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The Valentino Beauty Thread

Now that Valentino beauty products are popping up on the Sephora website and app, we thought it would be a good time to start a thread dedicated to the brand. Please share your swatches and thoughts on the products here!



Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@faeriegirl  Wow!  Happy for you!  That palette looks gorgeous on the people I've seen it on on YouTube.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

It looks lovely @faeriegirl! Exciting that you could get it!

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@faeriegirl Thx you for the swatches. The palette looks pretty. Do you like it?

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@blackkitty2014  I do like it. The shadows are very buttery and smooth and the packaging is nice. I wouldn’t purchase one on my own, I think it’s overpriced.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@faeriegirl Omg it looks so pretty. 😍

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Thanks for the swatches, @faeriegirl !  Definitely not my colors.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Thanks for the swatches @faeriegirl ! What do you think of the palette and the brow pencil so far?

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@makeitup305  The brow trio is really nice and easy to use, it’s just too dark for me. I tried it anyway and the pen is great for drawing natural looking brow hair and the pencil was great for filling them in. If they offered a lighter shade I would try it. The palette is really neat it’s just way overpriced. The shadows are buttery and they do blend well. It’s not one I would buy on my own.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Thanks for the info @faeriegirl. Yeah, the palette isn’t something I’d go for, I don’t think, but a good eyebrow product is always a plus. Hopefully they come out with more shades at some point!

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread





Top to bottom- 
Blush 2- Very Rose
Full size case satin 300R Born in Roma
Minis - satin 22R Rosso Valentino and 
213R Sensuous Red
Refills - satin 212R Dangerous Crimson (love!)
221R satin Red Show
223R matte Lyrical Red


Lips in Mini round satin 100 Roman Grace
305 satin Nightfall Rebel (love) 
501R satin Amethyst Adventurer 
Mini square in 217R satin Ethereal Red


Lip 502R matte Blessing in Disguise ( one of my favs) 
Eye2Blush in 1 Born in Rosa and
2 Very Rose


Primer / Highlighter in Rosa

Here is basically a study in reds 😂🤦🏻‍♀️. Like most of the line considering the designer I imagine 😊.  I’ve had these since August I think so I’ve given them a fair amount of time to try. 2 lips came broken so they went back but I swatched them anyway. Lips and eye2cheek have very faint scent almost nothing. Citrus floral. The Eye2cheek is soft, buttery and powdery but not too much. Lasting as well. Highlighter has faint floral scent and is not sticky at all, dries down well and really pretty glow. The lips have varying degrees of pigment and I have some def favs. Satins feel smooth tho the brighter reds tend to move around a bit more. I prefer the mattes as they are not dry matte at all vs a semi matte for sure. They feel super light yet last and no drag at all. Very comfy.  All can have the prettiest translucent blotted effect with light stain. None sit on the lip at all. They melt in beautifully!

I was pretty overwhelmed by the names and formulas and then to do mini, refill or regular so I got them in a few stages! 😂

I decided to get a few large and then basically refills once I saw the minis because they are the same price as refills. Think I also did a mini bec it turned out to be one of my fav shades and wanted it for a little handbag. Packaging is lightweight except for the full size lip which is medium in weight.


Hope this helps anyone interested in the line. Most all of mine are cool toned and neutral except for 217R which is more of a rust. (The round mini 100R was a freebie with order.) The shadows and glitter pots were pretty also. Shadows a bit stiffer in the quads. Glitter took a bunch to show up. I took a few pics in Bloomies and can also find those. 😊

@txcatx @makeitup305 @itsfi @blackkitty2014 @Ispend2much6 @curlychiquita @WinglessOne I’m sure I missed some folks, forgive! 




Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom  I have been avoiding this thread as this poor Canadian do not have access 😞 but boy do those swatches look amazing!

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Oh I so get it @ChristalM ! That’s so unfair when that happens. I see lines we don’t have in the states and it’s so frustrating! Happy holidays to you my lippie friend! 🥰

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom Thanks you! Happy holidays to you as well 🙂

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom I almost bought Red Show and talked myself out of it. Now I am kicking myself these are soooo pretty! Maybe for my birthday lol.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

That would be a terrific lippie to gift yourself @niki172 ! Go for it! 😘

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Thx you so much @Sunnysmom for all the eye candies 🍭. It’s gonna hard to pick a lipstick to try out because they’re all so pretty 😍 A red and a nude maybe ….

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

That sounds about right @blackkitty2014 ! 😘

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom Thank you! Was not sure of which lipstick to get from the pictures but think I’m going to try the Rosso Valentino mini! It looks gorgeous. 

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

That is a beautiful choice @lnum ! Love to hear what you think when you try it! 💞

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom I can tell you already I’ve never met a red I don’t love. 😅

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Yay @lnum ! Yup I’m almost in that club too! 💄❤️

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