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Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

If you are a fan obsessed or just a beauty lover curious about Diptyque, come on over! I thought this would be a fun place to share your thoughts, collections, decorating ideas, questions about the fabulous world of Diptyque.

I started out with one candle, the Beverly Hills candle-which is so fabulous-I'll post a picture of it tomorrow-thinking I was crazy to buy a $70 candle. Yes, it's crazy-crazy good! I've since collected 2 or 3 more and purchased a perfume. This week I got my first body care item, the satin body oil. I really love everything from Diptyque.

So let's discuss Smiley Happy One question I have is how do you get the inside cleaned out so you can use the jars for pretty collections like I see a lot of on social media?

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Wow at least they can send replacements. Last year I bought the MAC gold highlighter and it showed up broken and they were out of stock so I couldn't get it. An CS beauty rep with Nordstrom told me that their warehouse was actually not that careful and sometimes with limited edition items it's better to buy in store, if possible. But their CS is great and I'm glad they sent a replacement.

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I received a 20% off coupon from Spring, and while browsing around the app, well, this happened:


So, if saving on a splurge outweighs a promo, buy your Diptyque from the Spring app, and if you need a referral feel free to PM me.

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I think I have decided on the Advent Calendar and the set of small holiday candles. Perhaps my SA will let me peek in and see which one comes in the calendar and I can get the other two separately. I'm excited for my first Diptyque purchase!!!

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Did anyone get the holiday candle trio? I am thinking to get the 190 g - Épices et Délices(Red one). Any thoughts on that?

I am also wondering if the Le Roi Sapin (Green one) is similar to last year Sapin? In that case I might need a back up of this one, as I finished my last year Sapin.

Thanks Smiley Happy


Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

@dioradict Last year's more Sapin has more citrus; Roi is pine with patchouli. You can really smell a differ nice between the two even though they are both pine. 


The red one from this year is my favourite Smiley Happy it's cozy. More like Diptyque'/ Vanille type scents. 

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Thanks @lachatonSmiley Happy

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Diptyque direct:



Note: you may consider ordering from a boutique. They usually have the same deals as the website but are more flexible on switching around GWPs (i.e. you might be able to get a different 10ml vial), and can add on extra samples if you are interested in testing other fragrances or body products.

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)


Free shipping with $75 purchase


USE CODE: CHEER with $100 purchase


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.05.18 AM.png

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Ooh a gardenia candle, I love that one...

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on the birdie Carrousel Curiosity Metal Candleholder?  

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I would suggest calling Allison at the Beverly Hills Diptyque store, she might be able to help you!

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Thank you so much!!   Do you know how I could get intouch with Allison? As I m based in Hong Kong 


much appreciated!!

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

i just googled this and not i need it. lol.

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Has anyone burned the red holiday candle, Epices et Delices?  I ordered it the other day and then had a chance to smell it in person.  To me it smelled nothing like gingerbread or honey.  Was hoping it will be different warm but hoped someone who has tried it could weigh in!

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I purchased the three piece set this year.  Love the blue and green candles, but I'm not crazy about the red.  


I agree that it does not smell like gingerbread.  I think that I  do get a bit of the honey note, but I can't pick out the others.  Possibly cardamom?  There's supposed to be star anise, but I don't think I'm getting that either...  


I think I'll burn mine today.  If I have any other thoughts I'll post again.  I have to admit this type of scent isn't necessarily one I would gravitate toward, so I haven't used this candle much.

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I personally think it's tad bit early to talk about Valentine's day, but Diptyque already has its V-day collection out! They're bringing Rosamundi back, as well as another multi-use fragrance. I think the candle is absolutely gorgeous-- a much better one from this past year's Rosaviola. Also, has anyone tried the multi-use fragrance (Eau Dominotee)? 


 Here's a pic that my SA from Nordstrom shared with me this morning:


 featuring: small/large candles and scented ovals in Rosamundi; Eau Dominotee 


She also mentioned that there's a GWP for a purchase of any two+ items from this collection:

Mini Rose candle, Eau Rose fragrance sample, rose body lotion and hand lotion samples in a pouch

 If anyone knows of a better GWP offer, please do share away! Otherwise, if anyone is interested in this one, please PM me and I'll be happy to relay her info (disclaimer: I do not receive any material gains from referrals!) 

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

omg the candle is gorgeous!! a must have!!!

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Thanks for posting!  It's never too early for new Diptyque products!


I love how they always go all-out with their collaborations -- the cartoon-ish sketches from last year's collab with Olympia Le-Tan were really fun, and this year's collab has some gorgeous artwork as well.  It's definitely worth taking a look at the Antoinette Poisson patterns if you're unfamiliar with their work (like I was Smiley Happy) -- the aesthetic certainly fits Diptyque's branding.  Even the new perfume is a reference to the wallpaper squares or "dominoes" that the Antoinette Poisson atelier produces.   

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

Ahh that's interesting! I had no knowledge of Antoinette Poisson; thanks for the info, @MlleCC! I do agree that last year's V-day collection was much fun, but just happened to be not my cup of tea, both aesthetically and olfactorily. :/ Oh well. Can't wait to get my hands on this year's candle! Smiley Happy

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I had the chance to experience some of the items at Nordies in Scottsdale with a very sweet brand ambassador as he was unpacking them. The candle is gorgeous in scent and presentation. I loved last year's too. So fun. Unfortunately I didn't check out the multiuse fragrance. I did get a sample of the perfume and found I love the fragrance as a candle but not my skin. That surprised me a little. 

Re: Discussion for the Diptyque Crowd (please join!)

I found the new candle and fragrance at my local Saks; here are my first impressions:


1.  Rosamundi candle:  Scent is a very fresh, sweet rose, but I didn't get an impression that it was drastically different from the Rose candle from the permanent line.  The print is even more beautiful in person, but it's a piece of moderate-weight paper wrapped around the glass (probably as a nod to the wallpaper prints produced by Antoinette Poisson).  For those who like to re-purpose their Diptyque candle jars, the paper might shorten the longevity of the gorgeous print in the long-run.


2.  Eau Dominotee:  Honestly, this fragrance and the Eau Rose fragrance smelled exactly the same on my skin.  If you don't already own Eau Rose (either the one from the permanent line or the one in LE packaging from last year's collab with Olympia Le-Tan), Eau Dominotee might be worth purchasing.  However, if you already own Eau Rose, I don't think this is a must-have.  The Saks SA at the Diptyque counter claimed that Eau Dominotee was supposed to be more herbal-smelling than Eau Rose, but I would probably just layer Eau Rose on top of any green Diptyque scent for a more pronounced effect.


I feel like such a bad Diptyque fan for being such a Debbie Downer about this new launch!  At most, I would agree with everyone that the print is beautiful.  Is it crazy to just purchase the wallpaper domino of this print for $120?  Smiley Tongue
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