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Chanel Updates


Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up?

Share your Chanel finds, reviews and loves!

Re: Chanel Updates

I picked up the Chanel Fall Quad, Cream Shadow Brule, Profond Blush, Desir Lip Liner  and Eros Eyeliner.


Here are some swatches while playing with it in store:


Top Row L-R : Rouge Contraste, Brule

Bottom Row: 

L-R: Eyeliner Agape, Profond Blush, Eros then the quad shades same order as in the quad. The lightest shade in the quad very subtle on my medium skin tone in some lighting.



Eros Eyeliner is very creamier than the other chanel liners I have tried before.

The blush is very pretty and wears well for about 8+ hours -my skin is oily and I blotted my face once after lunch.


But my most favorite of this collection is Rouge Brule. It is a very pretty peachy orange and it is very easy to work with.


Hope this helps 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

@dioradict may I ask if you have an additional input on the Eros liner? Wear? Does it stay in place? Thanks!

Re: Chanel Updates

Ty, I played with the collection and Eros was the hit for me. But I am loving the quad more and more. Oh and that Rouge IDO 


Re: Chanel Updates

@dioradict Do I need the quad?

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa I think it is really not needed. I am positive that the 3 neutral shades are dupe-able from your collection, only that red is different. Again it also reminds me of Anastasia Renaissance (which i personally didn't like for being too powdery). Hope it helps 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

@dioradict Helps!  Saves me money.  Thanks!!!

Re: Chanel Updates

Hey everyone, please forward me to an up-to-date Chanel thread if there is one (unless this is it then just ignore me lol).


Has anyone grabbed the Chanel rouge vie lipstick? Or the eros eyeliner? What are you reviews on them? I plan on picking them both up!  Also, any website you recommend for me to grab them from? I'm all for the best ebates and also GWP's if there are any!

Re: Chanel Updates

@sabrinas Vie on.  With the blush and the darker Illusion D'Ombre

Hope it helps!


Re: Chanel Updates

Yayy thank you! Very helpful! I think I'm going to wait until the Barneys love yourself event in September so that I can grab this lipstick and some of the other perm items.  I'll grab the LE's now to be safe 😛 

Re: Chanel Updates

I tried it on last weekend at Nordstrom.  I should have taken a photos.  Sorry.  I adore it.  More orange on me than it looks online but so lovely.  Slightly bright, medium in tone.  Looks very fresh, pretty and sexy.

I'm super tempted and might get it myself.

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa - did Vie turn orange on you or are you taking about Eros? I would be very surprised if Vie turned out to look orange. Also @sabrinas Temptalia recently did a review of the majority of the lipsticks (it's still on the first page of her website). There were some of us that did swatches on the thread about LE items. You may have to go back a couple of pages, but they're there. Hope this helps 🙂

Re: Chanel Updates

@niki172 @sabrinas Oh my gosh, I don't know where my head is!  I have Vie.  I have just been thinking about Feu, which is what I tried on Saturday and is orange. 

Here is the thread with a number of BTers wearing Vie.

I am just about to upload the Vie video and will post it here after it's up.  It's gorgeous on me.  A pink based red, slightly cool toned.  I don't agree that it's plum based, at least not on me.  But it does deserve Temptalia's A+ review.

Thanks Niki for getting my head straight.  I was totally confusing my shades yesterday.

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa - oh good! That really had me worried - talk about bad quality control lol!

Re: Chanel Updates

@niki172 On my end!  I'm slowly losing, red-pink...whatever....

Re: Chanel Updates

@meganlisa Lol! Oh no! Dont worry about it hah I think we all have so much makeup that we forget a few things every now and then 😛 Thank you! I think I'll be grabbing it today.  This collection really is so so beautiful.

Re: Chanel Updates

@sabrinas Agreed.  This shade, that shade, I can't even find all of my shades...

Vie looked lovely on everyone on the limited thread.  The only issue is that it's slightly different (more burgundy) on the Chanel site.  It's a little lighter, more pink rose red (on me).

I love this collection.  Hope you love it!  I'd love to hear what you think!

Re: Chanel Updates

@sabrinas I purchased Rouge Vie and I love it! It is a beautiful shade of red and the texture if so smooth. Highly recommend! Neiman has both items, and they sometimes do 8% cash back on Ebates. They usually also have a monthly beauty GWP, but I don't think they have released it yet.

Re: Chanel Updates

Hi @sabrinas this is it! The place for Chanel talk 🙂 Nordstrom has a gift with $50 purchase up right now, I would get it there. I haven't tried either. But I'm going into my local Nordstrom for a national artist event in 2 weeks. I'll test out and report back...I know @meganlisa did a Chanel haul recently and maybe she got some of those? And I'm pretty sure she did a video too..

Re: Chanel Updates


Thanks @AnneMCC! I checked her youtube and she didn't get that lipstick unfortunately 😞 It's okay though, Temptalias review looks promising enough!

Re: Chanel Updates

I had a major moment with the new fall Chanel collection last weekend.  Outside of the sunkiss ribbons blush (I think it was a spring release?) I haven't been drawn in by any of the LE Chanel collections lately but this one really got me.  I came home with the eyeshadow quad (candeur et experience), the illusion d'ombre in rouge brule, the eyeliner in eros, the blush in rouge profond, the nail gloss in rouge radical and the rouge allure lipstick in rouge ingenue.  Wow.  It definitely says fall to me so I haven't worn anything yet but here's a shot of the look the mua did on me. . . . (all from the collection except the lip -- I'd had lunch and it had worn off by the time I took the pic).


ETA: grr, does anyone know why this pic keeps coming through upside down?  I've tried rotating it in my editor and then re-inserting but it just keeps coming through this way. 



Re: Chanel Updates

I'm intrigued, and can't wait to check them out. 


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