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Ethically Sourced

Hello beauties!


I was wondering if I was the only one feeling like this, but I wish there was more transparency about companies’ ethical procedures. I am absolutely enjoying the “clean” section. I only wished that I could find a section where I can support companies that are not only clean and cruelty free but also ethically responsible (that doesn’t encourage the practice of child labour). Or please tell me if I am wrong and the clean section does entail that there is certainly no child labor involved. 
Please let me know what you think! 
Hopefully someone can address this at Sephora ! 

Sincerely xx


Re: Ethically Sourced

By the way, here you can also add the question of testing cosmetics on animals, this is also not entirely ethical on the part of companies. I like when the rulers appear with the "no animal testing" icon. I would hold it. for me, ethics, first of all, is when the company has an internal ethical policy, here it is described in more detail what I am writing about about ethics. And when a moral point of view appears within the company and people support this point of view, then the whole company becomes more ethical. And all domestic politics are becoming more honest.

Re: Ethically Sourced


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