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~ Updated Sept 26th 2019 ~

Since the brand is coming to Sephora. I thought I'd start a thread just for the brand for news and info. 


Brand page:




Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Obsessive Opulence: MatteTrance Lipstick

Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Primer

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Powder Brush



Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.27.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.15 AM.png



@hersheykisseslv @WinglessOne Reviews are starting to come out on the Mega palette and I'm feeling underwhelmed. It just looks kind of flat? I think there's only 2 of the more sparkly metallics which is kind of disappointing (for my taste). The 5-pan palettes are now up on her site. Make note that they're about the same size as the shades from the quads last year (<0.03 oz). 


@makeitup305 I saw some the “reviews” of the palette. I think that most of the people who picked it up either complained that they couldn’t see how to make looks from it (always such a weird comment since the palette may not be for those consumers) or didn’t like that their were no special shadows (I’m not sure why people assume that those will be in every palette when the only ones to consistently have them are the Motherships). I haven’t heard anyone say that the palette didn’t perform well. I think the palette is nice and I may pick it up on a sale, since I try to avoid buying makeup full price. I also think think that because the mattes are so bold it was probably intentional not to have bold shimmers. The 5 pans seem to fill some of the gap, all though the color stories seem a little basic. 


I also don’t understand how other brands get away with throwing together a slightly different version of the same color stories and PM is always getting such negative feedback especially this time with doing something different. I also noticed the matte to shimmer ratio was updated in this palette so it looks like the brand took feedback not only in the color story.


@hersheykisseslv  One reason PMG gets negative feedback on repeat color stories: some folks (myself included) expect more from Pat than we do from most other brands, because Pat McGrath is famous for her editorial makeup looks. Urban Decay, for instance, can release a thousand more neutral/beige Naked palettes (and they probably will 🤣) and I wouldn't care because I don't expect much else from UD—not since that brand lost its edge sometime in the 2000s. (I'm also not a fan of UD's eyeshadow formulas, but that's another topic.) I worry that Pat's brand is also losing its edge, and I'm not alone there. 


Eh, UD's not a fair comparison in terms of shadow quality... let's use Natasha Denona as another example. She's surprised me with some of her palette color stories. Her latest palette doesn't speak to me because I've seen it from her before. But while PMG's been stuck in pinks and roses, ND's released things like Circo Loco, Pastel, and Triochrome. I'm not even a fan of Triochrome (too many pastel mattes for me), but I appreciate the color story's uniqueness among ND's palette roster. 


I haven't heard negative feedback on this Mega palette yet but, to be fair, I haven't read/watched any detailed reviews either. I like the palette, and I assume some other folks would agree with me that this is closer to what we expect Pat to release. I just don't need to buy it because I think I can dupe it. I said the same thing about a couple of ND palettes I passed up. 🤷‍♀️ But I'm glad Pat's finally giving folks several colorful mattes in one palette and not relying so much on pinks this time. 


@WinglessOne While I agree that she does do editorial looks, Pat and her team have shown how to achieve those looks with every palette she releases. I think the products she releases match her aesthetic of the brand even though it's not what people are asking for. I wonder how well the last Mothership sold and how this mega palette will sell. Despite many people saying that it's the same old palette (her releases), people are still buying them. I hope her team is looking at feedback not only from sales. 



@hersheykisseslv  True, you can get an editorial look from any Mothership. Heck, I could create an editorial look using any of Natasha Denona's more sedate (to me) palettes, like Glam or Biba. I guess my point was that some of us expect a makeup artist known for editorial looks—especially an artist who's not afraid of bold color—to release a better variety of color stories than Pat has for the last 4 Motherships. I usually say "if ANYone can get away with releasing an 'unconventional' or 'less safe' palette, it's Pat McGrath." Based on those last Motherships, it feels like the PMG's either afraid to leave the safety of pink/rose* or changing the overall feel and expectations of the brand, if that makes sense. 


Kinda like Lady Gaga's brand. When Haus Labs first launched, it had a very different feel that was closer to folks' expectations. The rebrand feels... off. There could be very good reasons for the rebrand: maybe the previous look/feel didn't speak to enough customers; or, perhaps it's a simple case of changing the brand image to something that attracts the most customers to make the most money. I'm not a fan of her music, so I'm not one of the folks who'll buy from her brand just for the sake of her involvement. But from what I've read and heard from various reviewers and customers, the Haus Labs rebrand feels like a big disconnect. 


Pat McGrath's brand isn't at that stage. But all the consecutive pink/rose palettes, along with the "safe" color range of her latest lipstick line (maybe she wants to see how that line sells before committing to widen the range, I dunno), kinda feels like a disconnect to some of us. At one point, I wondered if Pat had sold the brand and a new parent company was shifting the brand's direction. I know Pat personally loves rose, but good grief. Natasha Denona and Danessa Myricks have been filling the void I've felt from PMG. That's why I'm so glad to see this year's Mega palette in all its colorful glory, even if I'm not buying it for myself. 



*I still wonder if Midnight Sun (one of my favorite palettes) scared the brand away from releasing interesting non-pink-themed Motherships. I'd love to know how that palette sold compared to others. I'd blame Bronze Seduction too if so many people didn't call it their favorite Mothership; that one must've sold very well. 


@hersheykisseslv I’ve seen about four or five reviews/ first impressions. No one said they were bad, on the contrary. I think most people that I watched said that the shimmers and mattes applied very smoothly. I don’t think anyone was expecting Blitz shades. The most common critique that I saw was that the shimmers weren’t special in the sense that they were not very unique or have that interesting twist that PMG is usually known for. They don’t have shifts, there aren’t any duochromes, no extra sparkly shades, etc. I think the quality looks great, and I love that she included more mattes, I just think it’s missing something, at least for me. 


@makeitup305  I feel like there were not many duochromes in Celestial Odyssey either. Celestial Divinity, of course, was really MTHRSHP Dark Galaxy and Galactic Gold repackaged which is why it had them. I actually do like the approach of this palette. 


@hersheykisseslv I hope you love it when you get to pick it up. I’ve been holding out until the November sale for Midnight seduction so maybe I’ll change my mind by then.


Thanks for the heads-up, @makeitup305 ! Yeah, I've decided to pass on the Mega palette: I think I can dupe all those shades via my current collection, especially with Natasha Denona shades. But I do appreciate that this palette contains colorful mattes; that's kinda unusual for a PMG palette. In fact, much of the color story almost reminds me of ND Circo Loco, with some neutral browns, champagnes, and golds thrown in. Circo Loco is one of my favorite palettes, so it's neat to see a PMG version that costs less than that palette (and any Mothership). It'd be fun for folks to play with, especially anyone new to PMG or people who don't like the astral and blitz formulas. I also like that it's got plenty of metallics, though they're not near-blitz style metallics, at least not that I can tell in people's swatches so far. 


I haven't read/watched any reviews yet, but I'll keep an eye out. 


@WinglessOne you prompted me to try and dupe it with ND collection. I did ok, considering I only used my full size palettes, but Circo Loco would’ve come in handy! I don’t have a pink matte and enough light shimmer shades, and the bronze and copper were hard to match but I did my best lol3AF65CA8-C4EC-4647-BB40-A9AD0C236370.jpeg2028E57F-451B-4BCC-9F42-F9363CDD6DE1.jpeg84A84B38-B4C4-4E94-9199-9AA8384EC334.jpeg


@makeitup305  You did a good job! I might actually try this myself later today, once I take a better look at different people's swatches. (Note to self!) 


@WinglessOne I ended up duping the new Bobbi Brown Jadestone and coming close to duping the ND My Dream, as well. I was up so late just covered in sparkle. I definitely want Circo Loco now just so I can add it to my “singles” collection. I want to it to go 50% off, though haha


@WinglessOne I don't Circo Loco but I can see the similarities. I do like that PMG did a more colorful palette this time (and reduced the number of pinks and golds even by just a little) but I can't say I'm not a little disappointed with the finishes. I agree with you- this will be awesome for someone who prefers a smooth metallic over a more glittery or foiled finish. Did you end up picking the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments ? It sold out before I could grab it with a discount today.


P.S. I think PMG is coming out with liquid shadows. I searched "eye" and this showed up a the bottom of the page.



@makeitup305  Oooh, good sleuthing! Liquid shadows will be fun to see. I hope "cosmic chartreuse" will be a true chartreuse instead of an antique gold shade, since the other shades in your search sound like safe golds, champagnes, bronzes, and pinks. 


I did buy Lightwork IV and it's fantastic. I need to play with the 2 "aqua chrome" shades again: I didn't follow Danessa's instructions the first time I swatched them, so they weren't nearly as vibrant as I'd expected. The pressed Chrome Flakes are messy but fun. If Danessa releases a mini of this palette (like she did with Lightwork III), I assume it'll exclude the chrome flake and aqua chrome shades. 


Here are my swatches from the day I got the palette: 

I might do some swatch comparisons with Lightwork III and a couple other brands' duo/multichromes, including a PMG shade.I might do some swatch comparisons with Lightwork III and a couple other brands' duo/multichromes, including a PMG shade.

The only place I know of right now that still has it in stock online is Beautylish. Earlier today, I sent someone there to get it with her gift cards (from Beautylish's last gift card event). 


Oh, and if you have a local Sephora that carries Danessa Myricks, see if the palette's available there. Some of my local Sephora stores still show it as available in-store, so you might still be able to get it with a discount (if you haven't already used your F&F code)! 


@WinglessOne I ended up being able to pick it up and it came today. It's so stunning. Those velvet chromes are sooo impressive! Even compared to other multichromes I have. For the price, I wish the packaging felt a little nicer but from what I hear, pigments for multichromes so I guess compromise is necessary. I did a liner with the aqua chrome today and it worked alright but I tried to do a whole eye look without a base shade and it was tough. I need to play around them some more. I actually like the formula of the flakes, it was not that hard to pick up and less messy than using loose flakes. I'm so happy I got to pick it up. Have you been using it yet?


@makeitup305  Yay, I'm glad you could get Lightwork IV! Yeah, the aqua chromes are more challenging than I expected. I'm used to adding mixing mediums to pressed metallic shadows to get a liquid effect, so I expected a similar result (using plain ol' water, not a mixing medium) with the aqua chromes. But they're less easy for me to work with. I'm still playing with them out of determination. 😄 Even without those 2 shadows, I'm thrilled with the rest of the palette. I've used it a few times so far and it's performed wonderfully, as does mini Lightwork III. 


I don't mind the packaging not being as "lux" as, say, a Mothership's packaging. Heck, I still say I'd be happy if Motherships came in cardboard packaging. And with most indy brands known for their multichromes, you don't even get packaging with the shadows. Before buying Lightwork IV, I priced out the 10 velvet chromes against 10 Clionadh jewelled multichrome singles and the difference in price per gram is just under 20¢ USD—and DM adds 4 other shadows (granted, 2 of them are problematic), plus a package (palette) to hold 'em all. So, I'm very pleased with my purchase. 


Bringing this back around to the thread topic: if Pat McGrath releases a Mothership full of multichromes (or I dunno, maybe 1 or 2 mattes, an astral since so many people love that formula, and then everything else was new duo/multichromes), I will happily buy it. Unless it's an all pink palette again. But even then, if the multi shifts are beyond pink, then count me in, Pat! 


@WinglessOne I was actually surprised at how tricky they are to use, too. I was also surprised the aqua paints didn't work at all with Inglot's Duraline, although I should have guessed. I found the best way so far that I've tried is spraying the pan and the brush and really working it in until it's almost the consistency of a gel liner (or as close as I can get). All over the lid, they need a base shade and then applying a thin layer. I think part of the reason they look patchy on their own is that they have a kind of greyish base and even if you get an even layer it looks uneven when paired with the shift. I don't mind using them like that or as liners, and I'm super thrilled with the other shades. Like you said, the same amount of 10 multichromes at any indie would be practically the same (if not more).

If Pat released something like this I would just keel over lol. I think a quad of blitz multichromes would be the way to go or multichromes with the Decadence formula. I wouldn't even wait for a sale lol


On a side note, have you seen the upcoming Terra Moons collections? Some of those singles are to die for. I recently picked up some to try from them and they have a great formula.


@WinglessOne Your swatches are beautiful! If I didn't pick up similar shadows from Clionadh, I would have loved this palette. It's such a good value for the variety of shadows you get. 


@WinglessOne I have a ton of Sephoras relatively close (within 30 min of each other) and not a single one has it. I have a faint hope they'll restock it before the sale ends but if not, hopefully during BF. Your swatches are amazing, it's definitely top of my list.













Pat McGrath Holiday 2022: The Celestial Nirvana Collection306262722_1936438986698886_3238403909955503260_n.jpeg307475365_1936441410031977_5149091770075541153_n.jpeg


@hersheykisseslv  Just when I thought I'd get through 2022 without buying a PMG eyeshadow palette (Mothership X's an easy pass for me), Pat's about to drop a Mega MTHRSHP that's far more interesting (to me) than her last 2 Motherships. And colored mascara? If it performs as well as her Dark Star mascara, sign me up! 


I wonder if that highlighter's the same formula as Lunar Nude... not all PMG gel powder highlighters feel or perform the same, and Lunar Nude's still my favorite. The holiday one looks very similar and now I wonder if it's an existing shade or brand new. I'll have to look up details. Not that I need another highlighter, but I'm very curious. 


I assume all the lip products are existing shades and formulas, as well as the blush sets. They'd make nice gifts. 

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