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The GIVENCHY Thread.

givenchy is one of the luxury beauty brands that has a firm place in my heart. my first luxury lipstick (rouge interdit in 'pretty rose') was givenchy, and i treasured it. 


i'm not exactly on top of 'new releases' as such (though of course i'll share here as i stumble upon news), but i wanted to create a space for my fellow Givenchy beauty lovers !


here are 2 dated adverts from 2011 but i lovvvve them and and find them apt for the brand:




Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

image.jpegHoliday palette and lipstick at Barneys



Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

They also have the Prisme Libre @lipstick4soul!

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Thanks! I was hoping for that too. 

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

IMG_2442.JPGSwatches of the holiday quad

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Pretty! How do you like it @Mochapj?

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

I do @veronika23! The mustard yellow gold, especially.  The formula is very dense and gel like, similar to MUFE i'd say.


I wore it friday and it doesn't photograph as beautifully as IRL but here it is - all shades used: copper and bronze on lid, gold inner corner, rose gold lower lashline.


Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Thanks @Mochapj Smiley Happy Pretty! It's on my loves list but unsure still if I will be getting it... I really want the PM stuff and I've been spending a bit too much lol

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

This is a classic beauty look. I love it! I put this on my love list Smiley Happy

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

New for spring


Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

looks like everyone is bringing back 'juicier' lip products in the spring. i still like a matte lip but i saw a direct correspondence with the rise of instagram makeup 'looks' and the matte lip craze; it doesn't always translate to real world chicness (or comfort). 


suuuuuuuper interested in that black/red lipstick of course !

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Pre-order at Barneys NY


Givenchy L'atelier Coffret.png


And there's a GWP


Givenchy GWP Barneys.png

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Hello. I just got Givenchy Heroic Pink and wanted to compare it to a few similar ones I own. (Double posted here and Swatch thread.)


Comparisons from top to bottom:

  • Tom Ford Didier
  • Buxom Menace
  • Nars Fanny
  • Givenchy Heroic Pink


First photo is indoors, second is outdoors:





I think Givenchy Heroic Pink is a bit darker and more purple (and less red or pink) than Nars Fanny, but I'm not sure there's much of a difference.

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Thank you! I already have Fanny, and this definitely is a close enough dupe that I really don't need both.

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Just wanted to update this thread with the news that some of the new Givenchy spring collection is available for pre-order at Saks. I had to get that adorable mini powder!



Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that cheek gel. i think it would be a straight up blush on me, but i think that's GORGEOUS !

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

The gorgeous, limited edition marbled lipstick is at Saks!



Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

I am so excited for the Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons Summer 2017 Collection! I really want to pick up both of the LE lipsticks with the pale blue-green leather cases. I have heard they are due to be released around April, but does anyone know of a more specific release date?

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

If there is one @veronika23 would post it on the spring 2017 thread. 


Escentual has the bronzer now. I read on British Beauty Blogger the lipsticks sold out pretty much immediately. 

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

@eadelaide1@lipstick4soul  All I've seen right now for North America is April. No date Smiley Sad

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

Thanks @veronika23! I'll be stalking this collection for sure!! Smiley Happy

Re: The GIVENCHY Thread.

@lipstick4soul@eadelaide1  I'll try and keep an eye out for this too!

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