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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.


Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge! 


Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before 😄 Thanks in advance!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

would these cream eyeshadows dry out in the jar if not used often? (I would probably only use them for special occasions)

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I think all cream shadows do eventually- shelf life is way less than powders. I don't have the jar handy to check, but I am guessing it is 6 months or a year.



I haven't had mine long enough to have an opinion about this brand in particular, but I had Dolce & Gabanna cream shadow that I wore a ton (several times a week) and it was ready to be replaced in about 4-6 months. I used maybe half of it (which is a lot for me) but the texture started to change. I still think it was well worth it though and I rebought the same color.


Would you save it for special occasions because you don't wear makeup often? If you get one, wear it 😉 they are not over the top for every day in my opinion.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I swear I'm going to start using that press n seal stuff in my cream shadows 😄 They die too quickly, so much wasted product. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

@pixiedust2 What is the press n seal stuff that you're referring to? The term makes me think of cling wrap, which I don't quite think is right in this context haha

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Guessgal, it's an amazing product! It blows cling wrap out of the water. I use it for food, but I have also used it to seal an eye cream when I cracked the lid. It truly is air tight. I can't guarantee it would work on cream eye shadows but it might!



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Yes, you're spot on! I don't wear eyeshadow often. I was thinking of getting Cleopatra, which is a little bright for everyday but I guess I could opt for another colour. I especially appreciate your estimate of how long your other cream shadow lasted in the jar! Thanks so much for the advice and info!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I'm going to place my first CT order before the month is up. I've settled on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow and Hepburn Honey lipstick for sure (I'll probably add a lip cheat - I'm thinking Iconic Nude but might go with Pillowtalk). Then I'm debating on whether to get the Dolce Vita quad or two of the Color Chameleon Sticks. I don't hear a lot of talk about the chameleon sticks but two sticks vs a quad for around the same cost - I'm thinking the quad is the way to go as far as value goes? Plus the eye shadow colours look a little easier to blend than the sticks. This will be my first intro to the line so I've been going over what I want to order for at least a week now and it changes (and grows) almost every day. Eeek! 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Here's a video link to the upcoming Norman Parkinson collection (the products are shown at the 0:36 mark).

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Now I want the Lip and Cheek glow. That packaging is totally selling it. 🙂 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Just got this email.

CT Canada.png

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

It is coming to Holts this summer too I believe 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I ordered from the Canadian site and was utterly delighted over the packaging! I have ordered from Beautylish and was happy with the products, but this presentation made me squeal with delight when I opened the box.



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Wow that is nice. Does the site include any samples/freebies?


Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

The only promotion they have is free shipping to Canada for the month of June. 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

free shipping now in July, too!

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

what website can I go for this!!! I have been dying to try her products!! 😄

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

Hi KarinaGG - I can't post the link but just go to charlottetilbury dot com forward slash ca.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I love what I've tried so far and have not found any duds. Overall, colors are well-pigmented and packaging is good. I think the whole makeup line is well curated. Having the makeup in sets just makes it so easy for noobs like me to look like I know WTH I'm doing to my face. It's like paint by numbers or bed-in-a-bag Smiley Very Happy I found my perfect nude lip combination in her Sophisticate set. Hepburn Honey lipstick+Pillowtalk lipliner+ High Society lip lustre = Wowza! So that's a what "nude lip" should look like! I'm skeptical about the skincare items and will stick to the makeup.


Quick thoughts:

  • Filmstar Bronze and Glow - great for fair-med skin. Finely milled, really warms up and highlights the face, buildable color. I've seen a version for darker skin but not sure if/when it will be released. This is the only CT product I've tried that needs improvement in terms of packaging as it feels flimsy.
  • Eyeshadow palettes - only Sophisticate is all-matte. In terms of favorites, I'd rank Fallen Angel > Rebel (unique) > Vintage Vamp > Rock Chick > Sophisticate
  • Classic Powder eyeliner - so smooth and easy to use, does not drag and stays put. Wish it was twist-up
  • Blush - very pigmented and feels light on the skin, not sticky. Applies like cream, easy to blend.
  • KISSING Lipstick - love that there are so many nudes to choose from as that is a difficult color to get right. I hope they expand the colors in the range. Great lightweight formula, with the right amount of sheen. No strong flavor or scent.
  • Matte Revolution - easy to wear and light weight. I quite like it because it does not dry my lips as quickly as other mattes have. Less pigmented than TF matte though. Mild vanilla scent, flavorless.
  • Lip Cheat - My favorite lipliner so far. Thicker than NARS lipliner. Very creamy and easy to apply, stays put. Wish it was twist-up.
  • Lip Lustre - Comfortable to wear, not as sticky as Laura Mercier Lip Glace or NARS lip gloss. Complements CT lipsticks well, but dupable and not a must-have. No discernible scent or flavor.
  • Full Fat Lashes mascara - Love the brush! It really grabs and defines the lashes. I don't see much of a difference in formula vs classic Diorshow.
  • Magic Cream - tried a deluxe sample from the Nordstrom GWP. Just for fun, I bought a couple of CVS cold creams to compare it with. Magic Cream has a strong rose scent, pleasant, not overpowering. The scent did not make me cough like Guerlain Baby Glow did. It's much thicker than the drugstore cold creams and Clinique Turnaround overnight cream, yet surprisingly easy to absorb. Feels luxe (for the price, it should!). Worked well for my normal skin but best suited for dry/very dry skin. It's undoubtedly a very good moisturizer but there are products from Clinique and other mid-range brands that are just as good for half the price, so I don't think it's worth buying unless you have very dry skin.

Other items I have yet to test in my stash: Filmstars on the Go, Feline Flick, Colour Chameleon, Rock 'N Kohl, a few unopened blushes and palettes, foundation samples. Waiting for three Beach sticks to arrive. I have heard great feedback on the cream shadows, Air Brush powder and Retoucher and plan to try them as well.


If you're interested in a specific color of lipstick/blush/palette/lipliner, let me know and I'll swatch it for you if I have it in my collection.

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I have all the products you are asking about. Here's a couple thoughts: 


Foundation: Works nicely. It does oxidize a bit. I've helped with that by patting the face with a tissue right after application. I also use translucent powder during the day to cut down on it. The product has good coverage. Be aware that it does contain parabens. If you are staying away from those, you won't like this product. 


Airbrush powder: it's very finely milled and absolutely gives an airbrush look. I like it alot. 


Blushes: They are some of my favorites. I have Ecstasy and Sex on Fire. Both have a bit of shimmer, but don't show pores in an odd way on the face. I get great last power and they are both quite pigmented. 



Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

thank you so much!!! i have decided to take the plunge 😄 

Re: Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..

I like her eye quads and blushes. The quality is very good, they last, are well-pigmented but not quite up to par with Tom Ford (but her stuff is also cheaper). I wasn't overly impressed with the one KISSING lipstick I got (Stone Rose) because the pigment was just average but quite moisturizing however did not last long. I have 3 eye quads which I love (Vintage Vamp, The Rebel and Rock Chick) and I'd have a few more if it wasn't for the fact that I get distracted by new stuff. I also really like the 2 blushes I have (First Love and Love is the Drug). My fav is FL cuz it goes with almost any other colors I'm wearing since it looks like a nude color on me. I'm not sure it would do well at all on darker skin. But she's got some other pretty, darker blushes as well. The lip pencil I have is average, works fine but nothing special for the price.


I I recently got Love Liberty matte lipstick. I am a big fan of Tom Ford's mattes but CT's (at least this color) takes several swipes for full coverage. I'd almost swear it has the slightest sheen to it. But it lasted well on me and the color is beautiful.  


I only have experience with her color products. And now that I'm speaking of them, I think I'll wear one of the quads to work later. 🙂



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