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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.


Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge! 


Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Smiley Very Happy Thanks in advance!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi! Would anyone would be interested in sharing their Spring referral link? I would love to get CT Beauty Glow palette. 😊

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

sent you one! lmk if you have any questions!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

What??? CT has a referral code? I have been eying up CTilbury products for over a year while wasting (Vib rouge) $$$on less than par products ! I need to learn quality vs quantity lol. If anyone would kindly share their referral code I would be so grateful & then head straight for the wonder glow, bar of gold & a face pallet! 


On a side note, I'd like to say that I don't post much on BT but I am so grateful to each of you for sharing so much, being kind & always treating one another with empathy, consideration & a true desire to help one another! Considering the name is 'Beauty Talk' you might imagine a bunch of snooty, beautiful, jealous, know-it-all types of women/people but instead each of you make this is a cozy 'home' for everyone! I see people go out of their way to share so many tips, go to great lengths to help one another & feel a true sense of community, working together for the greater good of all!!! 

I don't mean to ramble but it's important for each of you, especially the Moderators that I've yet to meet (I'll take that as a good sign, lol) but keep everything in order.

Thank you, to each of you for being real...I'm going to start posting more & cast my fear aside but I promise my posts will never be this long again!πŸ˜˜πŸ€£πŸ’„

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'm PMing you Smiley Happy @anya33

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Thank you so much! Just ordered the #GloMo face pallet & am so excited! I really wanted to order 'The Golden Goddess' collection, but will have to work on that slowly.

I'd also love to try either Charlotte Tilbury's or Tom Fords foundation but have to drive about an hour & a half into Philly (I had my entire lumbar spine fused so sitting for longer than 10 minutes makes me 😰)

...which is the closest Nordstrom which we know carries Charlottte Tilbury!

As I would really like to be colormatched & see the products prior to purchasing on line.

If any of you wear CT or TF foundation, would you mind sharing your thoughts with me?

(How do I obtain hearts so I can do swaps)


Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi @anya33 


Just a couple thoughts for you - if you can find a nice sales associate at a counter in a department store, they can often be helpful in assisting with products (even via email or telephone). (I have a Nordstrom SA I shop with, and we stay in touch by email and phone. She also helps me if I'm looking for a product or a sample of a certain type. And then just ships my order to me.) 

I've also had good experiences shopping with the Charlotte Tilbury direct website. Not quite as many sales or deals, but there are some once in a while. They have free shipping and offer samples, including foundation samples for you to pick out with an order. With some of the foundations, CT will actually automatically include samples of that foundation so you can test it prior to opening up your new bottle.


Which foundations and shades have you found matched you? I've tried some of the foundations from CT and TF so I might be able to help.


As for hearts, other users typically give you hearts based on your posts - particularly if they found your post helpful, or if they liked the content you were sharing. It's basically like contributing to and becoming part of the community here Smiley Happy 


Hope you enjoy your first CT palette! 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi and welcome to BT!  Your comments about the supportive nature of those who post here ring true to me. I was remarking to my spouse just yesterday how kind, supportive and informative the BT community is. I lLook forward to more of your posts.


Re: CT or TF foundations, my skin tone is light-to-medium with periodic flushing. I tend to wear foundations with medium to full coverage. I do like and have repurchased Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder Foundation. I tried a sample of CT's Magic Foundation but I found it drying. I've not tried Tom Ford foundations.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Just got this email.

CT Canada.png

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

what website can I go for this!!! I have been dying to try her products!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi KarinaGG - I can't post the link but just go to charlottetilbury dot com forward slash ca.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I ordered from the Canadian site and was utterly delighted over the packaging! I have ordered from Beautylish and was happy with the products, but this presentation made me squeal with delight when I opened the box.



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Wow that is nice. Does the site include any samples/freebies?


Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

The only promotion they have is free shipping to Canada for the month of June. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

free shipping now in July, too!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

It is coming to Holts this summer too I believe 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

how are the eyes to mesmerize cream eyeshadows? has anyone tried them? 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

The colors and finish are gorgeous. They have a similar look to Tom ford cream shadows but not quite as densely pigmented. Unfortunately, I found that they creased on me after about 4 hours, even with primer and I usually don't have an issue. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

would these cream eyeshadows dry out in the jar if not used often? (I would probably only use them for special occasions)

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I think all cream shadows do eventually- shelf life is way less than powders. I don't have the jar handy to check, but I am guessing it is 6 months or a year.



I haven't had mine long enough to have an opinion about this brand in particular, but I had Dolce & Gabanna cream shadow that I wore a ton (several times a week) and it was ready to be replaced in about 4-6 months. I used maybe half of it (which is a lot for me) but the texture started to change. I still think it was well worth it though and I rebought the same color.


Would you save it for special occasions because you don't wear makeup often? If you get one, wear it Smiley Wink they are not over the top for every day in my opinion.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Yes, you're spot on! I don't wear eyeshadow often. I was thinking of getting Cleopatra, which is a little bright for everyday but I guess I could opt for another colour. I especially appreciate your estimate of how long your other cream shadow lasted in the jar! Thanks so much for the advice and info!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I swear I'm going to start using that press n seal stuff in my cream shadows Smiley Very Happy They die too quickly, so much wasted product. 

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