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Tom Ford Updates

Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available. 


For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Here's another lightly applied look I found on instagram for the eye/cheek palette:


Re: Tom Ford Updates

Just FYI everybody - May 9 is Nordies 3X point day.


If anybody is planning a big TF purchase from Nordies, keep it on hold and buy it that day.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I went back to the counter during my lunch to play with the cream/powder eyeshadow duos. It's super hard to see because I lightly applied the turquoise, but it produces almost a scarab effect (and then I'd seen a more heavy look that was like an iridescent smokey eye). Golden Peach is lovely as well. Picked up both Midnight Sea and Golden Peach.






I was only there for a few minutes, but also had another look at the summer palette. I wore that out of the store on Saturday, but had no idea what she had used on me, as she was just playing around. I was curious about the reds and was really surprised to find that while they appeared super duper pigmented in the palette, they don't apply like that to the skin at all. The darkest of all was an iridescent red, and the other appeared more frosty and slightly pink. They are super, super pretty. I was told that they were created to look good on any eye, but with brown eyes - I'm not sure. What to do, what to do.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Here's another comparison pic of Softcore (top) with the blushes from the Pink Glow eye cheek palette. Pic found on Specktra posted by mkoparanova


Here's rose soleil on her lips:


Re: Tom Ford Updates

The BeautyLookBook has her review, swatches, and comparison swatches up of Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I just finished my video for the Pink Glow palette if anyone is interested.  Swatches at the beginning (always).

Wow is it gorgeous.  Best with a little black eye liner added (I also have Paradiso on in the video, along with the palette).

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Paradiso (and also the compact on)


Re: Tom Ford Updates

Preorder on the TF site...Noir for women perfume

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I got my pre-ordered lipstick in sweet spot and it's just lovely. Very creamy and I even feel like it's more creamier   than the regular lipstick, probably because it's less opaque in sheer formula. It's definitely my kind of peachy coral color for spring and summer. I actually found a few similar colors from my collection. swatches:


(Left to right)

Rimmel showoff lip lacquer in luna

tom ford in sweet spot

marc jacobs nude lip gel in understudy (very similar in person)

nars lip pencil Torres del Paine (the closest color in a bunch)

marc Jacobs Discontinued lip gel in dizzy spell

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Okay this is totally random.... BUT in Little Big Town's (lyric video) for their song "Girl Crush" they use a Tom Ford lipstick as a prop. It is hard to tell which color it is I am guessing it's scarlet rouge. haha soooo random I know.



Re: Tom Ford Updates

More review on Pink Glow palette in colormeloud. She has some comparison with other TF (in the pink, burnished amber etc). I still haven't touched my palette yet. I played a little bit with my cream duos but didn't have chances to take and post pictures. Smiley Happy

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I got mine yesterday and it's beautifulSmiley Happy

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Looks like the Pink Glow palette is sold out online in the US. If anyone still wants one, call the Nordstrom Michigan Ave store. They still have it in stock.




Re: Tom Ford Updates

For the Canadian beauties, any more news on the possible replenishment of the Pink Glow eye/cheek palette?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

The new matte lippies (Electric Pink and Velvet Violet) are now at Nordstrom.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

tom ford packaging is just so lux! love it!

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Has anyone seen swatches of the fall lipsticks?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Spent some time tonight trying to find more info on the fall collection.


Came across these pics of the training session that was held in LA today for the fall collection:


Not sure what products are used, but it looks like the eyebrow powder, and the plum or pink ombre blush. Wonder if the gloss and lipstick pictured is a new one or not.


Wish more people would post the other looks that were done at the training session!




I also came across a picture that a TF SA from Holt Renfrew in Vancouver posted and I can see that she has the new illuminator, an ombre blush, and the new powder foundation. Her name is Sarah...perhaps someone here from Vancouver buys from that TF counter and can ask for swatches, size descriptions, and prices from her? And she was at the LA training session too so perhaps she has pics she would be willing to share of the event with her customers. 


My SA is going on training July 23 so I'm sure she will snap a few pics for me Smiley Happy


Re: Tom Ford Updates

Expect an "exfoliator" coming sometime soon in the men's collection Smiley Wink

Re: Tom Ford Updates

It looks like a set of three Lips and Boys from the last release will be a part of the Nordstrom sale coming up.


The three shades included are: 

- Flynn

- Giacomo

- Alejandro


The sale starts now for Nordstrom cardholders and the 17th for everyone else.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I just pre-ordered illuminating duo and cheek ombre in plum with my SA. She said the bronze shade probably won't show up unless you have very pale skin. Also, all 50 lips and boys will be coming to Canada after Christmas (like on Dec.26th lol).

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