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Too Faced New Releases

A thread dedicated to new Too Faced releases, collabs and upcoming holiday releases.



(Photo credit: Too Faced)

Re: Too Faced New Releases

I didn’t know Too Faced was coming out with a new collection, but I just saw these pop up on Sephora Canada! I’m mainly  excited for the blush!




Too Faced Too Femme Heart Core Lipstick Too Femme 

Too Faced Too Femme Ethereal Eyeshadow Palette 

Too Faced Too Femme Blush Butterfly Babe 

Re: Too Faced New Releases







RE: Re: Too Faced New Releases

I noticed you were missing the pumpkin spice palette that’s exclusive to HSN, not sure about how posting works but here’s a present for ya’😊

RE: Too Faced New Releases

The Too Faced Extra Spicy Gingerbread Palette! Personally love that they are adding to the Gingerbread line, I think the colours are gorgeous (maybe not unique but beautiful and wearable) and the packaging is just everything ❤️

Re: RE: Too Faced New Releases

I’ve been really good with resisting palettes the last couple months so I am planning on getting this one.  The colors are speaking to me:). 

Re: RE: Too Faced New Releases

I'm loving this whole Christmas in July/Summer thing that Too Faced has going on! <333

RE: Re: RE: Too Faced New Releases

Same! ❤️

Re: RE: Too Faced New Releases

So cute, I can't wait to see this in person at Sephoria! I may even like it better than the OG Gingerbread palette. Hopefully they have both out on display lol. Very excited for TF Holiday!


I hope that they bring back the Pumpkin Spice Melted Matte lippie that they had in the set last year. It's my fave! 

Re: Too Faced New Releases



Re: Too Faced New Releases

I wonder if the pieces will come separately - I really want the lipstick  but I don't really need the bronzer or pouch

Re: Too Faced New Releases

I just want to clutch 😄 And the bronzer. I mean come on, too cute!

RE: Re: Too Faced New Releases

Omg i need that bronzer sooo cutee

Re: Too Faced New Releases

okay I will deff be buying that lippie! I love the scent of their previous holiday releases and I am happy to see this formula instead of the liquid lip one!

Re: Too Faced New Releases

Omg so cute!!!

RE: Re: Too Faced New Releases

This is so cute!!!!

Re: Too Faced New Releases

Just posted this review here on Sephora - will copy it here as well. Hope this helps - any questions - just ask!


I received this mascara free for reviewing purposes.
TL;DR: Lasts all day, does not clump nor flake, I will be happy to use up this tube, likely will not purchase
First time I tried this mascara, was without any primer, and I used one coat. It was ok - not bad, nothing earth shattering. On subsequent uses I have used lash primer, and have applied multiple coats. I am surprised that I can add up to 3 coats of mascara and it does not clump; I only need to do a bit of a brush through with a clean wand after the 3rd coat to separate some of my lashes. I work in a very humid environment and this mascara stays put - it does not flake nor smudge and does last 12+ hours on me - even on the bottom lashes.
I do think the handle is very bulky and the actual wand is also large and bulky. It is difficult to get the lower lashes with any sort of precision, it is more of a dabbing motion and hope for the best. It certainly did not give me the lashes pictured on the box, even after 3 coats.
It washes off relatively easily, and it doesn’t take any special effort to remove at the end of the day.
For comparison: I have been using Pat McGrath's FetishEyes mascara. I receive better results with Pat’s mascara after 1 coat than I do with the 3 coats of the D@mn Girl. I just don’t have the time/patience to do 3 coats when I know I can get the same effect from a different product with 1 coat. That said, I am pleasantly surprised at how this mascara performs and will continue to use it until the tube runs out.
Too Faced D@mn Girl! MascaraToo Faced D@mn Girl! Mascara

Thank you for posting your review here! I'm not in the ma...

Thank you for posting your review here! I'm not in the market for a new mascara YET but I'm about to dig into my backup tube, so I've been on the fence about trying something new. Your lashes look amazing but I get that you would rather use something with fewer steps.

Re: Thank you for posting your review here! I'm not in the ma...

@Nickelliebear1 Thank you! I have decent lashes to begin with, so I wouldn't attribute the way my lashes look in these photos to the Too Faced mascara. Like I had said in my review - three coats is overkill for me, so there are likely other products out there that you would be better off trying out....if you are in the market for something new. The Pat McGrath is nice, but I do use a Clinique tubing mascara on my bottom lashes when I wear PMG.

@fiercestpoodle, Thanks for posting. The GWP was already...

@fiercestpoodle, Thanks for posting. The GWP was already OOS when I tried it. Hopefully my store will get some samples of it. It looks great.

Re: @fiercestpoodle, Thanks for posting. The GWP was already...

@Luvstravel Thank you! Mascara doesn't get my heart racing - eyeshadow is my weakness! I rarely branch out with mascaras - the Pat McGrath tube I've been using is from the GWP sample they had months ago, and I can't remember the last time I tried a new mascara before that one. 

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