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A place to discuss news and products from Natasha Denona. Share the Heart


Brand page:



Duo Glow - JULY

Lip and concealer palette (possibly 2 versions) - date - holidays



Sunset palette - Will be perm (Fall 2017) 


Sculpt and Glow






More duochromes shadow coming

More cooler toned shadow coming

Possibly an all matte palette (if she gets more requests)

Working on mini versions of some of her products

Working on creating an innovative lip formula which gives a soft and lightweight feeling to the lips

Plans for pen form/felt tip liquid liners

Will consider making single shadows from the Star or Sunset palette if more requests

Magnetic 5 pan palettes - very soon

Big plans for 2018

New shadows in 2018

New lip products in 2018

other innovations in 2018

When asked about blues and greens:

Mermaid colors are definitely going to be one of the trends in 2018. It won't be a five palette, but a new product.





~Updated July 24th 2017~

Re: Natasha Denona

❤️❤️❤️  I just need my son to finish moving out his stuff so I can get my makeup room/office... (or move back in - that would make me a happy mama, but he is doing well on his own).  @glossforevery1

Re: Natasha Denona

Thanks for the tag!  I didn't realize it would release early on Sephora, so I panicked and checked the direct site as soon as I woke up, just in case...and managed to snag a palette!  I cannot wait for it to come in!!!! <3



Re: Natasha Denona

@Tamara76  yay! I'm so glad you got one!

Re: Natasha Denona

Yayyy! You know Ive been waiting Smiley Wink. I was gonna go through beautylish to get the payment plan to make it less offensive on my wallet but sephora had stuff i wanted soooo heres what i got, YAY! 



Re: Natasha Denona

Drooling over the Sunset palette and the cute Dior set. Enjoy @sabrinas! Good haul!

Re: Natasha Denona

I dont know who she is I never heard her name before and if shes a celeb or a singer I still dont know who she is .I wouldnt buy her makeup for that reason that and I dont think it looks that great personally.

Re: Natasha Denona

She's a makeup artist. You don't have to like her products... to each their own.

Re: Natasha Denona

@BarbieGirl1 Eh, everyone has to start somewhere. Im sure every brand at one point or another was "unknown" so people didnt give them the time of day. She is a professional makeup artist, and THANKFULLY not a singer or celeb as I feel those people dont know much or anyting about beauty products.


youre allowed to not like stuff, but judging it based on whether you have heard of it or not is a bit silly. 

Re: Natasha Denona

Yeah but I buy makeup brands like most people do  based on the brand name things that I know are good quality. I dont like to try out brands I never heard of before so thats why I wouldnt bother with them but if you like em you like em to each their own.


Well even indie makeup brands I know a lot of those makeup brands and they arent necessarily as popular most of them are not as well known.


Thank god its not a celeb or singer I hate when they come out with products to make money off their name well good luck to her.


I saw swatches of the makeup and I dont really like it but yeah I also really didnt like the sunset colors .I dont think they are very wearable .Even in the summer its a little too drastic of a color.I know people like color and I do too but thats almost too much.Plus I'am a white girl so if I wore the sunset palette you would see me coming from a mile away.Maybe on tan / darker skin tones its a better fit.Coming from someone with a fair / light complexion those colors would never work for me and my skin tone to begin with.It would just make me look all kinds of crazy.

Re: Natasha Denona you've heard of the brand Smiley Wink


You might not like seeing these colours on yourself, but I think some other ladies with your colouring would pull of these warm sunset shades beautifully.

Re: Natasha Denona

I wore rainbow eyeshadow before lol I like color .I have just about every nail polish color that exists as well as makeup highlighters in every color one of each and then some but when I think of sunsets I think of light purple/ hot pink/  bright orange / vibrant yellow not as like dark and as muted as the sunset palette on here.I would like it if it were more toned down and more summer sunset looking.


When your really pale even when you get a tan it can look bad  because your skin is so fair / light  the colors are a lot more visible  people can see them a lot  easier on your skin tone  same with makeup and for that reason you have to be careful what makeup colors you pick out.Because I'am pale I stay away from nude colors and dark colors.I like color but I like pastels and rainbow highlighters things like that that look good on most skin tones.Not all makeup works on all skin tones thats why they have millions of lipstick colors lol.

Re: Natasha Denona


Maybe it doesn't work for you and that's all good... but I'm pale and a lot of colors work on me. I can pull off just about anything. I don't do well with browns on my eyes but I am sure I can still make it work.  But really I don't care... if I like it, I wear it. Makeup has always been a creative outlet for me. I don't follow trends, I don't listen to "the norm". I do what I love to do. If I listened to the so called norm I'd be stuck with neutral browns which like I said above is the color that least suit me and probably the color I hate the most.  Now you might not know about the brand... this is what forums are for. To learn about new things.  Some people want to learn and explore before buying others just dive right in. Again all personal preference. I wanted her shadows the second I saw swatches years ago and why I started this thread. I'm happy I blindly bought some of her items... because without that I wouldn't have discovered and loved her brand.


I did expect different colors from this palette and see sunsets in a different way but it's still beautiful to me and I still wanted to purchase it. Again all comes down to personal preference Smiley Happy

Re: Natasha Denona

I'm pretty darn pale as well.  The trick to wearing any color you want is to know whether you're cool or warm toned and to find like colors to compliment your skin.  You CAN still wear warm colors and have them be flattering on you, even if you do have a cool complexion.  You just need to use a cooler color as your transition color, and vice versa if you've got a warm complexion.  

Re: Natasha Denona

Yeah I have sensitive skin too though lol so unfortunately I have to be careful.I remember I had like almost a red rash on my neck for over a week I'am like what products did I use lately or new soap that irritated my skin.... Its gone away since but yeah super annoying.Anyways sorry if anyone took my "I'am pale rant" the wrong way maybe I'am just hangry = hungry angry.I'am gonna eat a snickers.

Re: Natasha Denona

Not sure if this was available before but the Body Glow is available now, in 3 shades.

Re: Natasha Denona

Wow, Sephora is fast with shipping today. My sunset palette already shipped!

Re: Natasha Denona

@PrettyPaint Wow that's quick! What time did you order yours? I got mine at 12am on the dot but it hasn't shipped yet 🤔

Re: Natasha Denona

@gonerogue I ordered at 7:54am est! Hopefully yours will ship soon!

Re: Natasha Denona

@PrettyPaint I literally got the notification that mine shipped a minute after I asked you 😝

Re: Natasha Denona

Wow! That was fast @PrettyPaint! Usually Canada is pretty fast at shipping out... and I thought I would have gotten a shipping notification by now... I have other things in my order though... I hope it ships soon!  I sometimes think they don't follow the order in which orders were received... When they have a sale and items go in and out of stock I sometimes end up with multiple orders placed on the same day and some orders that I placed later will ship first... I'll calm down once it's in my hands... too bad there's no mail on the weekend Smiley Very Happy

Re: Natasha Denona

@veronika23 I only bought the palette, so that is probably is why it shipped so fast. Now here's to hoping they packed it well and it arrives safely!