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Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

A thread dedicated to Wayne Goss brushes and cosmetics line. His goal is to produce a high quality cosmetics line that feels, looks, and performs amazing and made to his specifications. Products will roll out over time.





Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6, it is replacing a very old but perfectly shaped (for my eyes) Bobbi Brown eyelash curler! My very first one. I forgot two brushes that I have and liked, so updated my note to you above. 🙂

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6, that was probably the for the best and most economical choice 🤣.  I'm hoping the brushes are somewhat softer.  I like rephr's brushes, but I don't love most of them with the exception of the highlighter brush and I think the 24 brush.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@danielledanielle   Those gift cards are burning a hole in my monitor!😂  I do think Rephyr's eye brushes are a little scratchy though.



Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6  Yeah, rephr uses a mix of sokoho and saikoho goat hair (plus synthetic hair in some brushes), so that’s not surprising. Rephr is having a major sale right now on all their brushes (except the saibikoho cheek, which was already $100 off), so if there’s one you think is similar to a new WG brush, that’d be the better option price wise. 🙂 Good to know Beautylish is quick to process cancellations! (I’ve never cancelled an order with them before.) 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@WinglessOne  Thanks!  I do NEED to get one of the pointy eye brushes though.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

The sale is live!  I went with E2, F2, F5.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6, great choices!!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6  I ordered F5, E2, and E6. Since I had some new store credit*, I almost bought the E1 too—but reminded myself I already have too many cheek brushes. 😄 Something tells me that brush will end up in my collection at some point. 


I wasn’t going to buy the E6 but decided it’d be good to have another tiny brush in that shape. I have Wayne’s 08 brush and will compare it to the E6 once it arrives. 


*I wish Beautylish would let us decide when to use our gift cards (earned during their GC event) as credit, rather than automatically apply ‘em to the next order. I’d planned to use mine toward a lucky bag; that was before this WG launch was announced. Eh, if these brushes hadn’t caught me, I’m sure Beautylish’s November sale would’ve. That sale’s the reason I’ve never had gift cards left to use on lucky bags. 😅 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@WinglessOne  I noticed that.  Beautylish used to send an email with a code for the credit. 


I hope the E2 will be as wonderful as I hope.  I have such trouble applying my crease, especially on my left eye. lol  Maybe this is my saving grace.


The E6 definitely "caught my eye," mostly to use as an eyebrow brush for applying tint. I'm looking forward to your reviews!



Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Oooh @Ispend2much6 .  I stuck with my guns (E2&3, F4 and e6).  F1 almost snuck in, but I resisted 🤣

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@danielledanielle, great choices! I can't wait to try the foundation brush!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@danielledanielle  Way to stay strong! 💪

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Here are the prices for individual brushes and brush sets in the First Edition Collection, as posted on Beautylish.






Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

From Wayne's UK shop, brushes will be sold as singles, as eye and face sets, and the complete collection.


Update: the First Edition Collection is $449 USD. Beautylish confirmed that the brushes will be sold individually. They have begun texting people who signed up for pre-orders.



Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB  Thanks!  I just watched the video, and I don't have enough Beautylish credits to cover  my list. 😂  They look wonderful.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@Ispend2much6, ooohhh, you have credits, I'm jealous! Let us know if you pick anything up!,

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB  It was great to see Wayne talk about his new brushes. 🙂 Will I buy one? Probably. The real question is, will I buy ONE? I mean, as soon as he spun the F1 around in his video, I was sold. But then I saw the F5 and immediately thought of ways to use it. And then I saw the E1 and thought “hmm, I wonder how it compares to my Sonia G Worker brushes; might have to buy one for comparison.” And then he brought out those 2 crease brushes and you know what, I’m not a big fan of the usual crease brush shape but these are more like elongated pointier pencils and I feel like I need to test at least one of them. And see, this is how I end up with more brushes than I need. 😅 


Anyway, I’m trying to narrow that list down to one or two. Gotta talk myself out of a few. 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@WinglessOne, I had the exact same reaction to Wayne using the F1! The F2 looks like a modernized version of his previous brush13 (the dyed version a favourite). Any foundation brush (F4) is automatically in. The F5 is similarly shaped to his previous brush 14 (the dyed version another all-time fave) but picks up a whisper of product, so that is different. If I had to narrow, I'd buy F4 and F5. The eye brushes overlap with previous releases. I also wonder if E1 is similar to Sonia G's Worker One; I'm intrigued by the idea that it can blend multiple eyeshadows. E2 and E3 remind me of previous releases of similar shape though the new ones look even more compacted and pointed. When he talked about using on hooded eyes, I was sold; love the use for concealer, too. E4 reminds me of his previous 06; I have loved every lay down brush he's made (my favourites remain the dyed versions from his original brush set and first eye set). E5 and E6 look like improvements over similar brushes he's released, which I use. If I had to narrow, it would be E1, E2, and E4. I decided to buy the full collection as I once missed the chance to get popular missing brushes that didn't restock, and I had a gift card that offset part of the cost. My Christmas gift to me. Let us know what you decide to pick up!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB (hope you enjoy the full collection!) and @danielledanielle  - Thank you both for your thoughts! I’m still trying to talk myself out of the F1… sure, I have a couple cheek brushes that are tapered, but they’re not tapered on just one side like the F1 is. 😄 I really shouldn’t buy anymore cheek brushes though, especially since I just bought 2 this month. Sigh. 


I think I’ll go with E2, E3, and F5. This gets me 3 brushes I don’t already have in my collection, though I might have a Sonia G that’s quite similar to the E3… won’t know for sure til I’ve got Wayne’s brush in my hand. I think the SG brush in question is stiffer and denser though. That’s an example of how 2 brushes with similar shapes don’t perform the same way. 


I’ve convinced myself not to buy an E1 simply because I already have a few iterations of Sonia G’s Worker and the E1 looks and sounds exactly like it. I’ll wait for others who have a Worker to buy the E1 and compare ‘em. 🙂 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@WinglessOne, you have narrowed down to 3 fairly unique brushes in Wayne's new collection. I have Worker One on standby though I have no doubt Sonia G will compare brushes in this collection in detail, which I enjoy, especially to see if the bristles move and apply similarly. I hope she also compares this release to other WG brushes that are similarly shaped. Like you, I have no need for more cheek brushes, or any brushes unless they're synthetic (replacing my very first brushes), or very unique. I regularly use my angled cheek brushes because application is so easy with them (including using the back for highlight). I love exploring brushes by using their sides, edges, and backs. Fingers crossed shipping is swift so we can have these in our hands to use soon.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB  I'm also hoping Sonia will do a comparison writeup. I love her detailed comparisons. I also love to use brushes in various ways (including tasks they weren't originally designed for). I understand and appreciate the thought of using a brush just for the specific task or two it was designed to handle, but I prefer to get as much use out of a brush as possible. 😄 


The Worker One is still one of my favorite brushes. That brush is fantastic for blending 2 shades to create a custom color. My other Workers are also great, but the original's the one I use most. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Worker One and E1! 

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