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Looking for Hints and Help

Everybody know that most cancer patients lose their hair to chemotherapy.  It was a surprise to me that I lost my lashes and eyebrows, too!  Eyeliner gives me enough definition behind my glasses, but my eyebrows are keeping me puzzled.  I never can get them right, or even the same! Does anyone have any tips or hints for how I can draw eyebrows that look like they belong on my face?

Re: Looking for Hints and Help

Hi! I don't know if this will be any help but my aunt recently went through the same thing. She wasn't very experienced at makeup and found she could never get her eyebrows looking even. She ended up using a sort of temporary eyebrow tattoo that actually looks pretty realistic, maybe you could find them online somewhere even amazon maybe? That's what worked best for her until she ended up getting them microbladed and they look really good (she got a big discount on the microblading so keep a lookout for that if it's up your alley) If you want to draw them on, maybe look up how professional eyebrow pluckers map out the ratios of the face and do it on yourself, I used to shave off my eyebrows and that's how I created new eyebrows that looked somewhat okay lol.

Re: Looking for Hints and Help

I'm so sorry you are going through that Millinda, and I hope you kick cancer's butt!! Have you thought about/tried eyebrow tattoos?! I've been seeing them a lot lately and they look really good in the photos/videos. I've seen them on Etsy in a range of prices. They might be easier if you have no eyebrows at all right now, as I think it would be much harder when you're not just filling sparse eyebrows in.

Re: Looking for Hints and Help

If they’re gone completely, I’d recommend looking back at photos of brows then draw the top, middle, and outsides of your brow based on where they used to be in relation to your warts/nose/eyes and other defining features. Stick to a tiny pencil and draw some quick strokes going up and out like hairs naturally would. Don’t draw down and don’t forget to intentionally draw one outside of the standard template to make it look natural! 

RE: Looking for Hints and Help

Anastasia beverly hills brow products- pomade, #12 brush and brow powder duo. Also the brow pen for spots where powder and pomade wont stick (happens to me because of scarring on my brow bone). The pomade is WATERPROOF so extra bonus. Follow their instagram and look for pomade posts, they show techniques and different looks.
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