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~ Updated Sept 26th 2019 ~

Since the brand is coming to Sephora. I thought I'd start a thread just for the brand for news and info. 


Brand page:




Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Obsessive Opulence: MatteTrance Lipstick

Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Primer

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Powder Brush



Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.27.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.15 AM.png


@meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@meganlisa, I ordered Midnight Sun because it looked versatile, and I expect to get many everyday looks from it. I also like PMG's eyeshadow formula, and when using a PMG palette, wonder why I buy eyeshadow from other brands (well, except for CT).  The palette lost some cache by not having any special shades.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB  I'm also doing a lot of Natasha D.  Those shadows work on me.

But, agreed, PM is amazing and I am a collector.  As much as I like the eyeshadow, the lipstick is my favorite of the brand's products.  That and Chanel - best lips ever.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@meganlisa, I haven't tried a PMG lipstick, perhaps I should research for the Sephora sale. I've dabbled in ND eyeshadow (the Camel palette and one or two of the smaller ones) but not a large palette though I've considered the Gold palette more than once. Do you have a favourite or two that you'd recommend?

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEBI just got my first PMG palette a week ago so take this with a grain of salt- but Natasha Denona is still my favorite from a formula perspective. I think her shades/ textures are more intuitive though some of the types definitely have a smidge of a learning curve. I also like how effortlessly her shimmers build, PMG's take a little more work. I do think PMG's mattes more reliably/ effortlessly blend out- but I'm basing that on a sample size of 3 vs probably 25 for ND.


I love the Safari too (one of those with the learning curve), but I also love the cool neutrals in the Lila and I use my mini Star every week at least once. That teeny palette is my desert Island makeup. My biggest problem with ND, and the reason I don't own more of her stuff, is that it seems like 75% of her neutrals are super orangey or red and they look utterly terrible on me. If the shade range were better for me, I'd own all of her stuff.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@Brutalitops, really appreciate hearing your experience using ND eyeshadows and what you like about them. I'm a novice of both brands - my ND purchases have been the cheek palettes (mini duos, quads, and one 6-pan) and a few small eyeshadow palettes while with PMG, my purchases have been 2 small palettes, 2 large palettes, and a rogue single (Rose Venus) that I spied in the checkout lane. I'll make my way to Sephora in Mayfair to see the larger eyeshadow palettes in person. I shy away from orangey-red, vibrant pinks, and cranberry shades as I can't really pull them off. I've been investing in Suqqu eyeshadows over the past year and find the tones they use, even in shades I don't usually prefer, combine beautifully on the eyes. The colour scheme in their palettes is also quite different and refreshing from what I typically buy. 🙂

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB I’ve seen Suqqu mentioned a couple times here in the BIC and I’m curious about it, where is it sold? Like I could find their website but I was wondering if there’s anywhere I could see there stuff- it looks gorgeous.


And yeah, ND’s shade choices just frustrate me. Like the whole sunset palette is basically one big “nope” and after that huge warm palette she makes a Purple+ hot pink palette. I like the Lila and use it but IMO it would have been more unique and infinitely more cool/desirable if she’d gone purple/blue. It’s like she put all the shades I like most into those mega $200+ palettes and then decided to just never do them ever again 🤷‍♀️. I’m excited to see where they’re headed now that she’s doing the midi size now though. If she made a midi version of the 28-pans I’d probably buy both 

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@Brutalitops, Suqqu is not sold on the US or Canada, so nowhere to see it. I buy Suqqu from the dept store Selfridges in the UK and buy the annual international shipping service to support multiple orders a year of Suqqu and other brands. There's a BIC Suqqu thread to keep up with releases and swatches. Also, @Mochapj recently completed "the summer of Suqqu" on her IG  where she swatched and wore Suqqu eyeshadow and blush releases in her vast collection, which is a tremendous resource. The LE and UK Exclusive releases are quite popular and sought after. It has quickly become a preferred brand for me because the mix of eyeshadow shades, especially, is different from what we see from established brands.

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

Interesting @TraceyEB, I’ll have to check it out 

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB  The PMG lip formula is perhaps my favorite.  I like both the Lux and the Matte (I like the sheers too but they aren't as good).  Valetta and Se*trology are my favorites lately (I've been doing the lights), along with Omi and Flesh 3.  The last two are in one of the mini sets!

Regarding ND- I have fallen in love with the shadows.  They are so easy and wearable.  I love Safari (not everyone does) and Sunset the most.  I also got Lila, Star and Gold (crazy right).  They are all good so the "best" is the one you will wear.  I like to use them as a base then add a little sparkle (usually from hourglass, PMG or tarte).  Let me know if you get anything, please!!!


Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@meganlisa, thank you so much for sharing the ND lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes that you enjoy, and how you use the palettes that you have. Thanks for the link to the mini lipstick sets, too. Lots to check out! I learned today that there is a Sephora within an easy drive that carries the full line, so will put some time aside to visit that store, and spend some time with the ND line, preparing for Sephora's Nov. sale. Will circle back once I do! 🙂

Re: @meganlisa, I ordered it because I expect to get many eve...

@TraceyEB Can't wait to hear your thoughts!  My local Sephora carries both ND and PMG, so I go in to check the new items out before buying .  At the price point, doing so makes sense!


@meganlisa  TBH I really don't like this palette so I won't be buying it. But if you like it and will use it you should get it, especially with 20% off. I'm sure people in the community will have honest reviews. Influencer type reviews are always so bias IMO. They just want more free stuff. It doesn't seem to be LE either so you could also wait for the next sale. 😉


@veronika23 You were an early advocate of the brand...

It isn't so amazing shade wise, but is more wearable than some.  I have so much eyeshadow that I'm on the fence about another one.  I do like to collect PM and am a huge fan.  I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of this palette.

Agreed that BIC is more honest than the influencer reviewers.  I can't believe how many reviews on this palette but then the percentage of actual purchasers seems nominal.  Frustrating.


@meganlisa  this palette was given to ppl via influenster so that's probably why there are so many reviews. TBH I find all that influenster crap cheapens the brand. Since it seems like a perm item there's no rush in getting it right... you can still think about it, maybe wait to see what deals there will be in the next few months... who knows what the Black Friday deals will look like. 😉


@veronika23 Yes, black friday!!!  Of course.

Agreed on influenster.  It is hard to find another review on Sephora's site (and all of the influenster reviews are 5 stars.  Well, almost all.  But they aren't helpful the way the brutally honest BIC community is).  I will wait.  Thanks for the input!


Did you see these?  The lips are not new shades.  And not yet on the PMG site.  These look pretty.



@meganlisa  yeah exactly! xoxox 🖤


Thanks. I did. Thanks! 🙂 The quad with the aqua is pretty! And I like the blue packaging of the lipstick but not sure about the shades...  Christy looks nice but not like I need any of it anyway. 😄


@meganlisa I was weak. I ordered Midnight Sun last night with extra ebates 10% cash back to complete my Mothership collection 😂🤣🤪 I worked late last night and fellt liked I need a treat 🤪 What I need to do is to find me a new job 😘


@blackkitty2014 I will likely break before the 20% off is over and would have bought with the 10% had I looked on BIC in time and seen it.  Let me know your thoughts once it arrives?  I trust you!

I swatched midnight sun in store and liked it but- given I have just spent a lot elsewhere - couldn't justify the price.  Did you get the ND Metropolis?  I've been torn between that and Midnight Sun so have done neither (watch me end up getting both!).

New job?  Someone new would be very lucky to have you.  You will know the right time.


@meganlisa PMG direct shipping is slow and they havent shipped it yet.  I havent bought the ND Metropolis but it is on my list.  However, if i have to choose between the 2, i will go with the ND just because i like those green and blue and i dont think PMG VI is unique enough.  It is beautiful though. I really need to restrict on what i buy since i work from home almost all the days so i dont really need all those makeups 😉 The nice thing about work from home is i can cut down the commute time but then i end up work late, stress myself out and buying all the beauty junks that i dont need. 🙂


@blackkitty2014 I don't work from home, get stressed and buy all of the makeup I don't need.  So, it isn't just you.

This palette is pretty and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.  I think I'm also more focused on the ND (though I'm still undecided with midnight sun being 20% off...tempting....).


@blackkitty2014, PMG shipped my order shipped this morning, so hopefully yours won't be far behind. Update: Arrives on Monday. 🙂

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