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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Thread

A thread to discuss existing/upcoming/or new ABH products.


Feel free to ask questions, share swatches, intel on upcoming products, etc, etc.






Re: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Thread

@KatieBT and @volta Thank you both very much for the informative info! It's greatly appreciated Smiley Happy


Re: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Thread

Thanks for this thread, @Mochapj!


Thank you to for the swatches of the new 6-pan palette (the one at the bottom in your pictures--don't know the name).  I was hoping the colors would be light or sheer enough that I could use them as eye shadow brow bone highlighters.  But they look like they might be too bold for that.

Re: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Thread

Hmm, some of them might work for that @Titian06 but I don't think all of them.


I've worn Purple Horseshoe and Blue Moon as highlights so far, and while they apply more sheerly for that, the Purple Horseshoe one has chunky bits of glitter in it.  In both photos they are dusted along the cheekbone.


Purple Horseshoe

Blue Moon
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