products like this, which was a nice change. There is a light fruity scent, but it’s not overpowering. The gloss effect is totally there! I was wearing the PMG MatteTrance Lipstick in the shade Executive Realness (from the Valentine gratis), and this gloss made it pop! It made my lips feel so smooth and full, but not uncomfortable. It wasn’t sticky either. Loving this product so far! 


2. Merit - Flush Balm Cheek Color in the shade Raspberry Beret

The packaging is reminiscent of Milk Makeup to me, which makes me think this will be perfect for travel! It’s compact, no need to worry about shattering, and does the job well. It is such a beautiful color, and it blends out seamlessly. I’m curious to see if this can work as a lip product as well for easy multi use.  


3. Saie- Glowy Super Gel in the shade Starglow 

I have dry skin, so any product that claims to give a glow I am all about trying! The packaging is so luxurious and easy to use, can’t go wrong with a pump. The product is so lightweight on the skin, and truly does give a lot from within glow. This reminds me of the backlight primer from Becca, which I also love! 


4. Sephora Collection - Clean Bouncy Eyeshadow Palette in Monarch

I've had the opportunity to try this product in the past, so I didn’t open up the new one in hopes of passing it on to a friend. I did revisit the old palette I have, and am still happy with the way that the shadows perform. It’s definitely handy for a quick on the go makeup look. You can definitely look out together in no time at all! The shadows glide on, but don’t set right away to give you time to blend. I still recommend using a base if you have oily eyelids like I do for optimal wear. 


5. Westman Atelier - Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter in the shade Peau De Soleil 

This product is such a delight to unbox! It comes with a beautiful pouch to protect the luxurious gold compact. The shade itself is too dark for me to wear as a highlighter, but looked nice as a bronzer topper. I also suspect this will look beautiful as an eyeshadow! 


Thank you so much again for sending me these products to try, I am putting them to the test a bit more over the next week before I post my reviews in the product pages. Congratulations to everyone who received these items as well! I’m looking forward to seeing swatched of the Dragonfly palette, the shades look lovely! 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Congratulations, @Mcakes!! Everything looks so lovely on you!! Thank you for the reviews and swatches!!

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Thank you so much @haleyvvvv Heart

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Congratulations!! @Mcakes 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Thank you @lmaster Heart !

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@Mcakes Congratulations and beautiful swatches 😍🥰🌹💕

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Thank you so much @blackkitty2014 Heart !

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@Mcakes   Ahhh I  LOVE your heart sweater!   And now I’m checking out all your fun new goodies!!  Congrats on being the recipient of such a fun box!  
Saie has been sneaking onto my radar the last couple weeks.  I love that saie means beautiful intellectual female with the ability to charm others with her talents.  Good name for a brand!  
The merit packaging looks very much like the Dior illuminating pressed powder compact and I thought this was a new shade at first glance.  Another brand to check out.  😄 

Have fun with all your new treasures!  

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@heartsmyface You would look extra adorable in this sweater for sure! It's practically your namesake 😄 Thank you so much Heart I had SO much fun with this box, I am finding myself constantly reaching for these products in my daily routines over other staples. I didn't know that about the meaning of Saie, makes me love it even more! I got one of my friends to buy this today after raving about it 😄 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

Congratulations @Mcakes, You look adorable as always . Thank you for the swatches

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@fatimamummy Thank you! Heart Heart 

Re: Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup!

@Mcakes Congratulations on receiving this wonderful gratis! Love your pictures- you are seriously adorable! 😊