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Rouge 100 reward

Where can I find the option to cash in my points for the hundred dollar reward as a rouge member in the past I would cash out 2500 points for $100. I don’t see that option anywhere? 

Re: Rouge 100 reward

The reward posts at 9am pacific time on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Demand dictates how long its there, as they offer only a limited supply each time they post it. I've seen them all snatched up & disappear in minutes, before I could even make it through the checkout process, & I've seen it stay up for hours! Unlike some of the other more expensive rewards, once they run out, they remove it. It doesn't remain on the screen, marked as "sold out" like others do. I've personally cashed my points in for it at least ten times! Its totally accessible if you look for it at those times & days, & very easy to redeem. It cannot be split up, though, so be prepared to purchase a total of $100 in items in one go. If you only buy, say one $75 item with tax & you use your reward, you will lose the rest of the $25, so make sure you add at least $100 worth of stuff to your cart so you don't lose part of your reward!

Re: Rouge 100 reward

@stephbutcher @I see it now on the Rewards Bazaar but it sells out quick so hurry. 

Re: Rouge 100 reward

Wat? We have to wait for it to appear?? 🥴🥴

Re: Rouge 100 reward

@furbie I was able to cash in my points Tuesday . The reward loaded around 905am  yay I'm glad I didn't have a struggle getting it.. Ty for replying to me 

Re: Rouge 100 reward

@Sheez I meant that my alarm is for 11 am central time bc the Rewards Bazaar isn’t updated until after Noon eastern time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It would let me edit the comment. 

After I cashed in my points for another $100 reward on 2/29, I kept checking back to see how long it was available. Rouge members had the reward available until at least 4 pm EST. 

If you set an alarm, be mindful of what time zone you are in vs when the Rewards are updated. I know that 9 am Pacific = 11 am in my time zone. 

Good luck 💕

Re: Rouge 100 reward

Wild, right?! 😄😄


@Sheez I turned in some points for my 4th $100 reward on 2/29. The easiest way for me has been to set an alert on my phone for Tues and Thurs at 9am (I'm in the Central time zone). The $100 seemed available for at least 2 hours after dropping each time I've selected the Rouge Reward. I believe the new items in the Rewards Bazaar go live at 10am EST. Sometimes, you have to wait 5-10mins for the new goodies to fully load. However, some more seasoned BI have said random drops of items in the Rewards Bazaar are made during the week, which explains why I cannot get my paws on certain premium items before they're sold out!

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