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I need help with my twelve year old daughters skin care obsession

My daughter has been convincing me to buy her expensive Lululemon clothes and makeup and today she asked for some charlotte tilbury setting spray, so I looked into the spray and it was around 50 bucks. She mentioned that her birthday was coming up and she trapped me into buying it. Can anyone help me stand up to my daughter? She spends like an hour every morning doing her makeup and she complains about not having some sol de janerio 42 even though I bought her her favorite Billie ilish perfume. I really need help controlling my daughters shopping addiction, it’s partly my fault because every time she yells at me that all her other friends moms get them their sol de janerio 42 sent, I crumble and take her to Sephora.

Re: I need help with my twelve year old daughters skin care obsession

@JoyceBuyers As a Mother of 2 I hear what you are saying. There is always kids being pressured to fit in and it doesn’t help that their friend’s Moms buys into the hype. The only thing we can do as parents is to have a talk with our kids about spending. Unless they have their own money coming in from a job or from chores I don’t think we should give in to everything that they want especially if it’s expensive. Giving in means that our control as parents are being taken away. We have to be reasonable with what is within budget and what is not. I grew up poor and my Mom made it very clear to me what I could and could not have. 

I never understood why little kids are wearing Lululemon and buying expensive makeup and skincare. I would never let my daughter wear Lululemon as a young kid (and I am testing out to be a Pilates instructor). I didn’t even own Lululemon till in my 30s and I got it off eBay. 

Re: I need help with my twelve year old daughters skin care obsession

@JoyceBuyers maybe try having her earn money in some way? That way she learns the value of money. 

Re: I need help with my twelve year old daughters skin care obsession

Thank you for the input, She works in the summer for her dad when she visits him in Georgia, but she spends all the money she earns in one trip to the mall, I’ll start having her earn her lululemon. My daughter is a level 9 gymnast and all of her friends are extremely rich and I’m barely paying for gymnastics, it’s extremely stressful now raising a daughter. Please tell me any tips you have on raising a “Sephora 13 year old”, that’s what people online call girls like her nowadays. -Joyce

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