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Hi ladies Smiley Happy



I've heard good things about this brand through makeup artists, but wondered if any BIC members had a chance to try their products. If you tried it, I'd be very grateful if you could share your experiences.

I am particularly interested in their KOSAS - Tinted Face Oil Foundation.


I've searched for a Kosas topic or something specific about the Tinted Face Oil and didn't find anything, so let's use this topic to talk about Kosas products!

Re: Kosas

Hi All,

So after using the tinted face oil every day since April, i'm a bit torn on whether I should purchase a second bottle during the Rouge Sale.

Pretty much all the reviews I've read and heard on YT, people say their skin doesn't look greasy and it's super light, breathable etc... I agree with the last 2 but I'm finding that my nose and the surrounding area gets pretty shiny by noon.

I LOVE the finish and wear of this foundation and find it hard to go back to regular foundation. I bought the NARS sheer glow but isn't really sold on it.


I don't know what to use to help reduce the shine without adding powder throughout the day. I do use blotting sheets, but I need to use it once or twice a day.

I've been using the Milk Blur stick and also the FAB coconut smoothie primer but they don't work well at oil control. I haven't actually used a silicone primer because I'm worried about pilling. 


Does anyone have experience with the tinted oil and how to help control the shine? If there is a silicone based primer that works well with this foundation?



RE: Re: Kosas

If I am feeling more shiny I set it down with a light pressed powder on a fluffy brush to see if that helps. The CT pressed powder works amazing over the kosas face oil!

Re: Kosas

@mmmiu  I am also obsessed with the finish of the Kosas Tinted face oil, I've been using it semi-regularly throughout the summer and now and it's my favorite face product ever. Over the summer, my skin tends to be quite dewy, so I definitely experienced more "glow" and breakdown of the foundation over my nose area as well. It helped to rub in the oil a bit more (my lazy application method was generally patting the oil over the most needed coverage areas, letting it sit a second, then rubbing it all in with my fingers). I'm a fan of powder, so it was no issue for me to set the nose and t-zone with a light dusting (I use prisme libre) and that keep the shine MOSTLY under control, but never 100% during our super hot summer.


Now that it's fall and winter and my skin is overall drier, I've noticed my nose and t-zone no longer get oily, and I even use an oil-based cream in the morning before using the tinted oil. Definitely no additional powder aside from any blush or highlight I might be using and the kosas is lasting all day for me. If anything, I'm getting some dry patches with are slightly annoying. I will say the foundation looks even better an hour after application, it seems to meld with my natural skin oils a bit and gives me this velvety glow.

Re: Kosas

It's not as shiny looking now because of winter, but my nose is still glowier than i'd like 

I'd hate to give up on this because i love it so much more than traditional foundation

Re: Kosas


I am not sure I can be of help because I don't really mind when my nose gets shiny, but I have used some primers with silicone that have worked with the Kosas tinted oil without piling.

(I've used the tatcha primer and the supergoop unseen with it and both contain silicones)


Have you tried taking a beauty blender or a clean powder puff with you? I find that both even without any product can absorb excess oil. I actually take them on Disney trips to Orlando, Fl. I don't use the Kosas there, but they do what you're looking for (and you might already have them at home).

Re: Kosas


hmm..tatcha primer eh? i might look into that during the sale, texture is quite nice but it's so pricey *cries* 

I wish BB didn't discontinue their blotterazi (?) would have been great to bring around. Hmm... maybe i'll bring my actual BB, see how that works...or cut my old one in half ..rambling and thinking out loud now haha

Thanks Smiley Happy 


Re: Kosas


It's good, but not the best and it doesn't do much when it comes to oil control o be honest. I went to an event with Vicki Tsai and recall she mentioned they were working on a primer for oilier skins.


Blotterazi was  great for that and reason why I suggested a BB. Seems silly that they discontinued, but I guess since it is the same material of a BB someone could just carry their bb around. Cutting one in half might actually be a good idea. If you try it, let me know how it works!


I thought I'd mention that I have a friend that always complained about an oily nose (just the nose). I foist a bunch of stuff I don't want on her and she reported back to me that the murad oil control mattifier changed her life. Even though she only uses on her nose she did repurchase the product, so perhaps next time you're at Sephora you can ask for a sample of it and see if it works!

MURAD - Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Broad Spectrum SPF 45 PA++++


RE: Kosas

New lip oil gloss launched today! Really want to try the clear one!

Re: Kosas

Has anyone else tried the Tinted Face Oil and found it looking quite glowy by mid-day (without powdering or blotting)? 

My impression from reading reviews was it would help regulate oils on the skin, but my skin overall is looking quite dewy, but less dewy than when i use the IT cosmetics original and matte cc creams. 


Anyone else can chime in on their experience? It would really help my decision on keeping Kosas or the FAB Skin Tint lol.



Re: Kosas

So one of my Sephora’s actually has kosas - I tried to swatch for everyone but it’s a super liquidy foundation so it didn’t come out very well . Here’s my attempt though - the dark shade is that red 8E80EF95-7A95-4E79-B0B7-E83BAAD7C3D3.jpeg






Re: Kosas

And here’s the blushes





Re: Kosas

@Kim888  You're the real MVP - thank you so much!

Re: Kosas

The blushes look so creamy 😍

Re: Kosas

@Kim888 The blushes are great! Thank you so much for sharing! 



Re: Kosas

I have reached out to Kosas customer service since I don't have any Kosas retailers near me and they kindly mailed me a sample and a discount code to order the product if like it through their website (10%). They were really nice!


I am really impressed by the product tbh, my first thoughts as I applied were "what sorcery is this?". It's the thinnest liquid coming out of the bottle, so I didn't expect much coverage, but I was wrong. I absolutely love how it made my skin look. It looks amazing in person and photographed well too. 


The downsides were that after a long phone call it did transfer a bit to my phone (it didn't make my face look bad, but I noticed a few marks on my phone) and I think there's a bit of a learning curve with this product when it comes to using with primers/skincare products.  

I've used it for 3 days so far. Yesterday I didn't wait for my skincare to fully absorb and had an absolutely insane piling issue (think peeling gel mask situation). I had to wipe it off with a towel and then try again. They sent me some information with the samples that said it works better on exfoliated skin as it may cling to dry patches (did not happen to me at all) and mentioning the piling issue depending on other skincare/primer products. I used it with my etude house face blur products with no issues, though I did wait for it to be fully absorbed by my skin.


They sent me the 3 lightest colors and all of them worked for my N2/NC20 skin color, though if I were to purchase it I would go with shade 2. The models that they use for shades 1 and 2 on their website were a bit misleading to me, but their shade descriptions were spot on, so I would go by that.


This isn't a foundation that I'd use for a night out, but I can see myself wearing it daily. It wears off evenly and honestly even by the end of hour 7 I was still very happy with it how it looked. This feels like a dry oil and I wouldn't say it looked my skin dewy, but there was a natural luminosity to it (if that makes any sense).


If you need swatches and a before and after I'll be happy to post that!

@mmmiu @ShortErica @Brutalitops @bakeamuffin 



Re: Kosas

I've reached out to Lisa's customer service several times with no responses!  I'm trying to get a sample of the TFO to determine the right shade. Any suggestions for getting a sample of 3 or 3.5?

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Kosas

Kosas' customer service. (auto correct!)

Re: Kosas

Thanks for the tag @Cyncynn. I haven't made my way to any of my local Sephoras (I'm lucky and have a few options in my area) but should run over and check it out. The thin liquid seems quite appealing.

Re: Kosas

@Cyncynn Thanks for the update! I'll contact them for samples too and see how I feel about it. Unfortunate that at this point I'll probably find out too late for the sale, but I'm not out of my NARS foundation anyways. 

Re: Kosas

If I were you, i'd purchase while the sale is on lol now, decide later Smiley Happy

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