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Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Wayne Goss is about to launch a cosmetics line, so wanted to dedicate a thread to discussion of his makeup and brushes. In a June 22, 2018 YouTube video, Wayne announced he was developing a cosmetics line. Because it is a self-funded effort,  it won't be a full line launch all at once but rather products rolled out over time. His goal is to produce a high quality cosmetics line that feels, looks, and performs amazing and done to his specifications. Wayne released a few sneak peeks (see below) and has also confirmed some of his 2014 brushes are in production. **The Announcement will be made via his YouTube Channel.**



Image4413223606602038032.jpgSample 6-pan eyeshadow palette, with large pans for eyeshadow and no wasted space between pans.

WG 2018 Holiday Brush, & 2014 brushes in production.WG 2018 Holiday Brush, & 2014 brushes in production.2014 WG brushes in production.2014 WG brushes in production.


Re: Wayne Goss Thread

Thx you @TraceyEB .  I hope he will bring it back permanently since it is well loved Smiley Wink  

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