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The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Unless I’m mistaken, we don’t yet have a thread dedicated to this amazing brand and Founder/CEO, Danessa Myricks. She launched her line at Sephora in February 2021. I have been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from her brand! I have been following her on Instagram for many years prior to that and was so excited for her to come to my favorite beauty retailer, Sephora. As a makeup artist, she always seems so genuine, warm and positive, and her line was founded on inclusivity and creativity.


On her website, she has instructional videos, some free and some for subscribers or purchase. She does incredible looks with color, but I’ve always been impressed with her complexion looks on all skin colors, tones, and textures. I started following her when I was working part time as a makeup artist at Sephora and I wanted to become more familiar with makeup colors on darker skin tones.


My first purchases from her line were the Colorfix pigments, which can be used anywhere, can be mixed together, and are incredibly versatile. They come in mattes and shimmers/foils in a massive range of colors. Most recently I have absolutely fallen in love with herDanessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments . It is a phenomenally stunning palette with shades that are guaranteed to turn heads!


Even though I’ve even on a foundation no buy, I couldn’t resist her Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Serum Foundationand Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide .


I’ve added a pic of my current DM collection below. I’m missing a couple items from this pic, so I’ll update once I have everything together. 


So, please join me in sharing your loves and observations and pics from this great beauty line! Please post here and tag me if you catch announcements of any beauty releases or other news!


DM Sephora Brand Page:



From the DM Website:





Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@sister13 sorry you're still struggling so much with logging in. My issues have gotten better as long as I do the workaround but it's still annoying. Hopefully they get resolved soon.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@sister13, ugh the log in issue...hoping it ends someday.


Haha, I don't remember the exact palette, so I had to Google it, but I remember the outrage 😂.  It makes you wonder when it's being conceptualized what didn't pass.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I actually loved the *Daydream* Kirsten UD cross over lol. 😅 but that little palette was nothing like the bigger one I think you guys are referring too. @sister13 

@danielledanielle it would be something to see, the designs that didn't make the cut, for humor and for pure curiosity.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu, heh, the 5 pan isn't the one.  The palette in question reminds me of those toys where you have to place the geometric shapes in the right hole 😅

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@danielledanielle  I wish I could swatch this one in-store to see the multichromes in person. Based on Danessa’s swatch photos, I’m not sure how different they really are from the multichromes in Lightwork III and IV, or even V. Of course part of me wants to buy this palette regardless, but I’m supposed to be on a low-buy this year. Then again, I do have another Rouge Reward waiting to be used. Hmm. 


The pan layout doesn’t bother me at all. But the interior design printed on the case does: if the hearts were each just one color, then the overall design wouldn’t interfere with the way I see each shade. If I buy this, I’ll be tempted to paint over parts those hearts. 😂 I love the exterior design as is, though. 


We’ll have to see if Danessa does any demos soon with this palette. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oooh, okay @WinglessOne .  That helps to know about duplicity, I'll have a look at those swatches.  That's the one thing about the lightworks Lightwork III that stymies me, the shifts can be similar or very cool toned so when I try to blend them, or doing something graphic, it looks kind of muddy.  The exception is her Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner ; I can mix the colors and it looks okay.  The point on these are soooo nice and fine.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@danielledanielle I tend to avoid black based multichromes for this reason. If I do use them, I tend to just put a shade all over the lid and just blend out the edges softly with a matte shadow but that's not as fun as a graphic or more editorial style look.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@danielledanielle  Those eyeliners are so good, I have several backups of the shades I know I’ll quickly use up. I’m glad you like them! 


One way to combat muddy multichromes is to apply them over a base of black eyeshadow or liner, similar to the old trick of applying multichrome nail polish over black polish. I don’t usually need to do that on my lids, but if I was doing a graphic liner design, I might apply these eyeliners over a black liner base to really make ‘em pop in various types of lighting since multichromes can look very different depending on lighting. Speaking of different, I wonder if the formulas in this new palette are also in one of the Lightworks; I haven’t checked that yet. That wouldn’t necessarily make up for any shade repetition (don’t know if that’s an issue yet), but still. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Good tip 👍🏽, never thought of tracing with black, that'd at least help with an ombre look, thanks

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

But I have so many questions @danielledanielle 😅😅

Do we know if these are all new colors? When's the release date? I like the whimsical look of this pretty little one. 💕 The negative comments I'm seeing online are so disheartening. I mean, I get it if you don't like it. But there's no need too drag DM's name through the mud over your personal taste.


I saw on IG that it's coming too Sephora's Canadian site and I'm thrilled! 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu I think it's supposed to be $65 and drops 5/21 but not 100% sure.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Ooh thank you for sharing that. The 21st isn't too far off. 😊 @makeitup305 I think CAD pricing will have it at 88$ for us up here. 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Ah, sorry I don't have any deets @CynthieLu , you have more than I do.  I just saw it and thought it was pretty package wise.  I liked the Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes & Face Pride and Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes & Face infinite chrome bi-pri... items she's released in the past, so I figured this will be very much like those.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

That's all I know and this little graphic from Sephora's Page for the Palette @danielledanielle 


I asked some questions online and I'm hoping someone from the brand will see them and respond but I don't expect to hear anything. 

I think this looks so fun! 😊

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

It came in stock yesterday 🤩🤩 


It's soooo velvety you guys! 🤩

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu Is this a brush?? Tell me more please!!

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Happy to @Mellmars1185  🩷

It's a Kabuki brush DM came out with for applying her blurring balms, foundations or tints. I'm sure it has a bunch of other fun uses too. It's very velvety on the bottom and dense. 😍

I used it this morning to apply  my skin tint today and I did enjoy it. I am going to try with her balms tomorrow hopefully and see how it does with them.

She has videos on IG and YouTube you can peak at. It was released last year but *finally* arrived on the Canadian site *happy dance!* I signed up for the restock notice and grabbed it when they got a few in. 🎉


I honestly thought it wouldn't arrive. And maybe it was a error it was on our site. ( Her blush brush was on our site but never came in stock, or my restock link is super broken 🤔)

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Ooohhhhh!! @CynthieLu 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@sister13 And It's already sold out again on our site. I'm so glad the in-stock message came through and I was able to snap it up. 😊🎉🎉

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oh wow, so good you jumped right in it!! @CynthieLu 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Lol I totally did, you snooze you loose 😉😉 @sister13 

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  • Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Liners
  • I lightly finger-diffused the left end of each swatch.
  • 1 Inglot cream shadow and 2 Danessa Myricks cream highlighters.
  • hauls2022-April-13-eyelinerswatch.jpeg
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork vol. III Mini. Couldn’t catch the duochrome shift on some of these swatches very well in my bathroom lighting.
  • faves-2022-Aug-eyeswatch.jpeg
  • The aqua chrome shades will take some playing around to figure out.
  • 73954D0E-983E-426C-BDDF-C584B59001D5.jpeg
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