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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.


Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge! 


Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Smiley Very Happy Thanks in advance!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'm PMing you Smiley Happy @anya33

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Thank you so much! Just ordered the #GloMo face pallet & am so excited! I really wanted to order 'The Golden Goddess' collection, but will have to work on that slowly.

I'd also love to try either Charlotte Tilbury's or Tom Fords foundation but have to drive about an hour & a half into Philly (I had my entire lumbar spine fused so sitting for longer than 10 minutes makes me 😰)

...which is the closest Nordstrom which we know carries Charlottte Tilbury!

As I would really like to be colormatched & see the products prior to purchasing on line.

If any of you wear CT or TF foundation, would you mind sharing your thoughts with me?

(How do I obtain hearts so I can do swaps)


Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi @anya33 


Just a couple thoughts for you - if you can find a nice sales associate at a counter in a department store, they can often be helpful in assisting with products (even via email or telephone). (I have a Nordstrom SA I shop with, and we stay in touch by email and phone. She also helps me if I'm looking for a product or a sample of a certain type. And then just ships my order to me.) 

I've also had good experiences shopping with the Charlotte Tilbury direct website. Not quite as many sales or deals, but there are some once in a while. They have free shipping and offer samples, including foundation samples for you to pick out with an order. With some of the foundations, CT will actually automatically include samples of that foundation so you can test it prior to opening up your new bottle.


Which foundations and shades have you found matched you? I've tried some of the foundations from CT and TF so I might be able to help.


As for hearts, other users typically give you hearts based on your posts - particularly if they found your post helpful, or if they liked the content you were sharing. It's basically like contributing to and becoming part of the community here Smiley Happy 


Hope you enjoy your first CT palette! 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

sent you one! lmk if you have any questions!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Ok, quick swatches with a flash. 


On the left is my favorite pink right now, Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve

The rest are CT. 


Kim K, Valentine, (Bad word) Perfect, Pillow Talk.


Valentine is very close to Kim K, but Kim K is warmer and has more brown. 16237149_1071576132989087_389595088_n.jpg

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@luvgloss13  Thank you for including Pale Mauve.  I like that shade but wouldn't want to go any lighter or warmer, so Valentine is out for me.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@luvgloss13 thank you for the swatches and (bad word) perfect made me laugh!  I had been considering that color so it's good to see it against some other colors.


Pale Mauve looks really pretty! I think I have a sample of a BB lipstick. I should really use it to see if I like the formula because I'd love to get this shade!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@kso1225  YW Smiley Happy LOL!!! It wouldn't let me add the bad word! This BB lipstick is smooth and great coverage and very hydrating. I have dry lips and it doesn't dry them out more. I hope you love it! Smiley Happy

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@luvgloss13 And I want them all....

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@meganlisa treat yourself! lol. I am going to watch your Lancome video tonight! Smiley Wink

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@luvgloss13 I ordered Pillow talk and valentine but they haven't shipped yet!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'm about to board the CT train as I've had my eye on the Filmstar Bronze & Glow for ages and am finally about to buy it. I was shopping around on the Holts website and "The Rock Chick" set is now calling my name. Any thoughts/advice/recommendations from all you lovely experienced CT ladies? I don't necessarily need all (or any) of that stuff, but it's just so tempting! 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@Asche - I started trying her quads recently and had couple of matte revolution lipsticks too. They are all quite lovely. If you want to get the whole set I would suggest to get it from Nordstrom Van(or new Toronto one) with free shipping always. I know Nordies Van has a GWP right now for CT so if you want SA you can PM me. She is my TF SA but she moved to CT and she is very good too Smiley Happy


ETA - I have the bronze & glow along with the brush, it is very easy (I am not good with bronzers) but this is really easy to use for me. I also got the CT bar of gold, though it had poor packaging(cardboard), mine stayed intact and i love it.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@dioradict Thank you so much for the offer! Smiley Happy I'm really near the Toronto location so I might just try to swing by and pick it up after my next paycheque. 


I'm not too great with bronzers either (though I am trying), so it's good to know the Bronze and Glow is easy to use. Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@Asche - That is awesome, let us know how the new store is and how you like the counter and the SA's etc. The Vancouver one is my favorite so I hope the TO store is great too Smiley Happy

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@dioradict I'll report back about it! I'm really excited to check out the new store, this gives me the perfect excuse. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I am a huge fan of her products. I have all her eye quads except for Rebel (I just don't wear green eyeshadows).  The items that are in the Rock Chick set are all great. You can get a nice day or evening look out of it.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Really glad to hear that you like all the products in the set. I have a feeling I'm going to end up purchasing it. Since I don't own any CT products it seems like a fantastic way to get a number of things. I go to a lot of rock concerts each year so this whole look is right up my alley. Smiley Tongue 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

So who has bought the Legendary Muse palette? Do you love it? Like? Trying to decide if I want it..I have Nude Dip so I already have one shimmery palette...Thoughts?

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@AnneMCC I don't think I love it, but I like it.


The only color I find unique is the top right shade, as it is a slightly different gold than what you normally see.


It's a nice palette but there isn't a ton of variation and there are no mattes (if that's important to you)

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@AnneMCC I swatched it today and tried it at Nordies, its a lovely quad Smiley Happy But the shades are warmer that nude dip.

Here is a swatch but I do think its dupe-able.



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