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Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

I've searched high and low and haven't found a dedicated Jo Malone thread, but knowing how many of us enjoy JM products I though it'd be nice to have a place where we can share upcoming news and our favorites.


My all time favorite is Blue Agava and Cacao, followed by Peony Blush Suede.

I just picked up Basil and Neroli, which to my nose is a dead ringer for Bobbi Brown Beach! As I love Beach, I think this fragrance is going to be a new fave come the spring. It is different enough from Lime, Basil, Mandarin to justify owning both in my collection. Basil and Neroli emphasizes the Neroli while LBM is heavy on the basil and lime, which give it a more herbal edge.


EDIT: Updated Jo Malone and Jo Loves perfume collection (100ml, 50ml, 30ml, dry body oils):




Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

That’s a wise decision @blackkitty2014! Good thinking! 🧠 😂 

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Through tomorrow 2/16 at Jo Malone direct, there’s a GWP promo: 3 deluxe samples (minis) + pouch with minimum order of $120.


Unfortunately, most of their new limited edition Rose fragrances are sold out already - but some still available at Sephora.

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Jo Malone is always top quality and everything smells stunning!

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Pieced together from Jo Malone Fan UK and Greek website Fashion Daily: This year’s Blossoms collection will be similar to last year’s packaging design, but with opaque caps. Colognes will include new comers Sea Daffodil as well as Bitter Mandarin; JM will also be issuing Silk Blossom (seems to come back every Spring now) and Wood Sage & Sea Salt in the limited edition packaging. In addition, Silk Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey will be available as diffusers. 

Personally last year’s Blossoms weren’t my thing, but I am really excited to find out what Sea Daffodil smells like!



Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

UPDATE: Blossoms 2022 now available via JM UK website, so here’s what’s officially in the release (JM website released info follows):

Blossom season is upon us and with it brings a sense of optimism, hope and unadulterated joy. At Jo Malone London we revel in the carefree elation, taking the opportunity to celebrate the olfactive diversity the period brings. By now you know that we like to do things a little differently and this year we’re looking to sun-bathed southern Europe for inspiration. Carefree days by the Mediterranean Sea, where white-sun mornings give way to golden afternoons and balmy evenings, as the sun sinks slowly over the horizon above the placid wash of the waves. The result? Two new colognes representing summer: Sea Daffodil and Bitter Mandarin.


Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Right now via Jo Malone directly, if you place an order that is over $250 you’ll be able to select a cute heart shaped gift box in either in pink or cream. It’s a lovely touch for Valentines!

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Don't tell me I missed the Rose & Magnolia rollout for Valentine's Day! I've had this on my list for forever, and every time I checked, it was still "coming soon." Now it's sold out?? Arggh!!

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

@Harobedb I haven't seen Rose & Magnolia or Rose Blush on Sephora yet, but they are both available directly through JM, or you could try Saks or Beautylish. Hope you get it, it’s a rich floral yet not overly heavy, great for the warmer months I hope get here soon!

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Both the Rose & Magnolia and Rose Blush are on Sephora now, and have been for at least a week (as long as I've been stalking it.) And btw, sold out on JM!

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

@Harobedb All of the rose colognes in the limited edition bottles are on Sephora and Nordstrom now, hope you can get Rose and Magnolia. #Jo Malone London Special-Edition Rose & Magnolia Cologne 1 oz/ 50 mL spray 

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

And btw, THANK YOU for letting me know! I really do appreciate it, even if the R&M isn't there. 🙂

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

The Rose Blush has been available for a few days, but not so the Rose & Magnolia. The R&M has never been available on Sephora from what I've seen. I got the R&M through Beautylish, where it is also now sold out. Oh, and btw, both the Rose Blush and Rose & Magnolia are 1.7 oz, not 1 oz as in the Sephora description.

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

@Harobedb That happens on Sephora sometimes, the product will pop in and out; I’m glad you got it through Beautylish. Makes sense it’s 50 ml at the price, thanks for the update.

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Check out the gorgeous limited edition sapphire packaging for Wild Bluebell this Spring 2022. Now available directly at JM, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

@LCResz That looks stunning 😍

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

From jomalonefan uk:  Not only are we about to get two new pillow mists, but an entire collection based around night time rituals! As Celine Roux describes it "I’ve always thought that there is something fascinating about the transition from daytime to night-time… Whether you’re going out or nestling in at home, those are the moments when you can truly start to relax, to escape and to dream. That’s what the Night Collection is all about."


The two new scents are Lavender & Moonflower, and Moonlit Camomile. Lavender & Moonflower: Embrace the evening with a soft, serene scent. Aromatic English lavender nestles among a cocooning note of white musk and night-blooming moonflowers. Set to be available as Pillow Mist, Home Candle, and Diffuser.


Moonlit Camomile: An evening wander filled with possibility. The enchanting freshness of feathery English camomile leaves mingle with blue moonflowers, glimpsed in the garden after dark. Enveloped in the gentle sensuality of cocooning white musk. Set to be available as Pillow Mist & 100ml Cologne.



I can’t wait to try these out! Anything with lavender is an automatic spa moment for me, so I can well imagine how great this will fit into a restful bedtime ritual 😴

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Wow! Both new scents sound wonderful @LCResz! I love the idea of a night collection! 🌙 💤 💙 Looking forward to hearing a release date on these and your thoughts on the two new fragrances. They sound like a perfect way to end an evening! 

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

Rang in Christmas time with one of my favorites on the dinner table: the English Pear and Freesia candle. Everyone else seemed to really love it too. 
Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Candle 


Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

From BAGAHOLICBOY dot com: 


Jo Malone London’s soon-to-launch Roses collection for 2022 is something to look forward to. A new line-up of fragrances and home scents (which celebrate the timeless flower) invites one to stop and smell the roses, and quite literally too.


Decorated in special-edition glass designs with tonal details, the range serves up four different rose scents, each with a distinct olfactory expression, with a rose for every mood.


For starters there’s the romantic Red Rose, a scent inspired by seven of the world’s most exquisite flowers and one that smells like a fresh bouquet of roses that’s uplifting and bright. Spiked with a twist of lemon for added freshness and honeycomb for a sweet trail, the fragrance is available as a cologne in two sizes, 30 ml and 100 ml, home candle and diffuser.


Next, Velvet Rose & Oud, a sensual and decadent cocktail with a deep damask rose heart wrapped with smoky and woody textures, laced with a surprising clove accent. Warm and mysterious, you can choose to wear this as a Cologne Intense or transform your space with the home candle.


Lastly, there’s Rose & Magnolia and Rose Blush, both of which are available as colognes. The former features a duet of roses with freshness and fruitiness that’s magnified by magnolia blossom and geranium, draped in sensuous patchouli and warm amber. The latter is a pretty rose infusion that’s juicy and fruity, with hints of lychee and vibrant basil for a fresh green twist, cocooned in the comforting embrace of white musk.

Red Roses Special Edition is available via Sephora now! Jo Malone London Special-Edition Red Roses Cologne 

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

I cannot wait! I’m a sucker for all things rose! 

Re: Jo Malone Thread: Share the News and Love!

@LCResz, was curious about the Red Roses. Despite my best efforts, it's not looking like a fragrance no buy is going to happen in the coming year. 😂 Thanks for posting.