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Baby Safe

I just found out I’m pregnant and want to find baby safe products. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have dry and sensitive skin and my hair gets oily pretty fast... but that could change with pregnancy.

Re: Baby Safe

@BellaBee33  Congratulations!!! So exciting!! Drunk elephant has a lot of safe items for pregnancy and nursing. They have a spot on their Instagram where they talk about it.




but I would definitely ask your OB about what they think is safe too. 

Re: Baby Safe

@BellaBee33 no retinol or vitamin A containing products, hydroquinone, or salicylic acid.  Can use glycolic acid, azelaic acid, and vitamin C as alternatives.  

Re: Baby Safe

Not really a rec for certain products, but also being pregnant I have googled all my skincare and "pregnancy" there's a great website 15minutebeauty that outlines a bunch of skincare and what is safe and isn't. 

Re: Baby Safe

Congrats on your pregnancy. I agree with what @SportyGirly125 said. If you like theordinary skincare, I appreciate that they outline potential contraindications. I would still check with your OB, but the products on their website specifically mention which should not be used during pregnancy and nursing.

Re: Baby Safe

@BellaBee33 Congratulations. I would first ask your OB and not use salicylic acid or retinol. Also motherhood maternity Online has products that are safe to use while pregnant that you can buy from their website 

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