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Face masks are so fun!

Who wants to try face masks? Follow me! And then I'll give you some suggestions! Peace ✌🏻✌🏻It's me........

Re: Face masks are so fun!

@Eugenicorn You might be interested in joining in the masking fun of our Masking Challenge thread. We love to share our favorites (and a few duds now and then). Here's the link:

Re: Face masks are so fun!

Thanks, @quspork . I already know about it. I also posted things too. And started conversations. I just want to make my OWN challenge of it. Like my own version. But thanks for replying to me! I really appreciate that, you're the only one 👆person that did. Hope you understand and get some of your friends to join this! My own face mask challenge! Best of Luck 🍀!

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