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Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

  • How much does quality of brushes make a difference in applying makeup? Will spending $100 on a foundation brush really make a difference in one’s appearance after applying? Or is it only important to but a good quality brush when applying eyeshadow? (I’m new to the art of makeup and contouring ect. I’ve been doing my same routine since high school and even less makeup after covid pandemic. I want to learn more about makeup artistry! Just curious if it’s worth it to spend more to get a better result? I feel better when I look good , and thank goodness there’s Sephora products to help me do this… now I just need to learn!) 

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

@SweetD333, I don't think you have to spend a lot for a good brush, but I think there is something to be said for quality and price point.  Like, some of my natural hair eyeshadow brushes disperse the most stubborn of products because of how they are made (density, angle) vs brushes I would get as a set or included with a product.  Also, cost can be relative, because when I was younger, I thought SC were expensive!  I was not making much, so $16-25 for one brush was a lot!  Now, I don't find them to be a costly, but even then it's still an investment. 


I think the ease of applying makes a brush worthwhile.  It can make a difference when you haven't gotten the technique down yet, or if you need to do something quickly.  I would recommend just watching videos with face shapes similar to your own and see what they use.

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

Thank you for your advice! I definitely want easier application and more dispersal! I’ll keep in mind to try natural hair brushes now.


What’s your favorite brand for brushes that is less expensive? Fav more expensive brand?

Currently I have a set from Amazon that I haven’t used yet because I need to label them which one to use where (angled/ detailed/ precise ect). So any brand or most favorite brush recommendations are much appreciated! 🙂

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

@SweetD333 ,


Sorry for the delayed response.  I had way too many answers, tried to narrow it down.

Brush brands I have: E.l.f., Sigma, Sephora Pro Collection, Sonia G, a couple of Rephr & Chikuhodo and random assortment from Ipsy


Sephora Collection (two of these are d/c :(, couldn't find them on resellers either)

Pro Featherweight no. 38 - It does a great job at dispersing.  Blends with color well (blending out color with color).  Really helps when I do a smoky eye look.  Blows out the color much more quickly than a smudge brush.

Pro Drawing brush 41 - this is basically a paintbrush.  It's perfect for an almond eye shape because of the size and tapering.  When I want to build a smoky crease, this is the one.  You could probably find an actual paint brush.

Sephora Pro Collection 26.  This is a decent crease brush for quick dispersal.  I got it because most of the videos I'd watch and like the eyelooks usually featured this brush.


Sigma Beauty:

No. 25 blender - best diffusing synthetic brush I have.  Gotten a little scratchy over the years because I use it and wash it a lot, but a little deep conditioner restores some of the softness and it's back to its glory.  I use this as a clean blending brush.

No E.62 cut crease.  I can't legitimately do a cut crease on my eye shape, but I like the unique shape of this brush.  I use it more as a precision brush.



 I also have four e.l.f. brushes I use frequently.  One - I use it as my base brush (fluffy eye blend brush), because it just lays down a neutral shade so easily for me.  Two & three - the beautifully precise eyeshadow and smudge brushes.  Great for my lids, especially packing on shimmers.  I also just like the clear handles with the white hairs on these, I find them pretty.  Four The (black) small precision is a workhorse, can be use as an inner corner highlight brush or liner brush.


Sonia G:

I love my Sonia G brushes, with the sky eye set being a major fave,   The flat definer and crease brush are my major go-tos from the set.  And from her lotus set, the builder.  It's great with really finicky shadows (think chunky shimmers and very soft powders).  Works similarly to the elf one, but has a square shape, so it can blend a slightly larger area.



I have no idea what brand it is.   It's a random brush and the writing has come off the label.  It's an all over brush, nothing special at first glance, but it's so dense.  This the brush I pick up to use on liquid eyeshadows or for just quick color.

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

@SweetD333 @Less expensive is Japonesque that use to be at sale at Ulta but I have seen it at Target and Sigma. More expensive SoniaG. 

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

I've heard great things about Real Techniques brushes, @SweetD333. The Sephora Collection Pro brushes are also great and sometimes go on sale.

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

@SweetD333 honestly if you know how to apply makeup correctly with the right techniques any brush from drugstore to high end really won’t make a difference (but not feel as soft).  I started using cheap brushes from Sigma and Japonesque that I would get on sale at Ulta then My Mom helped buy me some MAC brushes that I have had for over 12 years. It wasn’t until I could afford better brushes in my 30s where I could feel a difference in the handle and bristle quality.  I bought Artis, Tom Ford, La Mer, SoniaG, Chikuhodo, etc. 

The difference is in how the brushes are made and feel and longevity.  The result is really based on the person of how good your makeup can look. With the right foundation (understanding of how to apply), technique, and tools you should be okay with a cheaper brush. It really depends on what your budget is right now. 

Re: Does the brand makeup brush really make a difference?

Thank you! That’s really helpful information. Since I’m just starting makeup application, I think I’ll stick with the set I have now. But with each new technique I learn maybe I’ll want to splurge on the name brands! I fortunately have a high budget to spend, but I don’t want to be a fool in buying pricey tools if it’s just the same! 😅 However, better tools might help me since I’m such a beginner here and need all the help I can get! Thank you for your helpful advice 💗

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