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Face masks are so fun!

Who wants to try face masks? Follow me! And then I'll give you some suggestions! Peace ✌🏻✌🏻It's me........

Re: Face masks are so fun!

@Eugenicorn You might be interested in joining in the masking fun of our Masking Challenge thread. We love to share our favorites (and a few duds now and then). Here's the link:

Re: Face masks are so fun!

Thanks, @quspork . I already know about it. I also posted things too. And started conversations. I just want to make my OWN challenge of it. Like my own version. But thanks for replying to me! I really appreciate that, you're the only one πŸ‘†person that did. Hope you understand and get some of your friends to join this! My own face mask challenge! Best of Luck πŸ€!

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