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How long did your Tata Harper Lip 2 Cheek and Stila Convertible Blush last you?

Hello! I wanted to get the Tata harper Lip and Cheek tint and the Stilla Convertible blush but the shelf life of 6 months is off-putting considering how expensive they are. I definitely wouldn't use up the entire pot within 6 months. Has anyone used theirs past the shelf life and if so, how long? Thanks!

Re: How long did your Tata Harper Lip 2 Cheek and Stila Convertible Blush last you?

@moogu This will be of limited use since I have used neither of these specific products. That being said, I've always been slightly suspicious of makeup expiration dates. Makeup is basically just a stabilized emulsion. From what I can tell based on the ingredients, it looks like these products will actually "expire" when the oils start oxidizing- like when they smell of old crayons/ cardboard/ paint.


The Tata Harper seems like it has the least stabilizing agents so it would probably go first of the two, though it's possible there are some antioxidant containing ingredients I am missing. Either should last about a year at a minimum if you keep them in a cool, dry place out of the light. If you're worried I would store them in the fridge. I personally like to use more natural products and I generally use them lightly (so they stay in my collection forever- like multiple years) and I can't remember a time when something went bad on me, so 6 months is a VERY conservative estimate on time.



TL,DR: They'll last more than 6mos and I wouldn't worry about it. maybe just choose one if you're still concerned

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