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The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸ‘‘

Here's a thread where we can discuss new and upcoming releases, share swatches, and post any other information pertaining to the Lipstick Queen brand. 

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Updated 4/13!


Recent releases:

Reign & Shine Lip Glosses ($20):


Bestow your lips in crown-worthy color with Lipstick Queen's regally-glamorous Reign & Shine Lip Gloss. Featuring 6 ultimate shades, each providing a beautiful, non-sticky, buildable sheer hint of color coupled with ravishing crushed golden pearls that give your lips lustrous, brilliant shine.

With an enriched, super-hydrating formula, lips become nourished and conditioned, while sodium hyaluronate plumps and defines for the illusion of a fuller pout, securing the throne as true lip gloss royalty.

The applicator becomes your royal scepter as you glide on gorgeous, golden-laden, shimmering color, with a comfortable, non-sticky finish that's fit for a Queen!

Baroness of Bare (sheer, nude w/ neutral undertones)
Empress of Apricot (sheer pop of peach w/ warm undertones)
Ruler of Rose (sheer, petal pink w/ warm undertones)
Mistress of Mauve (soft, subdued mauve w/ neutral undertones)
Countess of Cocoa (sheer, neutral chocolate brown)
Monarch of Merlot (sheer, buildable berry w/ blue undertones)

Blue By You ($25):


Emanating the free-spirited glamour of the 70’s, Lipstick Queen’s Blue By You Lipstick is a playful tribute to the lavish glitz of the decade, with a modern twist. Evolving the iconic transformer collection, luxe Blue By You is a soulful indigo blue that transforms into a metallic raspberry pink.

Enriched with Shea Butter, Mango Butter and antioxidant Vitamin E, lips are left soft and hydrated, while the sheer, shimmering finish provides easy-to-wear, comfortable, long-lasting color. Reminiscent and iridescent, Blue By You encourages us all to get out in the center of the dance floor, and strut our stuff.

Starting as a bold, soulful blue, the color transforms into a flattering, metallic raspberry pink that perfectly captures the medley of glistening magic within a disco ball, transforming you into a dancing queen in one swipe.

Saint and Sinner Plum ($24):


Both lipsticks are described as a "Glamorous Blackberry Hue."

Saint formula details:
Designed for when you just want a tint of super flattering color. Each easy to wear shade contains 10% pigment, giving just a hint of long-lasting color. Build the shade for a more dramatic yet casual approach to glamour.

Sinner formula details:
Poppy designed Sinners to be the ultimate full-coverage matte lipsticks with 90% pigment.
The Sinner formula takes creaminess to a whole new level. The formulation glides on, lasts beautifully and feels great on the lips. Each shade has been meticulously designed to be the ultimate in its category - lighting up your face and your mood!

Dating Game Lipstick ($24):


What it is: A lipstick available in flirtatious shades that are vying to win your heart.

What it does: Lipstick Queen invites you to take a chance and play the dating game. Choose between full-coverage, creamy, pink suitors all with a rich, silky and polished finished. Nourishing shea butter and vitamin E combine for beautifully conditioned lips.

Mr. Right Now – a high-impact pink with cool blue undertones
Mr. Right – an upbeat, vibrant, bright rosy pink with a hint of cherry coral
Good Catch – a soft pink with warm undertones and a rosy blush finish
Bad Boy – a shocking pink with cool berry undertones

Past releases: 

Limited Edition Famous Last Words Cheers ($24):
Girls Will Be Boys ($25)
Noire Metal & Cake Metal ($24)
Altered Universe Lip Gloss ($22)
Nothing But Nudes
Mornin' Sunshine ($25):
Famous Last Words ($24):
Lipstick Chess ($24):
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Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

Ohhhhh - I'll have to try this!!! <3   @ZombieMetroAnt

Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

Two new shades in The Metals lipstick collection - Noire Metal and Cake Metal.



Noire Metal:



Cake Metal:



I wonder if Cake Metal would be a good alternative to LQ's Let Them Eat Cake lipstick. A lot of people have complained about the latter's gritty texture. 

Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

Ohhhh I wonder how it would compare too! I love the Cake Metal! On my list it goes Smiley Very Happy Thx @lmi82

Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

These are beautiful!   Yeah, I have Let Them Eat Cake - super expensive and gritty, but the color is lovely!  I don't use it much, though...  @lmi82

Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

Oh man, these look absolutely gorgeous!  Thanks @lmi82 for posting....

oh man noire metal is soooo pretty 😍. Thanks for posting...

oh man noire metal is soooo pretty 😍. Thanks for posting @lmi82 - there's a good chance I wouldn't have seen this one.

Re: oh man noire metal is soooo pretty 😍. Thanks for posting...

No problem, @niki172. I agree that Noire Metal is really pretty. It's a perfect holiday shade, too. 

Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

New lipstick from Lipstick Queen. It looks interesting. I hope it actually does what it says.

I'd hate for this to be another makeup gimmick. 


Here's article from Teen Vogue about the lipstick:


It's too much of a pain to screenshot the whole thing, so hopefully the link shall suffice. 


ETA: Looks like this lipstick will only be found on Lipstick Queen direct and Barneys:


Re: The Lipstick Queen Thread! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ πŸ‘‘

I want this one too!!! 😜

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

Swatches of Mornin' Sunshine via Temptalia.




Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

Just got a mini of this in a gwp, and I have to say I'm not that impressed with her color changing stuff, at least not on me. I swatched this a couple of months ago on the back of my hand, and it turned so bright I'd almost call it neon...but on my lips, it's barely noticeable. Same goes for Frog Prince and Hello Sailor...they just don't do anything for me. I really wanted to love them, but sadly, I don't. πŸ˜•


I do have some other stuff of hers that I love though, so hope is not lost on the brand lol πŸ˜€

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

Oh, no! I'm sorry that LQ's color changing lipsticks haven't worked for you, @RGbrown. Smiley Sad Those types of products can be really hit or miss. I haven't tried any of them because of that issue.  

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!


Yeah, they can definitely be hit or miss. I have an old Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker lipgloss that works wonders.. turns a nice soft bubblegum pink on me, so I was excited to try the LQ version and bought mini sets for me and my sisters last year. I find it funny that the cheapo drugstore version suits me better...matches my cheapskate personality better I guess lol πŸ˜…

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

So pretty! This is on my list of things to get eventually. 

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

Color me intrigued!  Since I have Frog Prince, Hello Sailor and Black Lace Rabbit, I think I need to add this to my collection! Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Queen Thread!

I don't have frog prince but I have the other 2... I soo want this one too! Should also look into getting frog prince Smiley Very Happy

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