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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.


Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge! 


Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Smiley Very Happy Thanks in advance!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I hope no one minds me jumping in on this thread...I found it through a google search. I went to buy the English Beauty lipstick I'd been eyeing forever, and of course it was sold out. 😕 Does anyone happen to know if there's a chance that they will restock this or make it permanent? I don't have the $$ right now for the masterclass set.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi @sarahbethabs! Sorry for such a delayed response, I just saw your post now. 


It's hard to say whether English Beauty will come back. It was LE, so if it's sold out now I wouldn't expect it to come back soon... But on the other hand, CT is a brand that seems to bring back popular LE products (see: Bar of Gold, the Lipstick Archive set for holiday 2017, and Pillowtalk). 


In the mean time, you might be able to find a dupe for it. I have swatches here (although I couldn't find Pillowtalk at the time and missed comparing it):

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

The new CT Brightening Youth Glow is now available - I tend to like her primer type products so I'm excited for this one! 



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'm very curious about this! If anyone gets it definitely let me know your thoughts!! I do wish it had spf in it though

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@Kim888 I've been using this for a couple weeks now - it's quite nice. When my skin is cooperating better, I'd like to try it out on its own to see how I like it. I haven't noticed any long-term benefits but it's nice under foundation.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@lachaton thank you for the update!! Do you find it to be color correcting like it claims or does it mostly just rub in clear? 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Charlotte Tilbury direct has the Bronze & Blush duo - I believe this was a Nordstrom exclusive in the summer.


ct filmstar bronze and blush.JPG

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I kept forgetting to post - my mystery box from Charlotte Tilbury arrived last week. I thought it was a pretty good mix! 




Bar of Gold highlighter $48 CAD

Clear gel $30

Legendary Lashes $38

Lip Lustre in Hall of Fame $28

Seductive Beauty Instant Look palette $85

Wonderglow $65

Magic Cream $125

Bathing Beauty bag ($80 USD) 

= $499+ CAD (since I used USD for the bag as I couldn't recall the price in CAD)

RE: Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@lachaton Wow the mystery box came with the Magic Cream in it?? Isn’t that alone the price of the mystery box? 😱

Re: RE: Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@Guessgal I should have clarified that this was the deluxe box, so the magic cream was half of the cost of the box. 

RE: Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

That makeup case is adorable @lachaton

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

There are mystery boxes for sale on CT’s website! Does anyone have ideas of what could be in there? Or know of what was in them from prior years? Not sure if its worth to buy or not hmmm.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

lol I Wish I hadn't seen this - I need to stop spending money immediately but i love mystery boxes. It's a huge buy in without knowing what is in there though  - I love their stuff but I think i'd rather save it to get something I know I'll love than take the risk right now especially because I'm not really interested in their self tanning face thing or their contour items 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@sabrinas I've been wondering the same thing and trying to do some digging to find out... I saw @AmethystCrush was asking about this as well.


TraceyEB posted last year about what the UK boxes were supposed to contain:


The Lucky bag is worth £300 and will include a surprise edit of:

  •  3rd Edition Makeup Bag
  • Colour Chameleon: Bewitching Black
  • Colour Chameleon: Enchanting Indigo
  • Filmstars on the Go: Eve
  • Legendary Brows: Clear
  • Magic Cream
  • Mini Goddess Skin Clay Mask
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Mini Wonderglow
  • Lip Lustre – Portobello Girl
  • Scent Of A Dream – 30ml
  • Gift Box  


The two mystery boxes are approx $250 CAD apart in value, $125 CAD apart in price. But the smaller box has 5 items and the larger box has 7 items. Which makes me wonder if the larger box has a bottle of perfume (which I'm guessing may not be selling well by the fact that CT is giving away bottles as GWPs...)


The descriptions also say the boxes include some items which launched this year:

  • Dry sheet mask
  • Hollywood liquid lipsticks
  • Instant Eye Palette
  • Healthy Glow
  • Overnight Glow Mask
  • Contour & Beauty Light Wands

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

PSA for next year's research:  I just received my Deluxe Canadian Charlotte Tilbury bag after a long six days (fast and fabulous delivery is in dog years during sales... everyone knows) and the contents are:

-seductive beauty palette $85

-wonder glow $65

-bar of gold $48

-magic cream $125

-lip lustre in hall of fame (clear pink) $28

-clear eyebrow gel $30

-mascara $38

-norman parkinson bathing beauty bag $90

I did NOT get the 100ml perfume GWP! but will email them to see why. Smiley Sad  My first reaction is to return it but I am wavering. I would never buy the make up bag for $90 and already have the natural beauty palette. The bag is huge which is cool. Alright you've convinced me. But really, I would have much prefered the UK selection (leather make up bag, fallen angel palette and filmstar bronze and glow).

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@AmethystCrush Did you contact CT about the missing perfume GWP? After I emailed them, they shipped it out separately.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Yes, I did contact them and they said they would ship it out separately also. Smiley Happy After deciding to keep the box, I actually really like the selection. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@AmethystCrush Thanks for sharing! I didn’t realize different countries got different bags. I wonder what was in the USA version 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'd love to know an example of the US bag

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@AmethystCrush FWIW my other guesses in the deluxe box include either one of the Magic Creams - both are fairly expensive to account for a significant portion of the value, and would fit the theme of a "magic box"

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