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~ Updated Sept 26th 2019 ~

Since the brand is coming to Sephora. I thought I'd start a thread just for the brand for news and info. 


Brand page:




Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Obsessive Opulence: MatteTrance Lipstick

Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Primer

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Powder Brush



Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.27.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.28.15 AM.png



My swatches of Midnight Sun - it’s interesting, I didn’t think so from looking at the pans but once it’s swatched it’s a very primary colour/rainbow kinda palette

@Mochapj, the shades look gorgeous. I can see myself reac...

@Mochapj, the shades look gorgeous. I can see myself reaching for this palette on a regular basis. Really appreciate the swatches!


So I played with Midnight Sun. And I mean played! be nice I'm not a MUA.😜 The \"red\" eye I used vermilion venom (red matte) and surprisingly notmuch of blood moon 005 (red glitter) i used my finger to apply & the pic does not do the shine justice😍 the other eye-I went a lil crazy vermilion venom is in there (outer crease) xtreme dusk is my outer v,taboo is in my crease with wicked envy on my lid. jubilee (gold glitter) is my inner corner & top of the green. skinshow moon glow is my inner for red eye. I didnt use primer and on my top lashes I went in with Too faced Damn Girl (thank you Sephora & @TeamBIC for the gratis) overall, everything played nice -i did have fallout with the glitter & the red matte blended good after a first failed attempt but its not my fave shade but I don't reach for red/pink shades often anyways. But actually playing with it made me feel better about dropping the cash on it. it still wont necessarily be my fave but I got alot to show attention anyways!


Your eye looks are great, @sonnydee!


@sonnydee omg this is awesome!  so much fun to play with a new palette, especially PMG.  Thanks so much for sharing the looks you did as well as first impressions!  Heart  🙂



You created such a pretty look! Thanks for sharing. <333


@sonnydee Thanks for posting the looks.  I am so close to getting this palette but the price is daunting.  I'm still not sure, but your input helps a lot.  So, a strong like but not a love?

@meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

@meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was stronger-more pigmented, less sheer. Maybe it would be different. Vermilion venom (red matte) gives me the most trouble. but even on temptalia she gave it a good grade maybe mine is just being uncooperative or haven't found the right brush....darker skin tone🕵I probably wouldve picked this up with a Rouge reward but 1. they're rare & fleeting these days 2. I want the packaging & shadows to be intact😩so I ordered directly from pat. Not a regret because of that green 😍😘 & shimmers

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

@sonnydee  Hmm, your very helpful review tells me I need to bring my swatch brush with me when I test this palette in person. I wanted to visit my PMG-stocked Sephora today but I’ll have to wait til tomorrow. (They’d better have a Midnight Sun tester available.) I might also put shadow primer on half my arm before I leave home, so I can see how these shadows appear on my deep skin tone with and without help. Aaaaand maybe I’ll bring one of my Fix+ samples with me, so I can try some shimmers with a wet brush. 


I’ll have to explain all that to store SAs/security so I don’t get funny looks. 😂 But honestly, so many brands release the same shades in so many palettes, overall performance ends up selling me on one palette vs. others. Midnight Sun looks gorgeous but if its performance is subpar, then I’ll have to pass on it. 


Also, you did a great job on your 2 looks! 

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

@sonnydee your input is a good example of what works in this community - honesty about the product.  I really appreciate that.  I was so tempted and was weighing this one and ND Metropolis (which I now think I will buy).  I love PM but seemingly this palette is a miss.  Not that it isn't lovely but the competition for $$$ these days is intense, especially with holiday coming up (I am stalking hourglass for the ghost palette and that will be pricey too).

So appreciate it!!!

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

Agree @meganlisa why I appreciate truthful comments also. I struggle with the larger palettes because I just don’t use all the shades enough to justify vs easy daily ones. You are probably better at experimenting with fun colors! There is just so much newness and a person just can’t buy it all.  

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

@Sunnysmom So true that there is just so much newness we can't buy it all!  Sometimes, seemingly, I try.  

But I agree with you on the larger palettes.  Pat McGrath, to me, can be very editorial (the eyeshadow palettes; the lipsticks are more workable overall and perhaps my favorite, along with Chanel).  As you point out, I will use those experimental shades and do, loving them.  But at $125, once you have a number of the prior ones, the cost becomes more painful unless it's a "need." (which happens).  I feel like the Natasha ones are more workhorse gorgeous and easier to use for most people.  I love both, but also have enough shades to round out an uneven palette.

But the Hourglass this year - that is a "need" so I am having to be judicious with the other super palette releases.

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

Yup I hear you @meganlisa . I find myself always reaching for my Chanel quads or CT quads the most. I see everyone using such innovative eye looks and wish I could! I just can’t seem to! lol. It seems like there’s just so much editorial anymore also tho I understand it’s purpose same as in fashion. 

Agree on the Hourglass! I can’t wait! Do we have a release date?! Even the new Dior Backstage shadow looks intriguing. And then Chanel...! Make it all stop right?! 🥰

Re: @meganlisa yea, not one of my favs. if the purple was str...

@Sunnysmom There is a lot coming out..

This is the time of year to really be ruthless in what we buy.  So many great options.

And the editorial or more vibrant stuff comes when we are ready for it.  I love sparkle and shimmer.  Color can be tougher to coordinate.


@sonnydee,, both eye looks are beautiful and perfect for Fall! Hope you enjoy using this gorgeous palette!! (It's on my buy list for the next Sephora sale.)

@TraceyEB 😄 happy you like it all I see (the green eye)...

@TraceyEB 😄 happy you like it all I see (the green eye) is mistakes & a mess, oh well that's what before shower makeovers are for😉

Re: @TraceyEB 😄 happy you like it all I see (the green eye)...

@sonnydee, I've removed an eye look gone wrong more times than I can remember, and started again. The second attempt usually works out. 👍🤞


Temptalia has posted a 10% off code for PMG direct: MIDNIGHT10, ends 9/08.


Just got an email from PMG this morning, the discount is actually good through 9/11; although, its probably better to just wait til the palette hits Sephora since its only a couple of days away from launch.  You really don't save much, after taxes (mine came with free shipping) it comes to $123 ish. 

@TraceyEB wrote:

Temptalia has posted a 10% off code for PMG direct: MIDNIGHT10, ends 9/08.



@TraceyEB  I got the code from PMG via email this morning. 🙂 I’m not using it because I’m waiting for Sephora to get this palette in-store—only because I now have another $100 rouge reward to use. I could save $12.50 USD now, or I could save $100 a week from now. My choice is pretty clear. 


Did Pat offer a discounted advance sale of the other Mothership palettes? I wasn’t on her mailing list until last summer, maybe a month before Bronze Seduction launched, and I don’t recall getting a discount code for that one. I’m just curious. I wish the Midnight Sun discount was higher than 10% (heh, who doesn’t?), but I’m glad there’s at least some small incentive this time around. 


@WinglessOneI'm not sure if there has been a discounted pre-sale for her other palettes. I've not followed PMG release long enough to say with certainty. What a lovely way to spend your Rouge reward. I'd wait, too!

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