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I was so excited to receive this package in the mail today! Thank you @TeamBIC@Olaplex , @Biossance , @Volition @SKYLAR @The Makeup Eraser! I can't wait to try all the products and I experience some more clean beauty! Here are the goodies!

FE826F9B-10C1-44B3-9333-0BC207FFCF84.jpegThis package came at just the right time! I just ran out of my eye cream and was about to pick one up. I can't wait to try the BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream. I'll update once I've used it for a few weeks.

I was also about to buy some reusable makeup remover towels from Amazon but they couldn't compare to how cute the llama print is on this MAKEUP ERASER - Makeup Eraser 3-Piece Llama Print Set.I've been trying to reduce my makeup waste (so many cotton pads!) so this is perfect.  I was eyeing a different clear neon bag and a hair tie band now that I have short hair so I couldn’t believe the serendipity of it!

I've been eyeing the OLAPLEX - No. 7 Bonding Oilsince it came out and it's been sitting it my cart. I can't wait to give it a shot! Disclaimer: I just chopped off my hair so I'm not sure how much of a difference it's going to make but I might just try it on my boyfriend since he has some split ends. 

I'm wearing the SKYLAR - Isle Eau de Toilette today and honestly the description is spot on: dewy, beachy, and fresh. It's not overpowering at all and I can still smell it on myself after a couple of hours. 

Last but not least, the VOLITION BEAUTY - Celery Green Cream with Hyaluronic Acid + PeptidesI love the claims and the ingredients in this cream but it might take me a while to try it since I'm trying to finish 3 different moisturizers right now. I will update when I finally crack it open.


Thanks again @TeamBIC for all my goodies! It made my Friday.


@makeitup305 Congrats! Glad to be in good company 🙂I hope you enjoyed the Celery Green Cream! I'd love to know how it worked on your skin 💚


@NastiaLiukin thank you! I really like it, it was super soothing and absorbed really quickly. I prefer to use it in the morning under my SPF since it doesn't pill and sinks right in. I don't think I'm the target skin type for it, since I live in a dry climate and have normal to dry skin, so at night I have to layer it with an oil in order to make it really work for me. I don't know if I would purchase this product on my own but I would 10/10 recommend it to someone with oily skin or living in a very humid climate. It's also made me want to try more products from @VolitionBeauty.


Just wanted to post a quick update on my goodies!

I've been using the MAKEUP ERASER - Makeup Eraser 3-Piece Llama Print Set towel throughout the week and even though I enjoy using it, I think I might reserve it for days where I'm feeling lazy and stick to my makeup remover and cleanser on most days. I tried using it with micellar water and it worked pretty well! The clear neon bag is my new to-go makeup bag and is now a staple in my car. The headband I use daily when washing my face and putting on makeup.

I've also been consistently using the BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream and I'm really enjoying it! It's very creamy but absorbs really fast so it layers perfectly under makeup, with no pilling or breaking down of the concealer. I do think that if your undereyes are really dry, it might not be hydrating enough.

I've used the OLAPLEX - No. 7 Bonding Oil only once so far, when I attempted to curl my hair. Though my attempts were poor, the oil left my hair shiny and smooth. I have high hopes as I continue to use it.

I've used the SKYLAR - Isle Eau de Toiletteseveral times this week. It's such a great summer fragrance, crisp and clean. I'm enjoying it so far.

I still haven't used the VOLITION BEAUTY - Celery Green Cream with Hyaluronic Acid + Peptidesbecause I was trying to finish up 3 open moisturizers ( a DS of TATCHA - The Water Cream, and full sizes of the DR. JART+ - Ceramidin™ Creamand DR. JART+ - Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream).I'm actually not a big fan of the Water Cream and glad I just picked up a sample and not a full size. The TATCHA - The Dewy Skin Creammight be more my speed. I think the others might be too much for my skin right now since it's so hot so I'm considering breaking the Celery cream open. I snuck a peek and it's a light texture with a light fragrance.  Has anyone tried it yet?


Congratulations on the gratis!! I LOVE that this came at the perfect time for you when you needed the products. And, to get it when most of it is on your Loves list, such synchronicity! Smiley Happy @makeitup305 


Enjoy the eye cream, its gonna last for a pretty long time, I love that it absorbs fast too. I really love the VOLITION BEAUTY - Celery Green Cream with Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides

I was comparing  some pictures I took after  I started using it and my pores seem smaller, so that is a good sign. Still want to give it a few more weeks to give a thorough review. The fragrance is perfectly  light and i don't think its because they added bad essential oils or chemical fragrance. I think it's the mixture of cucumber, celery and lavender extract. Smells like a day at the spa Smiley Happy


Curious how many drops do you use for the Olaplex? I used 1 but still think it needs 1 or 2 more drops for my fine hair.



Congratulations on the amazing gift @makeitup305 


Congratulations on receiving this amazing gratis @makeitup305  So many fun goodies to play with!


Oh wow thats amazing 🙉🙉🙉 enjoy your new goodies!


@makeitup305 Congrats - enjoy your goodies <3

I've just purchased the Olaplex oil and can't wait to try it!


Congrats @makeitup305! Let us know when you try the moisturizer..and your thoughts on the 3 you are currently finishing off. Smiley Happy


@makeitup305Congrats!!! This is a fabulous gratis!!


Such an amazing gratis @makeitup305! Congratulations! Interested in hearing your thoughts on these beauties, especially the Olaplex! Enjoy your new treasures! Smiley Happy


Hi @makeitup30,


How exciting! Enjoy Smiley Happy




Congratulation on the gratis my lovely @makeitup305 !!! I dont know anything about these products so i'm excited to hear what you think of them.  The makeup eraser lama is so cute.  


What a fantastic gratis @makeitup305! Congrats!! You've got me very interested in the Skylar Isle Eau de Toilette. Anything described as "beachy" is right up my alley!! Smiley Very Happy

Enjoy your goodies!


@Asche to me, it's beach in a tube. I have tried the MAISON MARGIELA - ’REPLICA’ Beach Walk and BOBBI BROWN - Beach Fragrance and didn't really like either. I'm terrible at describing fragrances but this one is just light and airy and clean like an ocean breeze.


@makeitup305 ,

I totally agree with you about Replica "Beach Walk" and Bobbi Brown "Beach."  Though very well loved by millions of fans, they are not for me! 

You are really encouraging my interest in Skylar Isle Eau de Toilette!  I wish there were samples available now! 


@makeitup305  congratulations on the gratis! The olaplex has all of my attention, please follow up after testing it out on your boyfriend. 😊


@makeitup305 Congratulations on receiving this gratis!!!  I cannot wait to hear your reviews. 


Quick updates! Tried the BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream after washing my face and doing my skincare and it was lovely. Very creamy and soothing, with barely any scent. It has a slight tint but I didn't notice any color correcting under my eyes. I also used the MAKEUP ERASER - Makeup Eraser 3-Piece Llama Print Set

and it worked really well to take off my makeup. My boyfriend says the headband looks ridiculous but I think it's so cute!


DE646BEF-51E9-4287-A0B8-E1B192487438.jpegHere's my makeup looking a little worn in after 10 hours

C5394155-3B37-49C8-BAD5-2FDB593D45A8.jpegI used both the front and the back of this corner



@makeitup305 You're so cute. I might have to pick up this llama thing.

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  • I used both the front and the back of this corner
  • Here's my makeup looking a little worn in after 10 hours