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~ Updated Sept 26th 2019 ~

Since the brand is coming to Sephora. I thought I'd start a thread just for the brand for news and info. 


Brand page:




Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Obsessive Opulence: MatteTrance Lipstick

Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Primer

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Powder Brush



Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.27.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.15 AM.png



@Brutalitops I have a Too Faced blush that got an F on Temptalia and I love it (recognizing that it isn't perfect).  You are 100% right that Midnight sun is more everyday wearable than Pat's earlier bigger palette.

You are making me want it now, I must confess, now what do I do (hint, perhaps I should use one of the many other palettes I own, including PMG.  But, of course, no).

Watch it sell out on me before the 20% off ends.


@meganlisa lol that’s my biggest pet peeve, after mulling it over and finally deciding to go for it .... it’s out of stock 😫😭


@Brutalitops been there, done that, so many times...


Jumping in for a second. I’m conflicted also @meganlisa .  I seem to like a few shades in these palettes vs using enough of them so the price doesn’t seem to warrant it. 😞 Need to branch out I guess.( I did get the new small ND gold and like it.) One idea- I bought a few of the PM singles which I like and use more than other $$ sets. Just my 2 cents and you maybe have them too ☺️. @TraceyEB Glad you love the new PM! @blackkitty2014 you crack me up! 😘 


@Sunnysmom, which PM singles do you enjoy? I have one that I found accidentally as I was going through the checkout and quite like it (Rose Venus).


@TraceyEB I only have Divine Mink and Dark Matter , because I also have several of the first larger palettes she did. And  I don’t use enough of the vivid shades in them . I should. I love and use Divine Mink quite a bit. The Rose looks pretty as does Celestial I thought tho it’s probably in a palette and I don’t remember! 🙄 


@Sunnysmom, thanks for the shades names, will look them up! I didn't know you had some large ND eyeshadow palettes. My venture into vibrant shades is CT's Icon palette and certain Suqqu palettes though they're quite wearable. I prefer to spruce up a look via a top coat of some sort. 🙂


Wait did I say ND @TraceyEB ? I have Pat M only in the larger ones. Mothership 1 etc. In ND I have the new mini gold and one other small one. No large. Very intense lol. Same as you with some CT!! Wish I had Suqqu , still haven’t dipped my toe in! They have to be wearable for me also. I spend way too much on lippies to spend a lot on shadows!!😳🤣


@Sunnysmom I have a few of the PMG palettes and like them.  I favor the large ones over the minis but also find that the larger ones contain more "editorial" shades.  I wear that sort of a look and they are lovely.  I swatched Midnight sun in store and it is very lovely and more "basic," which begs the question of whether I want to pay so much.  I did swatch it next to two of the new hourglass singles shades and liked the hourglass better than the similar shades in the PMG.

So, for the price, I will get input from BIC before buying.  Thanks for weighing in!


Oooo @meganlisa what did you think of the hourglass singles? It’s a lot of glitter for me but it’s also a single so I’ve been intrigued anyway 


@Brutalitops I love the Hourglass singles.  Yes, a lot of glitter or shimmer but they are utterly stunning.  I am slowly collecting them all and am disappointed that the holiday set includes 2 I already have (along with one exclusive).  But they are pricey so I get them when there is a sale.  


Oh right @meganlisa I recall you saying you had them. They are so pretty and yes probably quite editorial driven. Good for you to use those! I need to try. I’m so unadventurous. Very boring. lol. Midnight Sun is the first large one to tempt me lately because it does look quite wearable. Do let me/ us know if you get it and what you think! It is a lot money wise. I’ll probably wait for the next Sephora sale if I do get it. It is so good to get varying opinions. Interesting you like the Hourglass better. Less or more shimmer/ sparkle you think? Sparkle isn’t usually my friend unless super subtle. 🙂 

@meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@meganlisa, I ordered Midnight Sun because it looked versatile, and I expect to get many everyday looks from it. I also like PMG's eyeshadow formula, and when using a PMG palette, wonder why I buy eyeshadow from other brands (well, except for CT).  The palette lost some cache by not having any special shades.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB  I'm also doing a lot of Natasha D.  Those shadows work on me.

But, agreed, PM is amazing and I am a collector.  As much as I like the eyeshadow, the lipstick is my favorite of the brand's products.  That and Chanel - best lips ever.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@meganlisa, I haven't tried a PMG lipstick, perhaps I should research for the Sephora sale. I've dabbled in ND eyeshadow (the Camel palette and one or two of the smaller ones) but not a large palette though I've considered the Gold palette more than once. Do you have a favourite or two that you'd recommend?

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEBI just got my first PMG palette a week ago so take this with a grain of salt- but Natasha Denona is still my favorite from a formula perspective. I think her shades/ textures are more intuitive though some of the types definitely have a smidge of a learning curve. I also like how effortlessly her shimmers build, PMG's take a little more work. I do think PMG's mattes more reliably/ effortlessly blend out- but I'm basing that on a sample size of 3 vs probably 25 for ND.


I love the Safari too (one of those with the learning curve), but I also love the cool neutrals in the Lila and I use my mini Star every week at least once. That teeny palette is my desert Island makeup. My biggest problem with ND, and the reason I don't own more of her stuff, is that it seems like 75% of her neutrals are super orangey or red and they look utterly terrible on me. If the shade range were better for me, I'd own all of her stuff.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@Brutalitops, really appreciate hearing your experience using ND eyeshadows and what you like about them. I'm a novice of both brands - my ND purchases have been the cheek palettes (mini duos, quads, and one 6-pan) and a few small eyeshadow palettes while with PMG, my purchases have been 2 small palettes, 2 large palettes, and a rogue single (Rose Venus) that I spied in the checkout lane. I'll make my way to Sephora in Mayfair to see the larger eyeshadow palettes in person. I shy away from orangey-red, vibrant pinks, and cranberry shades as I can't really pull them off. I've been investing in Suqqu eyeshadows over the past year and find the tones they use, even in shades I don't usually prefer, combine beautifully on the eyes. The colour scheme in their palettes is also quite different and refreshing from what I typically buy. 🙂

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB I’ve seen Suqqu mentioned a couple times here in the BIC and I’m curious about it, where is it sold? Like I could find their website but I was wondering if there’s anywhere I could see there stuff- it looks gorgeous.


And yeah, ND’s shade choices just frustrate me. Like the whole sunset palette is basically one big “nope” and after that huge warm palette she makes a Purple+ hot pink palette. I like the Lila and use it but IMO it would have been more unique and infinitely more cool/desirable if she’d gone purple/blue. It’s like she put all the shades I like most into those mega $200+ palettes and then decided to just never do them ever again 🤷‍♀️. I’m excited to see where they’re headed now that she’s doing the midi size now though. If she made a midi version of the 28-pans I’d probably buy both 

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@Brutalitops, Suqqu is not sold on the US or Canada, so nowhere to see it. I buy Suqqu from the dept store Selfridges in the UK and buy the annual international shipping service to support multiple orders a year of Suqqu and other brands. There's a BIC Suqqu thread to keep up with releases and swatches. Also, @Mochapj recently completed "the summer of Suqqu" on her IG  where she swatched and wore Suqqu eyeshadow and blush releases in her vast collection, which is a tremendous resource. The LE and UK Exclusive releases are quite popular and sought after. It has quickly become a preferred brand for me because the mix of eyeshadow shades, especially, is different from what we see from established brands.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

Interesting @TraceyEB, I’ll have to check it out 

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB  The PMG lip formula is perhaps my favorite.  I like both the Lux and the Matte (I like the sheers too but they aren't as good).  Valetta and Se*trology are my favorites lately (I've been doing the lights), along with Omi and Flesh 3.  The last two are in one of the mini sets!

Regarding ND- I have fallen in love with the shadows.  They are so easy and wearable.  I love Safari (not everyone does) and Sunset the most.  I also got Lila, Star and Gold (crazy right).  They are all good so the "best" is the one you will wear.  I like to use them as a base then add a little sparkle (usually from hourglass, PMG or tarte).  Let me know if you get anything, please!!!


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