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The Highlight Challenge

Highilght Image.jpg

Not to generalize, but I think it's fair to say a lot of us on BeautyTalk have a slight obsession when it comes to highlighter. For me, my highlight is the finishing touch before running out the door. Some days I aim for a natural look and other days I want to look like a glistening unicorn and I know I'm not alone. Many of us have a lot of love for each of our highlighters so it's time to show them off! 


Now, onto the challenge: From March 13th- April 14th let's give our highlighters some love each day by sharing details in this thread. I encourage you to get creative and be experimental with your product and technique. There are many highlight formats (liquid, powder, balms, etc.) and you can play around with the intensity of your highlight as well. Share as much or as little as you'd like, including pictures, swatches, products, tools and your favorite tips. 


Can't wait to see your lustrous highlight looks!

RE: The Highlight Challenge

I totally can understand that. I have a ton of highlighter. 😂

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@KatieBT  Thanks for challenging us!  This was an awesome way to give all my highlighters a little more love! ❤️


Here are my final three looks:


Wednesday:  Becca Moonstone over NARS Orgasm and Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer



Thursday:  Becca Rose Quartz over NARS Orgasm and Benefit Hoola Bronzer

highlight 041317.jpg


Friday:  UD Afterglow in Sin over Benefit Rockateur Blush and Ciate Bamboo Bronzer


Re: The Highlight Challenge

Sees this and runs out and buys Becca Rose Quartz...



Re: The Highlight Challenge

@Tamara76 all three of these looks are gorgeous! Thanks for participating, I'm glad you enjoyed this challenge 🙂 

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thank you!  😘😘😘   @KatieBT

Re: The Highlight Challenge

wow love all three looks @Tamara76..I need to wear my rockateur blush more often its so pretty on you! 

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thank you, doll!  xoxo   @Anewxa

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thought I would squeeze one in for Friday since I finally wore makeup after over a month of being sick...I think I piled on too much highlight if there is such a thing 😆..sorry for the worn out gunky makeup here, it was 1am when I got back from a wedding and was about to wash it off.


Wearing nyx strobe palette bottom row all 3 powders mixed. Lips are always red cream lip stain by sephora (ofcourse lol).





Re: The Highlight Challenge

@Anewxa I agree with @Tamara76 there's no such thing as too much highlight! Your highlight looks amazing, especially after a long night!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Wow!  That is some major glow, girl!  You look so beautiful!!!! @Anewxa


And there is never such thing as too much highlight - lol!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thank you @Tamara76! 😘

Re: The Highlight Challenge

So glamorous @Anewxa! I love the whole look

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Thank you @playingdressup ❤

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Last day of the highlight challenge! 


Today I'm wearing the Viseart Highlight and Contour Palette which I wore previously BUT this time I decided to apply all three highlights 🙂 I am on a trip and knew I needed to bring this palette since it has several shades of contour and highlight all in one. 


Re: The Highlight Challenge

@Tamara76 @Anewxa @playingdressup @unfungirl you're all making me blush 🙂 Thank you!!



Re: The Highlight Challenge

You look so amazing!   @KatieBT


I love everything about this look - Your highlight, your hair, your outfit!  Stunning!


Re: The Highlight Challenge

Love the whole look and your lashes are always killer gorgeous @KatieBT 😍 You look equally great in straight hair as well as the wavy..enjoy your trip!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

Very pretty glow @KatieBT! I really like Viseart shadows, but haven't tried the face products yet... I'm thinking I should. 

P.s. Love the top too!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

@KatieBT WHOA! you look so different with your hair straight! i love it both ways, but i dig this look! your glow, those lashes, that top... mega babe!

Re: The Highlight Challenge

I have a great highlighting tip! If you have the hourglass ambient lighting palette, and you want it to be a popping highlight, just spray it with a lot of water until the top becomes almost liquidy. Then go in with a beauty blender, or a very dense synthetic brush and apply it to your cheekbones! that highlight will be popping!!!

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