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Let's Talk About NARS!

A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS? Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.


The audacious thread:


SPRING 2019:








Have you picked up anything from the collection so far? Do tell!





Re: Let's Talk About NARS!



posting the Nars gifts my sa has for her event.


You can presell now to get them, the event is April 9th. The brush is with a 250 purchase and the others are with 150. 


Chelsea girls lipgloss, black liner , skincare samples in a pouch. 


Xruperto@barneys .com . 


Have fun! 12063523_854041628075873_5260628433246049281_n.jpg12495111_854041601409209_3890458968993849167_n (1).jpg

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Hey, Nars lovers! 

I have a goodie to share!


My Nars Sa @ Barneys NYC is having a huge event on April 9th. She is preselling the Tahiti Bronze collection now.


She is offering a GWP for all Nars .

The gift is with a $125 purchase and includes a deluxe Chelsea girls gloss, Veneto eyeliner and skincare packets in a Nars pouch. 

If you spend $250 you get a Nars Botan brush.

 I am excited about the gloss, love that gloss. 

I presold the candle, both oils and both bronzers. Smiley Happy


Best way to contact is email


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I just started getting into Nars late last year with their sheer foundation Smiley Happy I do love the mattifying tinted moisturizer as well. Oh and Banned Red is my favorite! It's a very unique shade of red.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

More NARS summer preview.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.16.22 PM.png

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Rulala has NARS in sale today!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Some more new photos of Summer 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.46.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.47

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I was looking at a few things on eBay today and found listings for Nars cream blushes. Of course I'm excited and sad because they're long discontinued, but I'm so curious...has anyone tried them? The shades are Penny Lane, Lokoum and Constantinople.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Hi Nars lovers! I posted this in the Barneys bag event thread and a NARS enthusiast suggested I post here too! 


This is Barneys epic gift bag event, 

It is that time again for the fabulous Barneys beauty bag event
The Event starts on March 8th and runs till the 12th.
With a $200.00 Barneys beauty purchase, get a bag filled with full size , deluxe size goodies and samples. These bags are always epic and amazing.

I will try and get pics of the bag asap.

Like always, for my referrals, my SA gives and extra gift . This year it is a Full size Nars eyeshadow and lipstick in a cute Nars pouch . This is for mentioning the Sephora forum  and preselling. No Nars purchase required! This is a thing only my SA does for my friends. Smiley Happy
This is while supplies last , so presell now. I have 2 bags in already lol

For those that do buy Nars, there is a beautiful step up gift . A full size blush palette ! FullSizeRender (3).jpg
Don't forget to ask her for extra samples of stuff you want to try, she is amazing like that.

My Sa info
212- 833-2007

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!


Not sure how well this is going to show up, but I'm using Impassioned blush today.  


IRL it shows up as a subtle, pink flush, but trying to capture that on camera without my phone is troublesome.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Found out today that there's a NARS event at the Saks in the Houston Galleria on Feb 4. Gonna take the afternoon off and get my face done while sipping on bubbly and shopping!


On my list:

-Velvet Matte Skin Tint

-that royal/sapphire blue eyeshadow

-an audacious lipstick

-another red candle

-a black candle

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I received my replacement Hot Sand multiple yesterday.


I'm happy to confirm that the one I originally had must've been a defective one.


I left the new one overnight to warm up first (just in case) and tried it this morning.  I applied it the same way I do all multiples (on tips of fingers, then onto face) and it was smooth, soft and luminescent.  So happy I decided to send it back for a replacement.  It's gaw-jus!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

A new narcissist tonight at midnight?  This in an email from Nars I just received.


Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

And the pictures of the Hot Sand collection pieces:

Hot Sand gloss and Multiple

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.42.19 AM.png

Hot Sand 'blush' with Orgasm and Hot Sand 'blush' with Laguna

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.42.31 AM.png

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I currently don't own anything by Nars yet (other than the birthday gift lip pencil set), but as a Christmas present my grandmother let me go crazy in Sephora and I finally got my hands on the velvet matte lip pencil in Train Bleu. I cannot even tell you how deeply in love I am with that colour.

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I swear that Sephora brought back the Steven Klein Cheek palette RIGHT AFTER the loyalty gift card sale ended. It was not in stock at all during the entire time and now it's back -_-

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

I love the Steven Klein Killer Heels set Smiley Happy 


These are my swatches for the lot: 




From left to right, 

Joyous Red, Fire Down Below, Little Darling, Mayflower, Jungle Red


They're not Audacious, but I still love them to bits! 




Size is on point too, as I can never finish a full-size lipstick. 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

The NARS sale code for 20% off is TAKE20

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Just FYI I know some people are still looking for stud - its in stock at Saks - online and in some stores

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

NARS Isolde duo eyeshadow...a MUST BUY for blue eyes!!!!!

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

Sadly Stud was returned today, it just didnt look that great on me, at least not very unique, but I am very happy with and recommend the Despair palette 

Re: Let's Talk About NARS!

How do y'all feel about the NARS One Shocking Moment Palette?


I am undecided on purchasing it because I have an olive-complexion and am around an NC42. A few of the colours in this palette look super light so I don't know if this would be worth purchasing or not? I know last year the palette that came out in Sephora leaned a little lighter as well. I like the last two blush shades but everything else looks like it might not show up so great...What do you think??