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Tom Ford Updates

Tom Ford Updates 

updated 10/16


New 40 Lipsticks for sale (US): 





New 50 Lips and Girls for sale (US): 


Holiday Soliel Collection, 2017 



Available Now at Neiman Marcus: 

Holiday Soliel Palette: Violet Argente

 Orchid Soliel Collection:

Available on Tom Ford Direct: 
1 lipstick: Orchid Soleil
1 Highlighter: Nightbloom- Soliel

Wow That's alot of products! I went to my Toronto locatio...

Wow That's alot of products! I went to my Toronto location a while back and they too expanded their inventory for TF but not quite this size. They had the additional 20% off days too so I grabbed a couple of the blushes..need to go back!

Re: Wow That's alot of products! I went to my Toronto locatio...

Fellow Torontonian here! I just looked into this CCO thing-  didn't know it existed or that we had one. What are there prices like?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

@KateLovesYSL  Excellent find! I like the TF Palettes because "the coordinated look" is already done for you! Easy to travel with. Soleil Warm is gorgeous (really nice one with shimmery gold/bronze/coral), then Soleil D'Ambre (burgundy/bronze/taupe/sparkle), and then Solar Exposure (more gleaming and light glowy look, pearly eye-shadows, silvery highlighter, less-pigmented blush). I may even pick up Violet Argente if found on sale (if you like pink/purple look). The Winter Cool palette is nice if you like cooler eye shadows (two pink/lavender shades are topper only and the other two are grey-leaning shadows that was too grey for me), but the highlighter is divine and pretty pink blush (similar to Wicked and Biacoastal)! As you can see if the colors work for you, one different palette for each day! Smiley Very Happy

Reflects Gilt is beautiful and my favourite of the highli...

Reflects Gilt is beautiful and my favourite of the highlighter duos. of the eye and cheek palettes, I have Warm, Soleil d'Ambre, and Violet Argente (the Sonia G. builder brush grabs the violet shade and applies it beautifully). I tend to use them more than the quads. That said, I don't think you need all. 😊

Re: Reflects Gilt is beautiful and my favourite of the highli...

@TraceyEB  Thanks for the excellent brush tips and recommendations! What brush do you use with Reflex Gilt? I thought Reflex Gilt would be too dark for me from the swatches. If it is working for you, then I may have to try. Do you like the TF Moodlight highlighter and any issue with the whiter color showing up on the skin (too subtle)? Thank you.

Re: Tom Ford Updates

This is the CCO I shop at!  Small world. Smiley Happy. I just got Reflects Gilt from Sephora and it's GORGEOUS.  If you can get it at a discount, do it!!

Re: Tom Ford Updates

I was so busy this week that I didn't get a chance to  finalize an order for frostfire and had both the quad and the eyeliner in my cart. Just went to order it and the price of the eyeliner was back to full price 

I'm pretty disappointed the promo for that ended without notice because I love the one I got when I ordered Daydream. 


For the Canadians:

I saw a deal posted on Redflagdeals that said if you download the PayTM app ( iOS or android) , you get 10K pts you can redeem for $10 in gift cards to various places--including Sephora! 

I downloaded the app and signed up ( don't need to give them your credit card info at all) and was able to immediately order the $10 sephora gift card which I used towards frostfire.

Since i redeemed a $100 reward card as well, the quad was only $11 out of pocket! Yayyyy!!

I don't feel so bad that the lavender shade sucks at this price.



RE: Tom Ford Updates


RE: Tom Ford Updates

Swatches of the two Radiant perfecting powders

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

Gilt looks similar to a certain coveted limited edition Channel highlighter. May need to investigate further.

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

Hi @Mochapj,


How beautiful! I think I need the Gilt. Thank you for sharing. 



Re: Tom Ford Updates


 I just saw the glow drops and radiant perfecting powders are up on Beautylish. Does anyone know if Sephora might be getting these too? I snagged one of the $100 rewards a week ago and might want to spend it on TF if Sephora gets them!


ETA: Don’t know why I have a spoiler tag in my post, but can’t get rid of it...

Re: Tom Ford Updates

Picked up African Violet and Leopard Sun, could not resist those two. Still unsure of how to incorporate the purple in AV.

Grabbed the liquid liner too, hopefully it'll work with my crazy oily lids

Tom Ford Updates

Gal on my bare face in bad light. I like the color and shine it settled in my lip lines a little but nothing crazy. It smelled a little off which suprised me anyone else notice that with the new girls and boys?

Re: Tom Ford Updates

@moxiepancakes I haven’t noticed it with any of the boys or girls I bought this season but I did notice it with the London Suede satin matte I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve always had brown/beige nude shades be the  ones that have turned but it seemed odd to me that a brand new lipstick would already be turning 

RE: Tom Ford Updates

Looks like this is the entirety of the Winter Soleil collection. Guess there aren’t any cream shadow duos this time.

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

@Mochapj @lachaton Me three!! Cream duos was a product that I think he does with perfection and some of mine need replacing.  Patiently (eagerly..) waiting Tom Ford...

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

Sad to see a cream eyeshadow isn't included! Those are always some of my favourite Tom Ford products. 


Still, I'm looking forward to some of the new products (mostly the glow drops!)

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

@lachaton I’m curious about the drops but want to see them in person.


I watched a few videos of SA using them and they look very viscous so I’m not sure what I’d personally use them for (not preferring cream products and not wearing foundation that I could mix them into) 

RE: Tom Ford Updates

I ended up going back to my counter on Monday to pick up African Violet because I couldn’t stop thinking about that orange shade. It’s a perfect terracotta orange.


I wore it yesterday as well, so I thought I’d share some swatches and photos.


I placed the orange all over the lid, used the brown to deepen my outer v and crease, blended the violet into my inner crease and lower lashline and patted the gold into my tearduct.

Re: RE: Tom Ford Updates

@Mochapj  beautiful look on you!

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