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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.


Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge! 


Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before 😄 Thanks in advance!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Both you and Malday killing me 😉 I don't think I want any until you post pictures here. I will be low buy until Nov so each month I can get 2-3 items the most. I save July for Guerlain goodies and TF trio. I guess I have to wait to haul these when they hit Nordstrom/Beautylish 😉 in Aug/Sept?

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I know, right? I had totally talked myself out of this collection until I saw these pictures. I really want the cheek/lip stain, mostly for the amazing compact. But i realized it wasn't in my budget. Now I'm clammoring for it all over again 😞

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

That compact is much larger than I anticipated. And the lack of sparkle is really making me want this. Thanks so much for the pics!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Ohhh. I have long admired the image on the top of the compact. Knowing that the powder is lovely and non-sparkly too will make this hard to resist... Unless it's sold out, then I'll have no problem. 😉

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

haha!  I don't believe it is sold out.  It is only on her site at the moment.  Not sure when it will be in stores.

I typically don't care for CT packaging at all.  I find it very 90s Estee Lauder.  But this compact is gorgeous!


I wish the Guerlain Sun tan enhancer bronzer thingy was in a similar packaging.  A metal tin with some weight.  Instead they had it in white plastic.  Sigh.  At least it is a great product and will last until teh aliens come...

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Is the packaging of this compact metal or the typical gold plastic on some the other products? Did they do anything special with the box?

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

It is definitely not plastic.  I had to go back and check to make sure that I was certain what it was.  It doesn't "ting" like a metal, so maybe it is some kind of amalgum.


It looks good though.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I caved and bought this, the cream blush and the small makeup bag but haven't received them yet. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Beautiful!  Thanks for posting!!!  Very beautiful!!!!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

This thread and the N Parkinson collection have been killing me all day.  I so want to order..then I think...really....everything?  Not so practical?  What to do?

This is exactly the sort of situation when I watch everything sell out...then stalk Nordstrom's case...and when it arrives..

Oh, what should I do (get something or skip? I think everything is a little...crazy...)?

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Megan, I only ordered the Highlighter as that is all that really interested me.  The colour seems like it would suit me well.  I have tried Wonderglow illuminator and it is very subtle, so I am on board with her highlighter/illuminator approach.


The 1975 Red lipstick will be available at Nordies and I plan to try it there.  Since it is matte, I am not keen to buy it without testing first (you know me and mattes). 


The lipstick packing isn't any different from the regular permanent line, so I can't say that attracted me either.  In fact, I don't like CT packaging at all. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..


I get your point about the lipsticks...I like the CT mattes...but they are inconsistent.

But so true...packaging not product.  

Thanks for the input.  Ok, I'll off from "I must have it all".  

Crazy to fall for packaging alone!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

The Parkinson packing is pretty and makes it worthwhile as it is LE.  But the regular CT packging is not to my taste at all.  I wish they had packaged the lipstick a bit different or something.


My highlighter arrives on Wednesday.  I will tell all!


Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Please do!  I'm mixed on CT and it's pricey...but I like the packaging.  Amazing what we can want when we so don't need....

Appreciate your thoughts when it arrives!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I think I'm interested in the highlighter and the blush. But I will stay strong until I got more feed back from you lovely BTs 😉

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I got my first CT haul in the mail the other day (FilmStar Bronze and Glow, Dolce Vita palette, Nude Kate and Hepburn Honey lippies, Iconic Nude lip pencil, and the pencil sharpener because I needed a new one). I was swooning over every single product. I really want a couple of products from the Norman Parkinson line but my bank account is somewhat relieved they're not available on the Canadian site just yet. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Glad you love Hepburn Honey! It's my favorite nude lippy. Reminds me of the photo of Sarah Hyland where she used it, the FB&G and Love Glow blush for a red carpet look (photo from Nopabeauty):


CT sarah hyland with hepburn honey.png

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I love that Hepburn Honey feels 'unique' as far as my existing nude collection goes. I tend to go more for the typical 'Nude Kate' shades but Hepburn Honey has that touch of honey brown that still manages to look really flattering and modern on the lip - exactly like it does in Sarah Hyland's pic. I was on the fence about Nude Kate because without testing first, some lighter nudes can wash me out or look a little 'deadly' on my face, but that one was perfect and spot on as well. CT definitely understands how to do a good nude lip! 


I really want Birkin Brown but they didn't have that one up on the Canadian site yet, so I'll have to keep checking back. I never would have given that shade a passing glance but when I saw it on Style Lobster's youtube video, it suddenly became a 'must have'.  

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

So the rumor was true - CT has a new shade of Filmstar Bronze and Glow for deeper skin tones 🙂 No idea when it will be available. Wayne Goss shared this photo on his FB:


CT Filmstar Bronze and Glow 2.png



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

This is interesting. That bronze looks quite orangey. I tried the originals do the sculpt color did nothing on my skin. I'd at least swatch this. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

ST, I saw this and was a bit interested too.  But I plan to pass:


- It seems to be a cream product versus the previous filmastar duo.

- I think this set would suit deep skin tones really well.  The highlighter on this seems to have more colour than I wuld like.  The "sculpt" shade looks good.  But I don't contour.  Although this looks to be a bronzer more than a contour product.  The previous filmstar duo suited light - medium skin tones.  I feel like I am stuck in the middle with a medium/deep tone. 

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