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Post in Clean Beauty

Child labor & Cosmetics:

Let it be known that MICA is a common ingredient that creates theglow/blinding effect in makeup at a cost: child labor! Children in India are working in terrible conditions to mine for mica for less than 25cents a day. There are about 10 (if not more) deaths per month in these mines. The bottom line: these kids are working just to be able to eat... they are trapped in this endless cycle of poverty. Without the job, they will stay hungry. My opinion: Children should not have to beworking! The Indian government should be making/improving more jobs with safe working conditions and livable wages for parents so they can feed their families & send their children to school. These are basic necessities. I understand mica is a very common ingredient not just in makeup and by boycotting mica will collapse many industries. I also understand if these kids don’t work, they would starve. I would love if we could live in a perfect world but my wish is simple: fight child labor with LIVABLE WAGES and SAFE working conditions for adults. I want to ask YOU: How can we can combat child labor in the makeup industry?
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