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For the love of all things Guerlain

There is a line that has buried itself in my heart (and my pocketbook), and it is Guerlain.  I know Im not the only one out there.  I thought I would start this thread for the discussion of all things Guerlain, skin care, makeup, perfume, places to get good gwp or good samples.  Experiences people have had, looks people have created with the products.  


For me it all started with a makeover by Guerlain's own Marie Line at my local Neiman Marcus.  She spent an hour with me and I left feeling calm and happy.  


As a mother of 4 year old twins and as a doctor I spend my live rushing through the day, often without enough sleep, more often without enough water, taking care of everyone else.  It shows on my face, in the fatigue in my eyes, in the puffiness and dark circles under them.  While I have been blessed with good skin it can be confused, aging (I bought my guerlain the day prior to my 40th birthday), but still with an oily t zone, and with patchy dry spots on my cheeks likely from the dry air in my medical work environment.  One of the things she said to me was- make it about a ritual for you, and dont leave it until your going to fall asleep.  I walked out with the orchidee imperiele gel cream, eye and lip cream and white/brightenining serum.  It was a birthday gift to myself.  And now every night I sit down for 15 minutes and wash my face and slowly carry through the ritual.  a ritual of energy expended and renewed.  Breathing in the soft smell of the orchids.  Im still using a cleanser and exfoliator from another line given how much I spent, but I have seen substantial change in my face in the 3 weeks since.  


so thats my story, and I would love to share a discussion with other lovers of Guerlain, especially as we eagerly anticipate the 2015 holiday collection.





Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

The holiday collection is on Guerlain direct


Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

So pretty, @blackkitty2014 !  😍

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Good 👀 @blackkitty2014! How pretty it all is! 🤩

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

And the hoarding begins @Sunnysmom 😂🤣

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

@blackkitty2014, hoarder? Nahhhh! Aren’t you really a collector? 😉 @Sunnysmom 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

That sounds WAY better @itsfi ! 🥰

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Oh if I was a betting girl @blackkitty2014 …😂

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

The new cases, I found them on Guerlain's USA site.




They also have a collection of Rouge G Luxurious Velvet lipsticks there, I think at least most if not all are new. I thought I already had one or two of these numbers. I think I have GUERLAIN Rouge G Refillable Lipstick 219  and bought it along with No. 518 back when the cherry blossom rouge g cases were released.


I was gonna post a screenshot I made of the new swatches, but I see they have these lipsticks on the Sephora site now, although a lot of them are already almost sold out. Oh and I see the cases are on the Sephora site now too.


Well if they sell out on Sephora but still have them at Guerlain's site, they did send me a good promo code after I signed up for the site. It is a black cosmetics bag and three extra samples, possibly deluxe. And the shipping is free.



Edit: here is the bag and the rest of the gwp


Screenshot 2021-09-01 6.38.14 AM.png



Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Such a nice extra for lux l.s.  And, perhaps old news:  5 of the 'older style' customize Caps are marked-down by 30% at B'dales. I chose the 'French Mdle.' pattern. Same weight & fit as the Original, of course.

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

So pretty @gingerleigh ! I also noticed these on NM, Saks, BG etc so they’re available at least! Your promo and freebies are terrific! 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I looked for them on Saks! Didn't see them. After I started looking around, I noticed lip swatches were posted on Temptalia a few days ago. That is great because I do not trust any of the lip swatches ever released by the brand. They're always way off, way more so than how things look on Christine compared to me. I hope No. 360 looks good on me because that is the one I ordered....


Also I am thinking of getting the Chevron print case from Sephora because after my Guerlain site order, I realized that will put me at 13 cases. It is kind of a good excuse to get another? Maybe I will wait til Christmas and see if a new case comes along with that marble lipstick that Mochapj posted below. But I am a sucker for plaids @Sunnysmom 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Oh shoot @gingerleigh maybe it’s just the lips that are up for pre-order on Saks. Saw the cases on the others. Agree on lip swatches! So good to see real ones lol. It’s crazy how off they can be! Same with me about plaids too, love em. Would definitely be the one I would like as well. I only have a few and tho it’s annoying I just hate to spend all the extra on those cases and they are so heavy! I complain if too light and too heavy. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Guerlain holiday 



Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I need those meteorites in my life LOL. Does anyone know when this will be released?

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

@Mochapj We need a fancy jar for the holiday (not just a regular tin case). I will buy regardless 😂🤣 Thx for posting 🌹

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Some new travel stuff from Guerlain although I have something similar to that palette that they’ve done previously 


Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Looks like Violette is about to take over as creative director for Guerlain


Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

That could be a good thing to bring some fresh newness to them  @Mochapj , I think I like the idea. You? 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

@Sunnysmom I'm undecided. 


I don't know much about Violette (so my criticism isn't of her) but I'm not crazy about established brands jumping into bed with trendy influencers in an attempt to make themselves relevant. 


It feels like something that is being done to reach a younger demographic.


That said, from what little I do know of her, I think she's supposed to have that whole French girl chic thing down so perhaps she'll still be able to keep true to Guerlain's roots.

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Agree with you @Mochapj . I’m not sure either. I do think she has made thoughtful choices in her collabs and she seems like a cool girl for sure , tho mature. I was also surprised with her EL collab. Maybe these well established houses do feel the need for something more modern and younger but it is curious that’s for certain.  Will be fun to watch it all evolve. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Available at Guerlain US direct. Neiman Marcus sold out last week. I don’t see Pink Glow any where in the US yet